Feel my Wrath!

by on Apr.08, 2021, under Ultimate Edition

I guess it does not get much cockier then that. I have been writing an application called ue-tweaker. Currently unavailable to the general populous including beta testers. It is really nasty. Quite an endorcement when I say that. IronMahn dropped over, my cousin & took all my source code. I tried to give him a 16TB drive, he refused and paid me. He was right, I would not accept the Denon Amp I got from him for free.

He just bought a high end AMD 5K series rig with 4 X NVMES in it to cook my bacon. The prick took the time to slow my rig down to 586 MHZ, not GHZ. Sure still 32 cores / threads just SLOW. I cought it when I was building a theme for 7.1 autonomously and took 22 minutes v/s the 4 it used to take. Yes, he is like that and is probably laughing at me. Evidently you can not take a piss in my house if he is sitting in front of your rig. Great guy love him to death.

Anyways, on to the subject at hand. I have successfully ran installed Ultimate Edition 7.1. Things are about to come off the chain.

I really do not want to go much further then this right now. Did you know Facebook initially banned me for calling my cousin a bastard? Or was it the ass-whipping:

Remind me I owe IronMahn a ass whipping. He is a Police Officer. Idiots.

Did you know I have hacked the police department, legally. I have helped them tighten up their security. Security wise I am moving thresholds above that.

Do you think I LIE? That is less then 3 seconds and is bringing up 68 terabytes in Raid. All are Enterprise drives. You do not know yet, you can thank ue-tweaker for that. Think about this, it took over a full second to mount up 56TB + the 12TB on 20 Gigabit Fiber. That is what I am shaving.


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