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by on Aug.21, 2020, under Ultimate Edition

I am years ahead of you.

Don’t worry I do not like Repostorm either, it was slow. I just invoked it as a service, that is why I do not like it. Makes things really slow, that is about to go away.

We can ignore this: Fetched 8575 MB in 2min 48s (51.1 MB/s) We will continue to ignore: RepoStorm 2.0.4 <<- “Oh, is that a 4? is pre-scanning for error(s). Processing deb(s): 1 of 1,043 deb(s). I am about to open up in my case 32 at a time accross the board, do not worry I am sure they are not all errored.

To be honest, I could have it scanning for errors 32 packages at a time. I am just dipping my toes right now. I loved the results, hated the application. Things are about to change.

Errors detected in ./libevent-pthreads-2.1-7_2.1.11-stable-1_amd64.deb. Does not sound so stable to me.

It is doing it one at a time. Once setup it will burn through packages 32 at a time in my case. While you may think, Glenn, damn it we do not have a 32 core CPU. That will change.

You will look back at me and say, do you remember when I had a dual core?

I have seen what takes over an hour to do turn into 3 minutes. This will be much, much worse, or better if you want to look that way.

CPU CORES rule & then you will understand. I will do the same thing to the entire Ubuntu Repository over 50,000 packages at a time. I will use Repostorm 2.0.3 and show you the results v/s 2.0.4. I can almost bet you do not understand when this is dropped on a server. For an example a 256 core server.

This was single cored: Results:Error(s): 17 | Warning(s): 732 | Info: 17Perfect deb(s): 841 Writing permanent logs for zsh_5.8-3ubuntu1_amd64.deb.errors. RepoStorm: All operations complete. Number of CPU Core(s) / threads(s) detected: 32. This is not implemented: Launching 32 instances to accelerate the building process, please wait. Extracting 32 packages of 33 at a time using 32 CPU core(s). Debugging: Current running processes: 3. I am still “Working it” Analytical process can be done the same way.

All at once, err until I run out of chips. The ONLY thing I can’t really do in Repostorm is install multiple packages at once. I will let you know when I get that far or if I can or not. Every little step I take? Eventually you will understand. Did you know what I think is really funny I already wrote an app to do so. I swear I told you about it, just have not released it yet. The impact is massive. Results will be the same that I bring you.

How do you like my uethemes application? Oh, that is write you have not seen it yet. A new Repostorm is coming. Yes, I did deliberately spell Right Wrong.


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