Hosting has transitioned.

by on Jan.06, 2018, under Ultimate Edition

New hosting has transpired on multiple levels. I got rid of Godaddy << They do not deserve a link and uploaded gigs of data to our new hosting company Dreamhost & our last website is still transitioning, probably the heaviest in bandwidth too BTW.

While most would ask on multiple levels? We will let the storm calm down as transitioning is is taking place. I want you to know when you are hacking me, yes we have a “Hackers Challenge” coming solely on Legion our 32 core server. I will personally host that challenge. Things will get Harry. There can be only one.

The next knownhost wordpress hosting package we will buy will be based on bandwidth, not cpu cores, ram SSD etc. The best of both worlds. for example gets the piss beat out of it in bandwidth, a juggling match in resources. It too will be moved, but to my next purchased hosting package. Research now becomes me in my journey to find something even close to eating Terabytes of consumption in bandwidth per month, that is w/o shutting me down for traffic insurge. I have seen 1/2 a Petabyte in a month in the past, in a interview with sourceforge I told them about it.

I did purchase another 6TB drive as I said in the previous post, I loaded $400 on my card. Thanks donors for the help in purchasing hosting. I will add your names to that list once I get this website moved. The SSD will have to wait. Hosting was priority #1. Next check will close the hosting conundrum, maybe I’ll buy a SSD then. The gap then closes on the pursuit to software perfection. Want to contribute to the next hosting service? Please by all means free to contribute. Good things are coming. I’m not just a programmer 😉

Please wait for details. I can hear 10 fans wind up at 10,000 RPMS. I hear you knocking, but you can not come in. YET!!!

Thanks DreamHost. I do believe mains database is still hosted through Godaddy. I will fix that too.


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