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Want to see how things work around here? While you may think is a simple accomplishment. It is far from that. I built all themes took me over an hour to do so on a 16 core / 32 Thread AMD Ryzen 3950X on triple Raided Sabrent Rockets PCIE 4.0, capable of 16 GB a second. From Ultimate Edition 2.0 to Ultimate Edition 6.9 theme. 170 Debian packages, Grub, theme and Plymouth. Autonomously. I opened a can of worms…

I opened up threads. Why one at a time if you have 32 CPU threads? This is called Parallel processing. Taking what use to take over an hour and turn it into 2 minutes and seven seconds? I will share my code, do not sweat that. What happens if you only have a quad core? it will only launch 3 instances. What if you have a 128 core / 256 thread Epyc? Would launch 256 threads, however it would run out at 170 as that is the number of debs it built. I would love to see those results I am sure in seconds.

It is not done, just takes me much less time to see results. I really do not understand why programmers do not take advantage of CPU Cores. No, pun Windows is the worst.

Honesty, Intel wants to GHZ per core on antiquated technology. All 4 of them. The rig I have beats down even their entire server line.

Do you think Intel wins in Gaming? 9900KS, I laughed about that as a 9900 Keep Spending. I smoke their XE (which is an 18 core). I just told you I take down the heaviest server they currently possess & I do not have a thread ripper or an Epyc. AMD is years ahead of them.

Look at this:
Intel Xeon Gold 6248R @ 3.00GHz Cores: 24 Threads: 48 I eat it for breakfast. That is only a  $3,112.03 USD chip, makes me feel better for paying $811.00 for my chip. Today, much less. I went though hell to get that 3950X. Sold out twice. $811.00 well spent. Where are we today? “Big Navi” is coming, do I need to buy one? I do not care about games. I do have dual 43″ 4K monitors, not TV’s. I can request them to split into quad 1080p each monitor, yes 8 screens. Like PIP (Picture In picture).

Let’s see what Ampere bring to the table and AMD’s reaction (this would be the thing I worry about NVidia) Want honesty? Don’t worry about that. Worry about them taking over your datacenter. Big Navi was developed, not to win the hearts of Gamers, but strip money from your cash cow in the server world. I will be straight if you see one come online using HBM you are screwed. Want me to tell you about HBN Next? You can take your GDDR6X and toss it to the curb.

I do want you to remember, while Expensive HBM was developed via AMD. Not a problem in the server market. Where the charge expungement amounts of money. Let me buy a $30,000 video card, I mean just one. Think about that. NVidia gets hit there, they are done. We are talking Billions of dollars. I am saying AMD has them. I am glad the upped their game to GDDR6X, too little too late. You do know Ampere will be released before “Big Navi”? See if I am right. I have never been wrong.

Where is that $500 market share going? It is coming to AMD land. Do not forget AMD is about to suck up consoles. Just in-time for the holiday. Sit at home playing on your PS5. While I make bank & I am not a Gamer.

Most of you guys have not listened to me. Buy, Buy, buy AMD. I got in at $6.97 a share. What is it today? I will tell you this it is the #1 stock traversed in the world. Weak hands selling it in millions a day & kicking them selves in the ass. I am in for the long ride.

When I do retire, I will not hurt for money.


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    I’m a believer!!!!……..and I agree with you that massive parallel processing is where the future is heading, kicking and screaming. At least until there is another computational processing breakthrough to replace the present paradigm. One that will make anything we have today seem as slow as cold mollasses.If technology continues to advance at the present exponential pace think of what the world will be like in just 10 more years. It boggles the mind!

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