Not perfect, but close.

by on Oct.16, 2020, under Ultimate Edition

I installed Ultimate Edition 6.7 Developer now twice. I am thinking my daily driver, I am a developer. This is a LTS (Long Term Supported) release, I will let you know I have re-built it. I want you to enjoy it with me if you are a developer. A common user, I do not suggest it. You will find very few games, yes there are a few. Heavily strewn with applications to develop. We will move forward. I like to think of this as my base.

I do have a tighter one coming: 2098167 extents written (4,097 MB), let me do my job. I canceled it.
19% 818MB 227.6KB/s 4:12:52 ETA I won’t deal with that, uploading to our servers. 13 minutes v/s 4 hours… Once on our servers I can pass it around in a minute, multiple servers. 1% 65MB 1.1MB/s 1:04:47 ETA Should have left it alone. Sourceforge Hammered? Something new drop today? My internet is faster then SourceForge today.

You do not get it today. I will let it go: 55% 2327MB 1.4MB/s 22:08 ETA

I usually see 117MB a sec downloading (you already know where it is at):
2020-10-16 12:54:27 (56.8 MB/s) – ‘ultimate-edition-6.7-x64-developer-kde.iso’ saved [4393695232/4393695232]

Bandwidth suckers!!! Be glad that is not a server based Operating System I am writing.

It does now exist (66MB/s) is what I see from SourceForge now (currently 14 mirrors):

Sorry Gambas3 was broken at time of build (the following will fix it):
sudo apt-get install gambas3-gb-form-print

Now, you understand why I pull out my hair and why I am bald, lol.


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Case Study: Parallel Processing

by on Oct.06, 2020, under How to, Linux, Programming, Server, Themes, Ultimate Edition

Case Study: Parallel Processing

Our computers did the leg work so you do not have to. I do have other computers if I need further data. Feel free to post your results as well, I did spend a chunk of my life writing the software and testing. I will not rob you of system info (minus mac addresses). Both are nasty computers.

I wrote an application uetheme a sub-application of tmosb (TheeMahn’s Operating System Builder) to take advantage of multi-core / multi-threaded Central Processing Unit(s) (CPU), you will also need Repostorm installed if you intend to do your own testing. It will build each of the 150 deb(s) perfectly. I will point that out later. Results are here, software is still advancing.

I intended and succeeded to demonstrate what a massive difference in speed and time such a technology makes, when this approach is mastered. You do not have to go through what I did to see the difference:

uetheme --benchmark # Launches 1 CPU thread, 2, 3.. until you run out of CPU threads & records results for each thread. (Will take a long time, read on) How 99%+ software is written.

I would not suggest doing the above command. The application will download ~1/2GB of theme source code data, extract it, start a timer and begin building. It took a AMD Ryzen 9 3950X 16 Core 32 thread CPU 4 hours, 40 minutes and 53 seconds to complete (32 times built). Critical data was gathered during the process to make the chart above, the same was also launched on a AMD Ryzen 9 3900X 12 Core / 24 thread CPU also gathering data 3 hours 40 minutes and 36 seconds (24 times, not 32 times).

For Example: an AMD Epyc 64 core / 128 Thread would do it 128 times (perhaps take longer), creating a point of data & would totally demolish the data I provided above.

I am also providing a spreadsheet of the results in ods format (Libre Office) & pdf format (Adobe Acrobat).

If you want to test it yourself. I would suggest manually (open a terminal):
uetheme --benchmark # Let one thread finish will report:

Timer: 0h54m9s (3249 seconds) for example. Painful was it not?

(Press CTRL+C) to cancel it will return you to the folder you executed it in.
cd themes/
uetheme --clean # erases build files
uetheme --all
# Automatically will detect the number of CPU core(s) / Thread(s) you have & use them all. (will build 150 deb packages – 1.3 GB in size total)

Timer: 0h4m00s (240 seconds) 13.5375 times as fast. Results will vary depending on the CPU used.


While the Ryzen 9 3900X 12 Core / 24 thread CPU initially laid the smack down on the Ryzen 3950X 16 core / 32 thread, the AMD 3950X did eventually beat the 12 core & the 12 core had an extreme advantage. I swear I did tell you about that, 12 days uptime did not bother you or the Terabytes of space? The 12 Core is running Ultimate Edition 6.6 Server (No GUI) – minimal applications running in the background. The 16 Core was running Ultimate Edition 6.7 Developer and many applications running in the foreground, so a margin for error does exist, it is very minimal & weighs heavier to the 3950X opening that gap for the positive (better results for the 3950X).

Reasons for the observation?
Different load as explained above & different base clocks both are 7nm technology.

Disk I/O activity is not considered both are running off Non-Volatile Memory Expansion (NVME) drives & both have identical memory, both have 20 Gigabit Ethernet (timer does not start until after the download finishes) therefore network speed is not a part of the calculation / equation.

Results in my case are not scalar.
The AMD Ryzen 9 3950X 16 core / 32 thread CPU is NOT 32 times as fast as a single core / thread: 13.5375 times as fast.
AMD Ryzen 9 3900X 12 Core / 24 Thread: 11.6774193548387 times as fast.

Feel free to test my thesis / case study & report your own case study. Enjoy faster software inbound. That part is a fact. I only have a quad core TheeMahn? Did you see the difference between 1 and 2 threads? 99% of software is written to take care of a single core. I am going to change that. Move yourself up that list to 4 cores (oh, I have 4 cores and 8 threads) do you see where I am going?

I almost forgot to tell you: I do not care if you have an Intel CPU. Results will be the similar. Ghz did the 12 core justice in single core, what Intel does best currently. That gap will broaden, Intel will go down. I am sorry Intel fans. Intel does not make a 64 core / 128 thread CPU. Glad to be a cutting edge programmer. Did you see the chart I provided above? The application is indiscriminate.

Multi-core processing is now in:
Roku-Ripper (Limited to 16 cores – complain to ffmpeg devs)

Blow off steam TheeMahn

You are welcome for faster software (Intel or AMD should not matter), I spent a long time writing the software, and recording the results. Am I missing Intel from the results? If I insert them it would look all bad. I own an Intel / NVidia ASUS ROG (Republic Of Gamers) Laptop. An 4 core / 8 thread (7700HQ) CPU. Please tell me it would get it done in 4 minutes? I doubt even an hour & also has 16GB of ram and NVME technology. Yes, a Laptop. Send me a 9900 (K)eep (S)pending chip I will dust it, Intel does have faster today, nothing to even think about touching me.

No pun intended, Intel will struggle to touch AMD 3950X, the Server world they are screwed & that is a fact. That is a desktop CPU v/s their top server CPU. AMD has them and by the short and curlies & faster is coming. I won’t buy one it has a lower “base clock” then the 3950X. Right now, software is not geared to take advantage of multiple cores / threads. I intend to change that once again.

If I get the opportunity I will test it, the wife has both of my laptops. Both have NVME technology. Both have Intel technology. The Yoga is also no joke has a 4K touchscreen.

My rigs will spin rings around both. Do you want to see where Intel falls in? You are screwed, that is the last thing they wanted to provide their users, more cores unheard of. I want to keep raping our users we have no competition, that is long gone.

Nvidia likes to think they are in “The Cool Zone”, congratulations for now. AMD will hand you your ass too. When NVidia seen AMD hand Intel it’s ass. NVidia Stepped up it’s game, the first time in many a year. In the end NVidia will lose. I am not just a programmer.

This is a pill you will be unable to swallow (if you are an NVidia Fella):
in the GPU arena (NVidia / AMD) That is Billions of dollars, AMD is going to take NVidia down, not with your 3090x, but raw power. What does your next Xbox have in it? How about your Playstation 5? I am not letting you off the hook how about your next cellphone Samsung is licensing from AMD?

NVidia please show me your sales next quarter, real competition is coming, did you blow off Intel’s loss as fruitless? I have been waiting to fill my pockets. Blow everything I said off, that will soon be the standard.

In the server market you are truly screwed. HBM2e will ensure that, who developed that technology as you tried DDR6? When you play with servers we do not care about money right?

Try once to Innovate, just once NVidia. I think I did a pretty good job, feel free to correct me. Nvidia attempts to buy ARM to be competitive to AMD, AMD rolls to be the worst thing you have seen $50 Billion purchase. We don’t have to worry about buying that technology. It is not like AMD is not doing the same, a real thorn to NVidia if it goes through & Intel for that matter.


P.S. Did you know AMD patented project Quantum computing second time, w/o a doubt they mean business. AMD has the resources now. You are both screwed. Funny, I did not get in it for the money. I will absorb it. $6.97 a share in & hanging tight, what is it now? $85.35 +0.99 (1.17%), that is just today. I could just bail out & pay off my house.

It is not done, I am not going anywhere. AMD Stock is going no-where but up. Don’t blame my software.

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Parallel processing?

by on Oct.01, 2020, under Ultimate Edition

There is no-body that will provide you what I am going to show you. I can promise you I have software in works. I highly doubt anyone understands what that is.

I have a 32 core my main rig, 24 core handed my my ass. We will dig into it. That is the beautiful thing. I have software in works. I am writing software to take advantage of your computer.

Lets start out with TMOSB:
Got to have Repostorm too.

Crack open a terminal (this is when you start to understand):
uetheme –benchmark

Results are fanatical (STARTED AT ONE CORE AND ROLLED TO 32):
Perfect debs built this session: in /home/sledgehammer/themes
Timer: 0h4m8s (248 seconds)

I highly doubt you did anything I told you to do & should do anything I say.
We are discussing Parallel processing I write software to take advantage of that. You are about to find about. Like it or not.

Even my admin do know know this:
uetheme –all threads=(X insert treads here)


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Welcome to the Enterprise.

by on Sep.25, 2020, under Ultimate Edition

I have started buying Enterprise level drives to replace what I will call crap. If a 8TB drive can not last a year (3 failed in a year)? I only bought 2 X 12TB drives, they are slow writing. Reading roughly 4 or 500 MB/s a second. Eventually. It will be in a raid array of 8 X 12TB, raid 0. Gigs per second. They are warranted backed for 5 years. Google for example would buy one of them. They are not cheap. Built to last.

I will start utilizing data flow. This is what I want you to think about when I lost 48TB of data, I re-filled it. I am ahead of the game.

The wife just informed me, even though I try to not get money, she informed me I have a Google check deposited. Funny, my check and hers also deposited in one day. I worked a holiday, my taxes were almost $600. I worked for what? Let me fill your govt pockets.

If $600 is taxes, that would make me wonder how much I actually made.


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2 in one day?

by on Sep.15, 2020, under Ultimate Edition

Built 2 Operating systems in one day. Believe you me it would be much higher if I did not have other things to do. I went over to my buddy’s house and installed a Security System. 3 Operating Systems in one day was my record in the past 2 sound better now?

Let’s see what I infer:

Ultimate Edition 6.6 Server LTS

Ultimate Edition 6.6 Server LTS

You do know I went back and re-wrote software & wrote a Developer Edition? The Developer Edition is more advanced & that happened all in one day.  I am about to take a week’s vacation.  Can you imagine the impact I will soon have.  I will let you know also in that 24 hour period:  I re-wrote Conky-builder, TMOSB (TheeMahn’s Operating System Builder), Uno (Ultimate Network Optimizer) & Nasup.  No work in RepoStorm yet.

You get the builder working right, all falls in place.  I want to pat myself in the back… FTP (File Trasfer Protocol) works off the snap, Apache2, SSH.  It is probably faster to say what does not work on the server side.

Minidlna does not work with-out intervention.

Yes, one guy can do that.  You Guys wonder why I want to buy 8 X 12 TB drives?  I have well over 100 TB of space & is not cutting it.  I mean adding 100 TB of space.  Don’t worry I will pay for it.  I do math quite well I wrote an application called Raid calculator you have not seen yet.  That is 96 TB, close enough.  I will you know I have lost 2 Seagate 8TB drives.  I am moving to Western Digital.  How old do you think they were?  They are 8 TB per drive.  Less then a year, Junk.  Do you think I care to send them back?  Ultimately, they cost me 48TB of data.  I am glad I had that backed up.

When you play with that kind of space it really makes you think.  I Uploaded at 1.1 GB (10 Gigiabit Fiber) a second to replace the data lost.  How long do you think it took?  The answer is 3 days.  Even with Uno in place on both rigs.


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Software at its finest.

by on Sep.10, 2020, under Ultimate Edition

200,000 Registered members seems minuscule. That will go away into the Millions.

Ready to work with me?
The Quest for speed…

I want to demonstrate the software I have in works. First look at specs of 2 different computers utilized in the test.

Main Rig:
theemahn@JackHammer:~$ inxi CPU: 16-Core (2-Die) AMD Ryzen 9 3950X (-MT MCP MCM-) speed/min/max: 2196/2200/3500 MHz Kernel: 5.8.5-050805-generic x86_64 Up: 2h 54m Mem: 4656.2/15977.1 MiB (29.1%) Storage: 27.52 TiB (87.4% used) Procs: 558 Shell: bash 5.0.17 inxi: 3.0.38

Server (Storage):
storage@storage:/media/40TB/themes$ inxi CPU: 12-Core AMD Ryzen 9 3900X (-MT MCP-) speed/min/max: 2196/2200/3800 MHz Kernel: 5.4.0-40-generic x86_64 Up: 18m Mem: 1829.8/15988.0 MiB (11.4%) Storage: 62.55 TiB (71.7% used) Procs: 415 Shell: bash 5.0.17 inxi: 3.0.38

Kernels are most certainly different, don’t worry I will build a “Edge” Server. Both are on dual 10 Gigabit networking. The server has 5 X 8TB drives in Raid 0 (actually 6 one has failed going to replace them Friday) & 2 X 10TB drives also in raid 0. No slouch in data transfer speed. Both are insanely fast computers, both have NVME’s PCIE 4.0.

I just want to demonstrate the difference CPU cores make when software is written to take advantage of CPU resources. Using a single CPU core as most software is written takes 1 Hour and 10 minutes to do what I am about to show you the difference in software development & CPU cores. Today, it is almost impossible to find a single core CPU, however almost all software is written with a single CPU core in mind.

I am going to change that at least in Linux (Ultimate Edition).

Single core usage: 1 Hour 10 minutes
16 Core / 32 thread (AMD 3950X): 0h4m1s
12 Core / 24 thread (AMD 3900X): 0h10m3s

Can you imagine if all software was written with that in mind? Do you think I am Bullshitting you? Want to test what I have written? Download every theme I have written (Ultimate Edition 2.0 to 6.9) in source compressed format themes.tar.gz (almost 500MB) Want to test me?

Crack Open a terminal:
sudo dpkg -i ultimate-edition* #Once all is installed. Let’s extract that 1/2 a GB archive
mkdir -p themes
mv themes.tar.gz themes/
cd themes/
tar xfv themes.tar.gz

Ready to witness what I said?

Type or copy paste the following command in the terminal: uetheme -a #all themes
Launching thread #32: Populating Ultimate Edition Theme: 5.7 (RUNNING INSTANCES: 31) What happens if you hit CTRL-C: ** Trapped CTRL-C, exiting. Killing all 41 instances of uetheme. How did it exceed 32? It will launch the number of CPU cores you have available building themes utilizing the number of CPU cores you have available simultaneously. That is where software is heading from here forward on my end. It will probably take a long time to build, unless you have a fast computer, no matter what you have still faster then it would take as a single core CPU.

As Darth Vadar would say: Impressive, most impressive.

Do you have a 32 core / 64 thread Threadripper? Or an Epyc? I would love to see those results.

Want to install them themes? It will build you 150 Packages Grub, theme and plymouth (1.3 GB in size):

To install the vestige of your works:
theemahn@JackHammer:~/themes$ sudo dpkg -i *.deb (Reading database … 603415 files and directories currently installed.) Preparing to unpack ultimate-edition-grub-2.0_all.deb … Unpacking ultimate-edition-grub-theme-2.0 (2.0.0) over (2.0.0) …

I do want you to understand the CPU I have is impossible to beat at a desktop level. It cost me $811.00 just for the CPU chip. Today much cheaper, when you step into the server world, things change. I am not dumping $5000.00 per CPU to pound the server world.

I will write software for it. Did you know I wrote an Operating System for the Air Force? I am really hard to touch when it comes to security. I have spent a large chunk of my life learning it. Feel free to tell me how I have done. I will let you know I am about to unleash software across the board that takes care of CPU cores. Did you know Repostorm is about to come off the chain?

I will tell you where I am at now. Analytically will use 32 cores in my case. Will use 32 cores extracting data. When it installs software that way, they are all gone. I want to make sure you understand RepoStorm is fixing Errors 32 cores err threads at a time. Once I get installation working at a service level Repostorm will be the king, damn shame no-one else will have it. Damn shame once again I wrote it.

Yes, I am still TheeMahn,


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Game Over

by on Aug.21, 2020, under Ultimate Edition

I am years ahead of you.

Don’t worry I do not like Repostorm either, it was slow. I just invoked it as a service, that is why I do not like it. Makes things really slow, that is about to go away.

We can ignore this: Fetched 8575 MB in 2min 48s (51.1 MB/s) We will continue to ignore: RepoStorm 2.0.4 <<- “Oh, is that a 4? is pre-scanning for error(s). Processing deb(s): 1 of 1,043 deb(s). I am about to open up in my case 32 at a time accross the board, do not worry I am sure they are not all errored.

To be honest, I could have it scanning for errors 32 packages at a time. I am just dipping my toes right now. I loved the results, hated the application. Things are about to change.

Errors detected in ./libevent-pthreads-2.1-7_2.1.11-stable-1_amd64.deb. Does not sound so stable to me.

It is doing it one at a time. Once setup it will burn through packages 32 at a time in my case. While you may think, Glenn, damn it we do not have a 32 core CPU. That will change.

You will look back at me and say, do you remember when I had a dual core?

I have seen what takes over an hour to do turn into 3 minutes. This will be much, much worse, or better if you want to look that way.

CPU CORES rule & then you will understand. I will do the same thing to the entire Ubuntu Repository over 50,000 packages at a time. I will use Repostorm 2.0.3 and show you the results v/s 2.0.4. I can almost bet you do not understand when this is dropped on a server. For an example a 256 core server.

This was single cored: Results:Error(s): 17 | Warning(s): 732 | Info: 17Perfect deb(s): 841 Writing permanent logs for zsh_5.8-3ubuntu1_amd64.deb.errors. RepoStorm: All operations complete. Number of CPU Core(s) / threads(s) detected: 32. This is not implemented: Launching 32 instances to accelerate the building process, please wait. Extracting 32 packages of 33 at a time using 32 CPU core(s). Debugging: Current running processes: 3. I am still “Working it” Analytical process can be done the same way.

All at once, err until I run out of chips. The ONLY thing I can’t really do in Repostorm is install multiple packages at once. I will let you know when I get that far or if I can or not. Every little step I take? Eventually you will understand. Did you know what I think is really funny I already wrote an app to do so. I swear I told you about it, just have not released it yet. The impact is massive. Results will be the same that I bring you.

How do you like my uethemes application? Oh, that is write you have not seen it yet. A new Repostorm is coming. Yes, I did deliberately spell Right Wrong.


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CPU Rapeing begins.

by on Aug.19, 2020, under Ultimate Edition

I have been building Operating Systems Since 2006. Want to know the most singular program that has impressed me? It is running as I type this.
Parallel mksquashfs: Using 32 processors, at first I thought my god leave me a Core. Everything is still smooth. I wrote an app that utilizes the same technology. It does not stop it keeps opening threads until you have none left and watches for one to complete, only to launch another thread. Until the job is done. The results are phenomenal. The fella that wrote that app had his mindset right.

I am considering dropping the same technology into Repostorm. Why build one deb at a time when you can build 32 at a time? But Glenn, err TheeMahn I only have a Quad core? Results are the same. Software acceleration.

I did tell you I would share the source code with you:

# Snatch the number of CPU Core(s) / threads the end user has.
CORES=$(grep -i "processor" "/proc/cpuinfo" | sed '/model/d' | wc -l)
Encapsulate "Number of CPU Core(s) / threads(s) detected: ${CORES}"
Encapsulate "Launching ${CORES} instances to accelerate the building process, please wait."
   for VERSION in {2..6};
    for DOT in {0..9}; 
        # How many core do we have running currently?
           RUNNINGINSTANCES=$(ps -C uetheme | wc -l)
        # EXPELL all core, let's go to work, if we have maxed out, wait for one core to finish.
        while [[ "${RUNNINGINSTANCES}" -ge "${CORES}" ]] ;
                RUNNINGINSTANCES=$(ps -C uetheme | wc -l)
        # Yee HAW we have an open core, let's put it to work.
           if [[ "${RUNNINGINSTANCES}" -lt "${CORES}" ]]; then
               INSTANCE=$(( "${RUNNINGINSTANCES}" + 1 ))
               Encapsulate "Launching thread #${INSTANCE}: Populating Ultimate Edition Theme: ${VERSION}.${DOT} (RUNNING INSTANCES: ${RUNNINGINSTANCES})"
               uetheme --setup ${VERSION}.${DOT} wallpaper=${VERSION}.${DOT}.png theme=${VERSION}.${DOT} --suppress & #& allows that to process and continue running through current software hence why the not equal 3 below
# Wait for the cores to finish, before continuing.
while [[ "${RUNNINGINSTANCES}" -ne "3" ]] ;
    #Encapsulate "Waiting for threads to complete: ${RUNNINGINSTANCES}"
    RUNNINGINSTANCES=$(ps -C uetheme | wc -l)
# I hate this command, but ensures all files are there before continuing.
# Import Goodies?
for VERSION in {2..6};
    for DOT in {0..9}; 
        if [[ -d "${VERSION}.${DOT}" ]]; then
            Encapsulate "Build folder for ${VERSION}.${DOT} found: Importing to Ultimate Edition ${VERSION}.${DOT}/theme"
            cp -T -R "${VERSION}.${DOT}/" "Ultimate Edition ${VERSION}.${DOT}/theme/ultimate-edition-theme-${VERSION}.${DOT}_all/"
for VERSION in {2..6};
    for DOT in {0..9}; 
           RUNNINGINSTANCES=$(ps -C uetheme | wc -l)
        while [[ "${RUNNINGINSTANCES}" -ge "${CORES}" ]] ;
                RUNNINGINSTANCES=$(ps -C uetheme | wc -l)
           if [[ "${RUNNINGINSTANCES}" -lt "${CORES}" ]]; then
               INSTANCE=$(( "${RUNNINGINSTANCES}" + 1 ))
               Encapsulate "Launching thread #${INSTANCE}: Building Ultimate Edition Theme: ${VERSION}.${DOT} deb(s) (RUNNING INSTANCES: ${RUNNINGINSTANCES})"
               uetheme --builddebs ${VERSION}.${DOT}  --suppress &
while [[ "${RUNNINGINSTANCES}" -ne "3" ]] ;
    #Encapsulate "Waiting for threads to complete: ${RUNNINGINSTANCES}"
    RUNNINGINSTANCES=$(ps -C uetheme | wc -l)
for VERSION in {2..6};
    for DOT in {0..9}; 
        if [[ -d "Ultimate Edition ${VERSION}.${DOT}" ]]; then
            Encapsulate "Scanning Ultimate Edition ${VERSION}.${DOT} for successful builds."
            cd "Ultimate Edition ${VERSION}.${DOT}" || exit 1;
            find . -name "*.deb" -type f -exec mv {} . \;
            (( TOTALDEBS += ${COUNTDEBS} ))
            Encapsulate "Found ${COUNTDEBS} perfect deb(s) in ${PWD}"
            cd "${INFOLDER}" || exit 1;
Timer "Stop"

What does it look like in principal?
Launching thread #32: Populating Ultimate Edition Theme: 5.7 (RUNNING INSTANCES: 31)

Oh, that is right I am writing software to make all our themes perfect & I do mean perfect. Why not take advantage of CPU cores? I am a CPU rapeist. I highly suggest you pay attention to the code. Cores will only increase here going forward. They have maxed out on your GHZ, unless you want to drop Liquid Nitrogen on your chip. I am right. Why do you think AMD is so successful? Brought the Giant down, as soon as software catches up, I just provided you an example above.

Do not think Intel is now heading that way. They will make “chiplets” and stear away from monolithic design. Even though Intel said in the past, a stupid design by AMD. Eat it Intel. Yes, I also know 3D stacking of chips err chiplets are inbound.

You will find out I am very knowledgeable. I have a Genius IQ.


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by on Aug.15, 2020, under Ultimate Edition

Want to see how things work around here? While you may think is a simple accomplishment. It is far from that. I built all themes took me over an hour to do so on a 16 core / 32 Thread AMD Ryzen 3950X on triple Raided Sabrent Rockets PCIE 4.0, capable of 16 GB a second. From Ultimate Edition 2.0 to Ultimate Edition 6.9 theme. 170 Debian packages, Grub, theme and Plymouth. Autonomously. I opened a can of worms…

I opened up threads. Why one at a time if you have 32 CPU threads? This is called Parallel processing. Taking what use to take over an hour and turn it into 2 minutes and seven seconds? I will share my code, do not sweat that. What happens if you only have a quad core? it will only launch 3 instances. What if you have a 128 core / 256 thread Epyc? Would launch 256 threads, however it would run out at 170 as that is the number of debs it built. I would love to see those results I am sure in seconds.

It is not done, just takes me much less time to see results. I really do not understand why programmers do not take advantage of CPU Cores. No, pun Windows is the worst.

Honesty, Intel wants to GHZ per core on antiquated technology. All 4 of them. The rig I have beats down even their entire server line.

Do you think Intel wins in Gaming? 9900KS, I laughed about that as a 9900 Keep Spending. I smoke their XE (which is an 18 core). I just told you I take down the heaviest server they currently possess & I do not have a thread ripper or an Epyc. AMD is years ahead of them.

Look at this:
Intel Xeon Gold 6248R @ 3.00GHz Cores: 24 Threads: 48 I eat it for breakfast. That is only a  $3,112.03 USD chip, makes me feel better for paying $811.00 for my chip. Today, much less. I went though hell to get that 3950X. Sold out twice. $811.00 well spent. Where are we today? “Big Navi” is coming, do I need to buy one? I do not care about games. I do have dual 43″ 4K monitors, not TV’s. I can request them to split into quad 1080p each monitor, yes 8 screens. Like PIP (Picture In picture).

Let’s see what Ampere bring to the table and AMD’s reaction (this would be the thing I worry about NVidia) Want honesty? Don’t worry about that. Worry about them taking over your datacenter. Big Navi was developed, not to win the hearts of Gamers, but strip money from your cash cow in the server world. I will be straight if you see one come online using HBM you are screwed. Want me to tell you about HBN Next? You can take your GDDR6X and toss it to the curb.

I do want you to remember, while Expensive HBM was developed via AMD. Not a problem in the server market. Where the charge expungement amounts of money. Let me buy a $30,000 video card, I mean just one. Think about that. NVidia gets hit there, they are done. We are talking Billions of dollars. I am saying AMD has them. I am glad the upped their game to GDDR6X, too little too late. You do know Ampere will be released before “Big Navi”? See if I am right. I have never been wrong.

Where is that $500 market share going? It is coming to AMD land. Do not forget AMD is about to suck up consoles. Just in-time for the holiday. Sit at home playing on your PS5. While I make bank & I am not a Gamer.

Most of you guys have not listened to me. Buy, Buy, buy AMD. I got in at $6.97 a share. What is it today? I will tell you this it is the #1 stock traversed in the world. Weak hands selling it in millions a day & kicking them selves in the ass. I am in for the long ride.

When I do retire, I will not hurt for money.


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Software is KING.

by on Aug.08, 2020, under Ultimate Edition

I don’t want to say I started writing software, because I have been writing it for some time now. I wrote an “sub-application” in tmosb called “uetheme” that automates theme creation. I am trying to think of the future & it built Ultimate Edition 6.7 theme from the ground up automously. Yes, indeed a Grub theme, Plymouth Theme & desktop theme GTK 2, XFCE, GTK3 etc. Powerful, I understand.

I am uploading a Ultimate Edition 6.7 Lite lol. The initial build was just that. I went back added full, server and extra. I did not use maximum compression, so I could toss a ton more in it. I am not going to release it to the general populus, however if you feel frosty and want to test it I dropped it on one of our servers.

It is not small by any means 4.4GB, I wanted to demonstrate I can go anyway I want. I could double the software, however this one will run smoothly live or otherwise. It is KDE based, so it is resource hungry. I would not even think about playing with it unless you have at least 4GB of memory. NVidia Support is there and will be in every release going forward in any Operating System I build here forward. Last time I checked I am the leading programmer and founder.

Let’s get on to the juicy details:
Oh, that is right I am not releasing it, other then the brave. Do not think that is final.

I will not rob you of MD5sums:

root@JackHammer:/media/Rocket_Raid/wip# md5sum ultimate-edition-6.7-x64-lite.iso
d4e658f6f6c64e54cb5b3652ee1997e5 ultimate-edition-6.7-x64-lite.iso

I have not found the error in my software or what could be the Desktop Environment YET. I suggest when it boots up select Breeze Dark as a “Global Theme” then select Ultimate Edition 6.7 to see where I am heading.

Why did I say lite when I built it? I only want 6.7 theme in it same happens when you build a gamers. Keep space low. To allow for more games for example. Gamers rips out tmosb it-self, you are not building Operating Systems, you are playing games. That is funny, did you know when I released 6.6 Gamers had only one yes one mirror 14 today, but lived on 1 for a week. Thousand 84 Downloads at 4.4 GB of data. Do the math on that one. We do not calculate my traffic. When you do something right they will come. Thanks again Sourceforge.

Wait until you see what I am bringing to the table. I have said this before. I will take down 1,000 programmers at a time. This is not my first rodeo. I was writing AI software years before they even knew what it was.

Honestly, think about it. Petabytes are gone. Exobytes, just Sorceforge. Think about it I have seen in the past a professor of a college tell me a Terabyte a day & ask me if he should set up a second computer? Today data flows quite well.

Once again I will not rob you. I wrote an application called uetheme told you that earlier (a part of tmosb) that Autonomously develops themes, ever seen Ultimate Edition 2.0 theme on Ultimate Edition 6.6 for example? That is now a reality & work in progress. All computer generated. 3 at a time Theme, Grub and Plymouth theme. None are final. I am still working out bugs in the software. Once fixed, will flawlessly generate every theme.

Booting a built Operating System with them all installed. normal compression. 48 themes.

Do not think for one second those themes do not support XFCE, Mate etc.

Linking wallpaper (to save space) to ../../../wallpapers/Ultimate_Edition_4.2.png
Linking wallpaper (to save space) to ../../../../Ultimate_Edition_4.2.png ▒
5 times.
Generating previews in: /media/Rocket_Raid ▒

  1. Generating preview: 4.2.png to Ultimate Edition 4.2/theme/ultimate-edition-theme-4.2-all/usr/share/plasma/look-and-feel/org.kde.ultimate.edition.4.2.desktop/contents/artwork/background.png

Those will be linked as well, all 11 of them, 12 if you include 0. I can remember did Ultimate Edition 4.2 ever support KDE? It does now. They will all be small files when I am done. Software is King, got to love automation in software development… Flawlessly. I will never develop a theme again. From here autonomously.


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