Repostorm: New software on the horizon?

by on Jan.06, 2022, under Ultimate Edition

A new RepoStorm is coming, that is not the only app.

A New Repository has been built. (GPG Signed) Autonomously.

What is the difference for example Ubuntu’s Repository and the one built? Almost 1/2 a Million less errors. I used 2 computers to build the repository. Took them weeks. Now I hope you can understand why I am building a ThreadRipper Pro. Right now it has been loaded to a local server & is being tested to build an Operating System w/o error(s). Scary stuff huh? The Threadripper Pro will do it in “Realtime” 64 cores / 128 threads tearing up errors. I will load the entire repository in Memory. 8 Channel memory things will get done. 16 NVMES Raided? Did you know I can jack in 3 times that? Bottle neck the RAM or 48 NVMES? That is why they are so expensive.

Instead of downloading Packages from Ubuntu’s Servers it is pulling packages from the local server 20 Gigabits per second off dual Fiber Optics. Error free, I remind you.

48.4 MB downloaded in ZERO secs lol (I have seen a Gig in one second)

Results? I can’t tell you yet. I am still re-writing TMOSB to make it only pull from that server. I enabled a switch called “local” & still working out the bugs on it. I can almost promise a “BULLETPROOF” O/S is coming. Goes though I will have ZERO competition. Did you know RepoStorm has a “service” function?

Like Anti-Virus on crack.

I have only been writing the Application since 2013. Do you find it so hard to believe what I just told you? I am sure the likes of Ubuntu & Debian are shaking in their shoes. Kali, no different. The amount of errors I have fixed, your tools will soon be junk. I fixed errors in your cracking tools too, what a nice guy. Autonomously.

What is a autonomous software?In an autonomous system, hardware and software work together to solve a problem by performing an action. For a system to be considered truly autonomous, the system must be able to gather information, find a solution based on this information, and execute an action to achieve a goal.Sep 24, 2018

I was writing it 5 years before the definition existed. Now you know who you are playing with. It only takes one good Programmer, not 10,000. I have been writing software since I was 11 years old. This month 40 years of writing software. Jan 26th I will be 51. I do not just write software, I do build Operating Systems. Scary again huh? Millions of downloads. PetaBytes of Transfer. That is truly scary.

You build it they will come. That too is funny, I strip their rights to track you. RepoStorm tells me what they are doing. I can see it in “Realtime”. Technically a warning not an error. I have control.

Know it is coming,

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Shall we play a Game?

by on Jul.25, 2023, under Ultimate Edition

It is the works.

Repostorm has stepped up to the plate. While it may seem minuscule is large and in charge.

I am thinking a Gamers is coming for Ultimate Arch. My programming skills are untouched.

Looks like it failed does it not? I can assure you it did not. I did not have enough DDR5 memory to build it:

Why am I transferring it to a “Boot” drive? I would have to say to test it. Let’s try and figure out what I am doing. Let’s step back, what it is? Well, I would have to concede it is based on Arch Linux not Ubuntu. My God 20.3 GB in size. Well, I can see Gamers in its name. Damn, I can see you built it today.

Must be a bunch of Games, yes that is true. What you can’t see is the integration in software and drivers to allow you to play AAA Windows games natively. I do not care if NVidia & I really do hate them, Intel or AMD Graphics. It gets way better than that. I do know that is what you want.

It is currently untested, so I can not currently tell you what it really is. I have been building Operating Systems since 2006 & writing software for over 40 years.

Makes me sound old does it not? I was 11 years old when I started writing software, self-taught. I did try and boot it a malicious failure. I am O.K with that I will fix that. The results will be massive. I do work through error after error. The results are always phenomenal. I have released multiple Operating Systems. Exobytes of transfer. I do know what I am doing.

Repostrom advances daily & I would not have to fuck with it. It is very smart right now. I have been offered $250K a year and turned it down. It is not about the money for me. Yes, it does have AI, I was writing that shit back in the early 2000’s Before AI existed.

Did you know I wrote this over ten years ago, feel like I lied to you. The program was originally called “repomaster” Way over 10 years. You just got to see it.


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Let’s Rock! Arch!

by on Dec.30, 2022, under Ultimate Edition

The Ultimate Arch is at your feet.

It was a learning curve. You can not hide from me. That is now the final product. I have been told my beta products are better than the other’s final products. A treat is coming.

Ultimate Arch Linux

It was a huge educational tour for me, yes I have it installed. I modified Repostorm to convert software as well as make it build repositories, multiple at that.

This is the final product:

I will write a post, it is different. I will get you on board. I will not waste my time pulling in more views. Mirrors are coming up.

I want you to understand, I used the original post to slow down traffic. It will be heavy at first, and a bunch worse if I made a new post. I can not wait to tell you what I changed since that video. An extra 80,000 apps coming your way. Let the storm calm down & I will tell you all about it.


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Rolling… Things change

by on Nov.14, 2022, under Ultimate Edition

I have your back

That is a rolling release, no version Ultimate Edition 7.7. One thing I can see it is lightning fast. As soon as I build the core files it is coming. Repostorm is right behind it to fill in the gaps. I have err Reposorm has cross-platform built software. It is a scary app. I told you that years ago. It runs on both platforms.

What does this mean Glenn? I am building a “rolling” release. I bet I have been asked a thousand times to do so.

[theemahn@JackTheRipper ~]$ sudo pacman -Syuu ultimate-edition-themes

looking for conflicting packages…

Packages (56) ultimate-edition-female-themes-1.0.0-1 ultimate-edition-icons-baby-blue-0.0.1-1 ultimate-edition-icons-dark-glow-0.0.2-1 ultimate-edition-icons-dark-one-0.0.1-1 ultimate-edition-icons-gold-0.0.1-1
ultimate-edition-icons-light-0.0.1-1 ultimate-edition-icons-red-0.0.1-1 ultimate-edition-theme-3.0-3.0.0-1 ultimate-edition-theme-3.1-3.1.0-1 ultimate-edition-theme-3.2-3.2.0-1 ultimate-edition-theme-3.3-3.3.0-1
ultimate-edition-theme-3.4-3.4.0-1 ultimate-edition-theme-3.5-3.5.0-1 ultimate-edition-theme-3.6-3.6.0-1 ultimate-edition-theme-3.7-3.7.0-1 ultimate-edition-theme-3.8-3.8.0-1 ultimate-edition-theme-3.9-3.9.0-1
ultimate-edition-theme-4.0-4.0.0-1 ultimate-edition-theme-4.1-4.1.0-1 ultimate-edition-theme-4.2-4.2.0-1 ultimate-edition-theme-4.3-4.3.0-1 ultimate-edition-theme-4.4-4.4.0-1 ultimate-edition-theme-4.5-4.5.0-1
ultimate-edition-theme-4.6-4.6.0-1 ultimate-edition-theme-4.7-4.7.0-1 ultimate-edition-theme-4.8-4.8.0-1 ultimate-edition-theme-4.9-4.9.0-1 ultimate-edition-theme-5.0-5.0.0-1 ultimate-edition-theme-5.1-5.1.0-1
ultimate-edition-theme-5.2-5.2.0-1 ultimate-edition-theme-5.3-5.3.0-1 ultimate-edition-theme-5.4-5.4.0-1 ultimate-edition-theme-5.5-5.5.0-1 ultimate-edition-theme-5.6-5.6.0-1 ultimate-edition-theme-5.7-5.7.0-1
ultimate-edition-theme-5.8-5.8.0-1 ultimate-edition-theme-5.9-5.9.0-1 ultimate-edition-theme-6.0-6.0.0-1 ultimate-edition-theme-6.1-6.1.0-1 ultimate-edition-theme-6.2-6.2.0-1 ultimate-edition-theme-6.3-6.3.0-1
ultimate-edition-theme-6.4-6.4.0-1 ultimate-edition-theme-6.5-6.5.0-1 ultimate-edition-theme-6.6-6.6.0-1 ultimate-edition-theme-6.7-6.7.0-1 ultimate-edition-theme-6.8-6.8.0-1 ultimate-edition-theme-6.9-6.9.0-1
ultimate-edition-theme-7.0-7.0.0-1 ultimate-edition-theme-7.1-7.1.0-1 ultimate-edition-theme-7.2-7.2.0-1 ultimate-edition-theme-7.3-7.3.0-1 ultimate-edition-theme-7.4-7.4.0-1 ultimate-edition-theme-7.5-7.5.0-1
ultimate-edition-theme-7.6-7.6.0-1 ultimate-edition-theme-7.7-7.7.0-1 ultimate-edition-themes-1.5-1

Total Installed Size: 1807.79 MiB

:: Proceed with installation? [Y/n]

Repostorm converted all those packages above. Not to be taken lightly, it also built the repository in a foreign O/S. Not like it is small data: Total Installed Size: 1807.79 MiB. Repostorm has handled Terabytes of data.


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Not in vain

by on Sep.24, 2022, under Ultimate Edition

I do not care 1,000 cores.

I guess I did, I was downloading over 4 million files at the same time, 10 at a time. I will shut down the SledgeHammer, the Jackhammer is offline. JackTheRipper is w/o a doubt the fastest computer I have ever seen. Quite an endorsement coming from me. Yes, it is that fast. 1 computer will totally replace 3 servers and a desktop. 120 TeraBytes of space (almost an 1/8th of a PetaByte in just one computer). I can always turn on the Sledgehammer or Legion to retrieve data. I did sell Legion 2.

Welcome aboard JackTheRipper. As it sits:

Data flows. I can promise you shit is getting done so fast it scares the competition, I am sorry what competition? Is that Ultimate Edition 7.7? Did I miss something? Just so you know I upgraded to 7.7 with just a command dropped in the terminal. A rolling release? That was a bunch of money. I am going to use it to its full potential. I hope you know Repostorm now builds Arch Linux packages as well as Arch Linux Repositories. You better watch your ass Steam Deck. Currently, I am working on getting a drive replaced. I will tell you how that goes. I have bought 11 X 14TB drives from them and not one return. I think they sent me a bad apple. I am still waiting for their response.

If they do not make it right, I will contact Amazon to get a refund & never buy from them again. Do you know how much money that is? The first 4 I bought were $350.00 a piece. I broke one, my bad. Now have bought 2 more actually 3. All I can say is they better make it right. If they find out who I am, I can promise you they will make it right. Could be a huge loss or gain in their business. How much traffic do you think this site sees on a daily basis? I will try to open your eyes: 204,943 registered users, just this site. How many sites do I own?

Did you know after I bought Legion, the same guy sent me a free server faster than the one I bought? Sales… The traffic I do have. I am positive he has more than made his money back. Once he seen the sales, I am sure he thought & contacted me, can I send you a free server? Well, that is a no-brainer. Just so you know the entire ThreadRipper Pro system I paid for out of pocket. There is nothing adjusting my thoughts.

What would happen if I introduce “Free Games” exclusively to the Steam Deck? You can see I have the ability. How large is that repository? Thank you Repostorm & autonomously built. Did you think I was fucking with you?

What part of the developer did you not understand Steam? I will take a large chunk of your users. I did not fuck up, you did, and now you will pay. Are all free games not attractive? You will beg me to stop. You probably fucked with the wrong guy.

Surely free games to the steam deck will not exist:
FREE STEAM DECK Games, I bet I own that website. I am just warming up. I just bought the domain, I mean business. let me tell you how this is going to work, I am not just a CEO, I am a webmaster. Let’s take the time and search on google for “Ultimate Edition” #1 result you are coming to see me. Does Microsoft not make a Ultimate Edition? If I can overtake Microsoft and have for years, what do you think will happen when I unleash on the Steam Deck? Pay close attention, the word is free. I just dropped steam. People will search for free steam games. I have got you. I am a scary fella in what I do.


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You can do Magic!

by on Sep.07, 2022, under Ultimate Edition

I have been writing a re-write of RepoStorm. I can promise you I did not convert one Application at a time to Arch Linux. I wish I had the ThreadRipper pro up would take seconds. I suppose I should tell you why I don’t have the Ripper up. The Power supply only has 2 X 8 pin 12 Volt EPS rails & the mother board has 3 slots for it… 2 six pin on top of that & 2 to the video card… That was a $400 PSU (Power Supply Unit). 1,300 Watts Titanium & not enough? It made me pull my balls out. I have never built a Threadripper in the past. I have built thousands of computers.

I did get it to power up, but not POST (Power On Self Test). Can you imagine burning up $15,000.00 worth of hardware? Like crashing a car at the push of the button. I am being meticulous. I do have what I need, just not plugged in right. 1,500 watts is recommended. I have just the basics in it, it should have came up. I found out one of those 8 pin EPS ports is “Primary” without it will not come up. Once I see it come up I will drop 11 NVMES in it and 10 Hard disks. I may have to buy a larger PSU. Just purchasing the chip & the E-bike took me from Excellent credit to Good credit (lost 43 points in one day). It was expensive. I will bounce back.

Almost $7000.00 in the hole. 0% APR, it will go away. 4 days from now I will get a raise & still not top pay. This I think is funny, if I hand you $1,200.00 a month, they do not complain. The first card is O.K with $300.00 a month as they are watching me crush the first card, no payment due. They can see my finances. What do you think will happen when the first card is gone? They are hoping. I can not take care of both. 0% APR? Like a loan with 0% interest. I do pay my bills too. I love my job. They pay me well & do not screw with me. I have the perfect job. I too make no mistakes. Last review they told me I had not made a mistake in over a year in quality. I am personally about in quantity. I shove tons out the door. Helps the company & Ultimately me. Damn, my next bonus check will have perfect attendance on it.

That in itself is also funny, it is hard to get a person to go to work. I have worked with only 5 people for an entire shift. That is crazy. I hate to tell you this I think we just lost one more today, perhaps 2. I have told them if you miss 2 days in a quarter you do not get a bonus at all, and the next day they do not show up. I am having financial problems, I wonder why? They are going to shut off my water. DUH!

I guess I am a company man. I came into 1″ steel which weighs jack diddly squat. Packet gone, let us grab the next packet. Have some 3/4″ which is worse, you will have to burn one at a time. I did not make it through that crap until 9 PM. Next up 1 3/4″ Gone in 20 minutes. 3,800+ pounds in 20 minutes. They want .63 tons per hour. I custom-program that. If I can.

Running Arch Linux?

sudo nano /etc/pacman.conf

Goto the bottom and add the following:

SigLevel = Optional TrustAll
Server =$repo

Why am I doing this?  Steam pissed in my Wheeties.  When I am done the Steam Deck will run Ram-booter.  I do not think Steam really knew who I was.  I told them I was a developer, well he does not develop Games.  You are right.  I can promise Steam will wish they never screwed with me.

It is happening autonomously as I type.  Right now it will only use one thread, I will fix that.  Parallel processing Baby - I am the King of opening cores.  The Steam Deck is a quad-core, eight-thread Zen 2-based APU, that still sports RDNA 2 GPU cores, and also supports LPDDR5.

Main rig until the Ripper comes up.
Repostorm even converts itself πŸ˜‰

That is Single channel DDR4 Memory & is about six times as fast as a NVME. The Steam Deck is quad channel memory & LPDDR5. Do you see where I am going? When I am done it will be faster then my current rig. I am sorry they blew me off. I want you to think about this, I am running that application in Arch Linux. I have been writing software for almost 40 years. I do know what I am doing. I did start writing software when I was 11 years old on a Commodore VIC-20.

Sorry Steam,


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by on Feb.15, 2022, under Ultimate Edition

I have been writing software and manuals. I told you I hate writing manuals.

We will leave it at manuals, well maybe not:
UNO (Ultimate Net Optimizer): UNO
Repostorm: Repostorm
Ram Booter: Ram-booter << this will shock you.
Ue-Tweaker: UE-tweaker.

I upgraded my server after 74+ days, now runs in RAM:

theemahn@JackHammer:~$ ssh sledgehammer
sledgehammer@’s password:
Welcome to Ultimate Edition 7.5 Minimal-server LTS (GNU/Linux 5.13.0-21-lowlatency x86_64)

Hostname: sledgehammer
CPU Model: AMD Ryzen 9 3900X 12-Core Processor Base:(4672.0698 Bogomips: 7599.86) Max: 4650 MHz

Total Memory: 32780948 kB
Free Memory: 12991284 kB

Swap Total: 0 kB
Swap Free: 0 kB

Uptime………….: 74 days, 01h37m07s
Load Averages……: 0.55, 0.77, 0.87 (1, 5, 15 min)
Running Processes..: 400

/: 469G, 35%

/media/56TB: 51T, 72%

/media/12TB: 11T, 96%

Networking Information
β–’ bond1 UP 20000Mb/s Full Other
β–’ enp4s0f0 UP 10000Mb/s Full Direct
β–’ enp4s0f1 UP 10000Mb/s Full Direct
β–’ enp6s0 DOWN N/A N/A N/A
β–’ wlp5s0 DOWN N/A N/A N/A
β–’ Active Network: bond1 speed detected at: 20000Mb/sβ–’

Storage Information
β–’ rootfs / N/A 503G
β–’ /dev/sdc media12TB N/A (USB?) 12T
β–’ /dev/md1 media56TB N/A 56T
β–’ /dev/nvme0n1p1 N/A (USB?) 503G
β–’ total 69T 52T 17T 76% -β–’

  • Documentation:
    Last login: Tue Feb 15 00:31:46 2022 from

You have no clue what is coming. A ThreadRipper Pro is 8 channel RAM. That is only dual channel. Do you know how many people have Ram-booter? The answer is ONE. DDR5 etc. I could go on. I do not know about you, but that is scary shit.

Everything is instant. As soon as I lift my finger off the mouse it is loaded. 256GB of ECC RAM. I do not care what game I want, when I release my finger instant. I am not talking 8 channel ram yet.

I am a programmer. I am done writing manuals for a minute.


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Ultimate Edition 7.5?

by on Feb.04, 2022, under Ultimate Edition

Software is in works of doing my job for me, seems to be doing it “almost” flawlessly & quickly using SMP (Symmetric multiprocessing) All autonomously. I did do a case study on parallel processing. A picture they say says 1,000 words. Let me write you a book. πŸ˜‰ Wait until the 128 thread monster comes up!!! I have everything but the processor. I hear I will have that March 8th. Repostorm now has SMP support as can be seen above. If it is not broken do not fix it.

Building 32 themes at a time.
Do you like how it hammers every CPU core I have? Git R done.
Built & installed.

Repostorm Building the Themes repository

The entire Ultimate Edition Theme Repository was just updated.

theemahn@JackHammer:~$ sudo apt-get install ultimate-edition-themes
Reading package lists… Done
Building dependency tree
Reading state information… Done
The following additional packages will be installed:
gtk2-engines-pixbuf ultimate-edition-female-themes-1.0 ultimate-edition-icons-baby-blue ultimate-edition-icons-dark-glow ultimate-edition-icons-dark-one ultimate-edition-icons-gold ultimate-edition-icons-light
ultimate-edition-icons-red ultimate-edition-theme-3.4 ultimate-edition-theme-3.5 ultimate-edition-theme-3.6 ultimate-edition-theme-3.7 ultimate-edition-theme-3.8 ultimate-edition-theme-3.9 ultimate-edition-theme-4.0
ultimate-edition-theme-4.1 ultimate-edition-theme-4.2 ultimate-edition-theme-4.3 ultimate-edition-theme-4.4 ultimate-edition-theme-4.5 ultimate-edition-theme-4.6 ultimate-edition-theme-4.7 ultimate-edition-theme-4.8
ultimate-edition-theme-4.9 ultimate-edition-theme-5.0 ultimate-edition-theme-5.1 ultimate-edition-theme-5.2 ultimate-edition-theme-5.3 ultimate-edition-theme-5.4 ultimate-edition-theme-5.5 ultimate-edition-theme-5.6
ultimate-edition-theme-5.7 ultimate-edition-theme-5.8 ultimate-edition-theme-5.9 ultimate-edition-theme-6.0 ultimate-edition-theme-6.1 ultimate-edition-theme-6.2 ultimate-edition-theme-6.3 ultimate-edition-theme-6.4
ultimate-edition-theme-6.5 ultimate-edition-theme-6.6 ultimate-edition-theme-6.7 ultimate-edition-theme-6.8 ultimate-edition-theme-6.9 ultimate-edition-theme-7.0 ultimate-edition-theme-7.1 ultimate-edition-theme-7.2
ultimate-edition-theme-7.3 ultimate-edition-theme-7.4 ultimate-edition-theme-7.5
Recommended packages:
The following NEW packages will be installed:
gtk2-engines-pixbuf ultimate-edition-female-themes-1.0 ultimate-edition-icons-baby-blue ultimate-edition-icons-dark-glow ultimate-edition-icons-dark-one ultimate-edition-icons-gold ultimate-edition-icons-light
ultimate-edition-icons-red ultimate-edition-theme-3.4 ultimate-edition-theme-3.5 ultimate-edition-theme-3.6 ultimate-edition-theme-3.7 ultimate-edition-theme-3.8 ultimate-edition-theme-3.9 ultimate-edition-theme-4.0
ultimate-edition-theme-4.1 ultimate-edition-theme-4.2 ultimate-edition-theme-4.3 ultimate-edition-theme-4.4 ultimate-edition-theme-4.5 ultimate-edition-theme-4.6 ultimate-edition-theme-4.7 ultimate-edition-theme-4.8
ultimate-edition-theme-4.9 ultimate-edition-theme-5.0 ultimate-edition-theme-5.1 ultimate-edition-theme-5.2 ultimate-edition-theme-5.3 ultimate-edition-theme-5.4 ultimate-edition-theme-5.5 ultimate-edition-theme-5.6
ultimate-edition-theme-5.7 ultimate-edition-theme-5.8 ultimate-edition-theme-5.9 ultimate-edition-theme-6.0 ultimate-edition-theme-6.1 ultimate-edition-theme-6.2 ultimate-edition-theme-6.3 ultimate-edition-theme-6.4
ultimate-edition-theme-6.5 ultimate-edition-theme-6.6 ultimate-edition-theme-6.7 ultimate-edition-theme-6.8 ultimate-edition-theme-6.9 ultimate-edition-theme-7.0 ultimate-edition-theme-7.1 ultimate-edition-theme-7.2
ultimate-edition-theme-7.3 ultimate-edition-theme-7.4 ultimate-edition-theme-7.5 ultimate-edition-themes
0 upgraded, 51 newly installed, 0 to remove and 44 not upgraded.
Need to get 814 MB/1081 MB of archives.
After this operation, 2073 MB of additional disk space will be used.
Do you want to continue? [Y/n]

The smart thing is:

Do you just want the 7.5 theme?

sudo apt-get install ultimate-edition-theme-7.5 #You can request themes one by one.

Ultimate Edition 7.5 Gamers is being built.

Tmosb GUI(Graphical User Interface) is building 7.5 Gamers.
Built almost 40GB…

I am a Operating System Architect, not just a programmer. In the basement of my house SledgeHammer is using Repostorm re-building the entire Focal Repository & has since January 25th. It is almost done. Error free Baby. What do you think that ThreadRipper will do? I can load the Entire Repository in 8 channel memory & 128 threads beating on errors. The software I write has no limits, I do not care if you have a million cores. 8 Channel ram is faster then ANY NVME on this planet. That set me back $1,300+ just in RAM (ECC) to top it off. I want them to understand who / what they are playing with.


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Ready Set & Go!!!

by on Mar.13, 2021, under Ultimate Edition

I added a new “Security Repository” today. What is that? It is unlike the normal security repositories. I added thousands of tools to allow you to do penetration testing. Get this I will be the target. I have spent months closing security holes. Repostorm put me way ahead of Ubuntu as well Kali Linux off the rip. I am working on bringing UNO (Ultimate Network Optimizer) not only to Optimize, but as a security tool. I am still not done, eventually I will drop my IP online and ask you to hack me. Proper term is crack me. Software I am writing is getting off the chain. 93% is where I have been at. Still have internet and still access my network.

Once I have that set I will drop my IP and ask you to crack me. This, I think is really funny. If you put my IP online I will sue you. I am asking for it. Typically, that is true. If I were to put your IP address on the internet the general consensus will drop you offline. There is plenty of ppl that traverse this site that are hackers, err crackers.

All I am doing is closing those holes.


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Congratulations Dreamhost

by on Feb.08, 2021, under Ultimate Edition

Congratulations, our hosting Company has set new records. Dreamhost is our hosting company. I do not have a affiliate link. Nor do I want one. I have hosted with many Hosting companies Godaddy I used to send data daily at TB a day. Most of our bandwidth is being eaten by Sourceforge (Almost 3 Million Downloads) These are not small files. Them Guys are AWESOME. I do build O/S’s Let me do my job. I am going to re-address this again. DreamHost did not go down, something I am used to. Thanks

They earn free People. Ultimate Edition 6.7 Gamers.iso 41277321216. 5 GB is my max. Developer (60GB) has more Games then the Gamers. Too Big for Sourceforge.

Oh! you were looking for Gamers (one O/S 38GB)!!!

I have used Repostorm to bring our Repositories back online. I am certain that in itself caused a spike in traffic. The 500 errors are gone. You are downloading new software from our repositories. Over 200GB of new apps / Games. Yes, Repostorm GPG signed them. Some of them I re-built, because support was lost, so in essence we have more packages then even Ubuntu.

I suggest you stear clear of Ultimate Edition 7.0 or 7.1 or Hirsute (yes, that is Groovy) all together as far as installing it they do not care , nor do I it is not a LTS. Ever wonder why I did not build a 6.8 or 6.9?

They know the issue is there, however they will not fix it until 21.10. There is nothing wrong with testing it out, however do not install either. Now you know. I could fix the issue, but why re-create the wheel on what they consider “Unstable” software? In April I will have software analyse that situation.

Google “missing efi 21.04” Just Giving you a heads up. At the end of this month I will display Bandwidth usage, February is a short month.

Changed in ubiquity (Ubuntu):
milestone:ubuntu-20.10 β†’ none
tags:added: rls-hh-incoming
removed: rls-gg-incoming

Eat That Ubuntu

ultimate-edition-7.0-x64-lite-xfce.iso< 4 hours ago2.1 GB0< 5 hours ago22.4 kB0
ultimate-edition-6.7-x64-developer-trinity-alpha.iso< 8 hours ago3.5 GB0

7.1 is uploading. You can ignore those Zeros. I almost forgot to tell you I added support for Trinity Desktop Environment:
TheeMahn’s O/S Builder (2.0.5) STATS
tmosb can build 906 different above Operating Systems.
12684 in total, when desktop environments are also calculated.

Yes, I can now build over 12K O/S’s. It is now in the repositories so is tmosb.

sudo apt-get install tmosb# the GUI Version is written in Python The CLI (Command Line Interface) is written in Bash.
sudo apt-get install ultimate-edition-os-builder

theemahn@JackHammer:~$ tmosb
GUI Enabled
USER: theemahn | TRUEROOT:1000 It knows & launches the Python based (GTK) of tmosb.

root@JackHammer:/media/Rocket_3/7.1# tmosb
GUI Enabled
USER: theemahn | TRUEROOT:0
TheeMahn’s O/S Builder (tmosb) 2.0.5, 01/21/2021

What I am trying to tell you based on your current status will launch different applications. Even if I did not have a GUI (Graphical User Interface) it knows that too. I have NEVER SEEN an application do that. I guess I am TheeBomb! I am sure over 100,000 lines of code.

I am a Cocky, How many Packages do you have UBUNTU? How about DEBIAN? I own you both. Did you know I played the game “world of padman” today online, last time supported 2012? Works here, how about there? I am sorry you quit supporting them. Urban terror as well. Did you know I used to have a urban terror servers? 64 slots each server. I am not a Gamer.


β–’ Ultimate Edition 6.7 Gamers.iso 41277321216 6a181c67c3da2c14397885bad0bc34fa β–’
β–’ ubuntu-ultimate-1.4-cd.iso 667602988 c95a3f7121c1f2888f7e6689f1286ea0 β–’
β–’ ultimate-edition-2.4-gamers-x64.iso 4030230528 f048342826bcc7bf9986f36b18b48e0b β–’
β–’ ultimate-edition-2.4-gamers-x86.iso 4260241408 31d61c4f93cc1121690bd289a68e37e5 β–’
β–’ ultimate-edition-2.4-x86-gamers.iso 4260241408 31d61c4f93cc1121690bd289a68e37e5 β–’
β–’ ultimate-edition-2.5-x86.iso 3187867648 cf13b6229a2094658c64cf815bc606ff β–’
β–’ ultimate-edition-2.6-gamers-x64.iso 3732652032 a463b7cc6e2a5f66a5565dffa5eda26f β–’
β–’ ultimate-edition-2.6-gamers-x86.iso 2480921536 6bf11fd2d5178c1e6692000e827b97db β–’
β–’ ultimate-edition-2.6-x64.iso 2540605440 7d3cd6f46af7c66ed7e4df1657bc5ea5 β–’
β–’ ultimate-edition-2.6-x86.iso 2399199232 cf9e2d59c8921c49f0d7b9e8972061dd β–’
β–’ ultimate-edition-2.6.1-x64.iso 2657875968 3cff444b22486be2dfc0c5c49c08bf40 β–’
β–’ ultimate-edition-2.6.1-x86.iso 2573973504 6cbcfd7f0fe0a05827e47fd604205cfe β–’
β–’ ultimate-edition-2.6.3-x64.iso 2809976832 2fa5e5e4b311118663a3f73cb49c2955 β–’
β–’ ultimate-edition-2.6.3-x86.iso 2731370496 8263eabcd23f736bf86bab4382a6b930 β–’
β–’ ultimate-edition-2.6.5-x64.iso 2906308608 e0b8f9104a545e1a257c79891d802f0d β–’
β–’ ultimate-edition-2.6.5-x86.iso 2798020608 98c0f4d5a46818327066974685e8abbe β–’
β–’ ultimate-edition-2.6.6-x64.iso 3069200384 c73b6d3e0241c7b07c4570ac9b614d06 β–’
β–’ ultimate-edition-2.6.6-x86.iso 3010766848 eec73be2ddc0148bccbd66574b3c1fca β–’
β–’ ultimate-edition-2.6.7-x64.iso 3115044864 f76856fb985ed63976bbd691dc10e67c β–’
β–’ ultimate-edition-2.6.7-x86.iso 2914400256 32c6728cdeec905994fba45078ed3f83 β–’
β–’ ultimate-edition-2.7-x64.iso 2702352384 fd5f2b0724ebb2507625383e702e7b90 β–’
β–’ ultimate-edition-2.7-x86.iso 2563768320 0b82382322790c27a43f3d8815f09001 β–’
β–’ ultimate-edition-2.8-gamers-x64.iso 4215861248 0697cfe81259c3009b610f0d63f5b990 β–’
β–’ ultimate-edition-2.8-gamers-x86.iso 4206417920 c7b214de3c0e2b3d94718b09931dbe38 β–’
β–’ ultimate-edition-2.8-lite-x86.iso 578992128 f993c00e45bec84ddfd384f73bc0cdc8 β–’
β–’ ultimate-edition-2.8-x64.iso 2715668480 c1233a4a46af9b78ff84e1c478773e76 β–’
β–’ ultimate-edition-2.8-x86.iso 2579570688 5661e6972953f61bf009c8759c04ddbd β–’
β–’ ultimate-edition-2.9-x64.iso 2935584768 5b0ba38fb1f7c33e810b5d090d68b5e6 β–’
β–’ ultimate-edition-2.9-x86.iso 2954553344 ce45a78485cc3224005baeb256cfdca3 β–’
β–’ ultimate-edition-3.0-gamers.iso 4207253504 c1bb700bb2c54753343c7694b494070f β–’
β–’ ultimate-edition-3.0-lite.iso 736679936 1b84faf027a2cbc1b0218af3fe9b2217 β–’
β–’ ultimate-edition-3.0-x86.iso 3484258304 73568c465ab01baca097cffcf6ac8387 β–’
β–’ ultimate-edition-3.0.1-x86.iso 3195105280 c0cf3ee6f1133c8c4ae39cdc9cd92061 β–’
β–’ ultimate-edition-3.2-x64.iso 2946416640 5d9c82f20e6dba236a9fcb5e80baa537 β–’
β–’ ultimate-edition-3.2-x86.iso 2739775488 7194663ba63f174fe4308ea6f1ae99d6 β–’
β–’ ultimate-edition-3.3-x64.iso 3198130176 4184a7db67d7dd620e76a7872277ab5a β–’
β–’ ultimate-edition-3.3-x86.iso 2999779328 b626deff7fd7daf5b1b676f3f7c15c37 β–’
β–’ ultimate-edition-3.4-lite-x64.iso 2540947456 2b017ca66e48c37dc5a1e6aed02b6c3a β–’
β–’ ultimate-edition-3.4-lite-x86.iso 2379317248 38c0c768f17eb233b1785682b8667459 β–’
β–’ ultimate-edition-3.4-x64.iso 3229618176 a5af310ba7446bef61edb7f183ff8c16 β–’
β–’ ultimate-edition-3.4-x86.iso 3064203264 df214597caf202b0e56545d1f5e33eaf β–’
β–’ ultimate-edition-3.4.1-lite-x64.iso 2816835584 769ebcc7ba999201109eaf6dcf9abd0b β–’
β–’ ultimate-edition-3.4.1-lite-x86.iso 2771443712 cce9fd1e11a89afe2119b33b60847560 β–’
β–’ ultimate-edition-3.4.1-x64.iso 3498170368 f98a4bb9e3ce93c00e22565f75f9de12 β–’
β–’ ultimate-edition-3.4.1-x86.iso 3360630784 34f169a56c7526befc46d0e5ed811e7f β–’
β–’ ultimate-edition-3.4.2-x64-lite.iso 2854150144 82f84078b2b4fdfa49369b09185ce6b1 β–’
β–’ ultimate-edition-3.4.2-x64.iso 3427559424 5ae0bfde27de07fc02d4409862540dd1 β–’
β–’ ultimate-edition-3.4.2-x86-lite.iso 2529079296 c8eacad8fee941b7d2d6edb7d12a2073 β–’
β–’ ultimate-edition-3.4.2-x86.iso 3370328064 225835916b61c3716e09432ca14ff3bd β–’
β–’ ultimate-edition-3.5-x64.iso 3506040832 e92f9e4adcf2ae2cea51224004b084d1 β–’
β–’ ultimate-edition-3.5-x86.iso 3385128960 08b7774609b2228a30615e1e61fbfda1 β–’
β–’ ultimate-edition-3.5.1-x64.iso 3838826496 055b7aff3701584f84d77f24c61d3bd0 β–’
β–’ ultimate-edition-3.5.1-x86.iso 3705886720 0e0088905f624316325b68441c73d8ef β–’
β–’ ultimate-edition-3.5.2-x64.iso 3899574272 d54913b29d5b421c7eed7bf6241cf79f β–’
β–’ ultimate-edition-3.5.2-x86.iso 3645628416 d18402879de027239ab80a473ee55416 β–’
β–’ ultimate-edition-3.6-lite-x64.iso 659425280 5701633cef91e5bcbc00798ac853a069 β–’
β–’ ultimate-edition-3.6-lite-x86.iso 691947520 9f8d799290ef4c1e5e1f8c8ceb89319b β–’
β–’ ultimate-edition-3.6-x64.iso 2335533056 4183293e837300a41e5d64a2b707d2ae β–’
β–’ ultimate-edition-3.6-x86.iso 2293547008 a9e413235cd865559406f3e1b3197d1f β–’
β–’ ultimate-edition-3.7-lite-x64.iso 2162184192 8afd4cec22364d2cdbc82e8770fd7e7d β–’
β–’ ultimate-edition-3.7-lite-x86.iso 2617935872 27dec5e131697d946cb1b622a759559d β–’
β–’ ultimate-edition-3.7-x64.iso 3586734080 6fcf7982a4325909ad0b8602e6ed8b17 β–’
β–’ ultimate-edition-3.7-x86.iso 3313752064 fcae075be6a56d70466b6785682ba349 β–’
β–’ ultimate-edition-3.8-x64.iso 2528905216 41175e6aa5aa0c16f8f4b8d176c9894b β–’
β–’ ultimate-edition-3.8-x86.iso 2463555584 d7e6965842f02732c97e0211288c56f0 β–’
β–’ ultimate-edition-3.9-x64.iso 2877493248 21adb908287cd2f7bc80b15262fb8da1 β–’
β–’ ultimate-edition-3.9-x86.iso 2966786048 a3b9895970d5235a914c590a1181934e β–’
β–’ ultimate-edition-4.0-x64-lite.iso 2185959424 1c113155e761c833712f46d203501326 β–’
β–’ ultimate-edition-4.0-x64.iso 3441631232 f37883a9e66926058de9de782c0ab2cc β–’
β–’ ultimate-edition-4.0-x86.iso 3293022208 8a3938140303d2618a9fe66f6f5b3ab4 β–’
β–’ ultimate-edition-4.2-armhf-lite.iso 1091538944 1414ec73a7d58603374d8acd8a177af9 β–’
β–’ ultimate-edition-4.2-armhf.iso 471343104 9353426eac95be3bddb7c62f189faddc β–’
β–’ ultimate-edition-4.2-x64-gamers.iso 3654668288 0aad1006f91fc3262c2c3140984be49b β–’
β–’ ultimate-edition-4.2-x64-lite.iso 3163156480 feb6d627f7a59635058a41c63c5024e6 β–’
β–’ ultimate-edition-4.2-x86-gamers.iso 3647188992 a3a243f37b4e7c72d28fa34e79563efe β–’
β–’ ultimate-edition-4.2-x86.iso 2999975936 acc81ff91db5cb18aead3e1dad08b515 β–’
β–’ ultimate-edition-4.2.1-x64-gamers.iso 3686961152 93d4359b5e56068205555d501e906001 β–’
β–’ ultimate-edition-4.2.1-x64-lite.iso 2402779136 e26bc0738db8dc769a8d302f0bdfb45c β–’
β–’ ultimate-edition-4.2.1-x64-minimal-server.iso 747634688 1b712729ab8e73f79d02061c97b41728 β–’
β–’ ultimate-edition-4.2.1-x64-server.iso 2901911552 e9513aea7a47e664460ff2e3004c8a0f β–’
β–’ ultimate-edition-4.2.1-x64.iso 2933723136 816121b40891e5ff6c490666ade9764f β–’
β–’ ultimate-edition-4.2.1-x86-gamers.iso 3822837760 4bb204235337097ed259d74643f430c2 β–’
β–’ ultimate-edition-4.2.1-x86-lite.iso 2539264000 9cf76c5431e3e2b5d2d5046b48a5e6cc β–’
β–’ ultimate-edition-4.2.1-x86.iso 2942593024 6e136ed23f6f1a82697478a001c20267 β–’
β–’ ultimate-edition-4.2.3-x64-lite-mate.iso 2521825280 9a80e99e4e5ad3557d1702f621bc1540 β–’
β–’ ultimate-edition-4.2.3-x86-lite-mate.iso 2519109632 43ff54b72d87f7f6a776bf47767a4cf5 β–’
β–’ ultimate-edition-4.2.4-x64-lite-mate.iso 2792730624 d0441b4a23e5294d6dcdcc18f54d1b89 β–’
β–’ ultimate-edition-4.3-x64.iso 3909425152 743d81bffdb08136ceda5db4bd44eef6 β–’
β–’ ultimate-edition-4.3-x86.iso 3818432512 e585073a78a8f14151a3e636a15a01cf β–’
β–’ ultimate-edition-4.4-x64-gamers.iso 3437991936 1ab5879e3658bd61cb8290378309a259 β–’
β–’ ultimate-edition-4.4-x64-lite.iso 2411401216 4c69a456669a62bcaf5c34fb23d040ef β–’
β–’ ultimate-edition-4.4-x64.iso 2970472448 6362b92068d9a62aa5a87c986c81f9f3 β–’
β–’ ultimate-edition-4.4-x86-gamers.iso 3591047168 a5cb1cc091e51a7b1e0fc6982023324d β–’
β–’ ultimate-edition-4.4-x86-lite.iso 2587025408 66d71f71e80f57f77f11e939c61381fe β–’
β–’ ultimate-edition-4.4-x86.iso 3052267520 0460b88f0874f416e7dad84e1a5f9b3a β–’
β–’ ultimate-edition-4.5-x64.iso 3838836736 b5256fa48495213d5ecc0e05a14b19d9 β–’
β–’ ultimate-edition-4.6-x64-gamers.iso 4296546304 efa732a24e41b6e941772e072dc2773f β–’
β–’ ultimate-edition-4.6-x64-xfce.iso 3222722560 62ff2796d0c2c3775659556bc294f97a β–’
β–’ ultimate-edition-4.6-x86-gamers.iso 4187883520 b95f4fc27f516eeab6d24276f308816a β–’
β–’ ultimate-edition-4.7-x64-loaded-betaII.iso 3365548032 b97363c5429078e0636fad79771a190c β–’
β–’ ultimate-edition-4.9-x64.iso 3612344320 fce647c5ac395c2023af2d4226e1b4f6 β–’
β–’ ultimate-edition-5.0-x64-gamers.iso 4228114432 1fbfbd4de5fc74b7657cd8599d366540 β–’
β–’ ultimate-edition-5.0-x64-lite-mate.iso 3028957184 734632e1e7714a900f746e9d89ec3d06 β–’
β–’ ultimate-edition-5.0-x64-lite-xfce.iso 2283614208 dcf91a5d152be6dfaec2a71423a1a5ab β–’
β–’ ultimate-edition-5.0-x86-lite.iso 3075768320 614841c2703004eae53cb0a67ab9c59d β–’
β–’ ultimate-edition-5.0.1-x64-lite-mate.iso 2845628416 81161042bd984c7d43dea2644902826d β–’
β–’ ultimate-edition-5.1-powerpc-kde.iso 2167719936 3a435e18a3023a06bd22ab8843f97ed5 β–’
β–’ ultimate-edition-5.1-x64.iso 2896861184 a663fffc2fc75930059b95d0c17cddf0 β–’
β–’ ultimate-edition-5.1.1-x64.iso 3051317248 63c167b29eb8bb5a826c7060d8d6b7d5 β–’
β–’ ultimate-edition-5.1.2-x64.iso 3223408640 4fa53a5126546d8df4839fa2da71ef1d β–’
β–’ ultimate-edition-5.4-x64-lite.iso 3957782528 7f2fae6205568e2efc95f2e7f507deca β–’
β–’ ultimate-edition-5.5-x64.iso 4279271424 5a941b3123118ab443924260297147c7 β–’
β–’ ultimate-edition-5.6-x64-gamers.iso 4353759232 eaf212c39f9ad69b526654f3a997f05e β–’
β–’ ultimate-edition-5.6-x64-lite.iso 3415908352 ecfaa62ac87e3b4180107938cdfe615e β–’
β–’ ultimate-edition-5.6.1-x64-lite.iso 3419750400 e583fbdc2d62a28998bb1a32806652fd β–’
β–’ ultimate-edition-5.7-x64-server.iso 3959107584 815309be832856690cf09b12662fe765 β–’
β–’ ultimate-edition-5.7-x64.iso 3699787776 cd732251753fcca6a96f59481512848f β–’
β–’ ultimate-edition-5.7-x86.iso 3612661760 584bd66c7e71dbc46941a90fcc4a9e1f β–’
β–’ ultimate-edition-5.7.1-x64-server.iso 3926587392 91759cfd225c7f2fccd3a1efbf2f73ea β–’
β–’ ultimate-edition-5.7.2-x64-server.iso 3976296448 18ab8366f82f7f4ab49049634c4ffb39 β–’
β–’ ultimate-edition-5.7.3-x64-server.iso 3975112704 f77118764f19fa023be01676d12bd616 β–’
β–’ ultimate-edition-5.8-x64-gamers.iso 4194246656 82b21a8a9dd500fde3fd35151226541e β–’
β–’ ultimate-edition-5.8-x64-lite-xfce.iso 3216611328 3e0077e2ea68116687a7988169cac374 β–’
β–’ ultimate-edition-5.8-x64-lite.iso 3183376384 8261240f84ddda354bec9b0fc5bcaebf β–’
β–’ ultimate-edition-5.8-x64-xfce.iso 3137169408 67c8f8042c5d179b0925787e943655e0 β–’
β–’ ultimate-edition-5.8-x64.iso 3171186688 d79d2d75feaafceeaa4037cf0e98a7c2 β–’
β–’ ultimate-edition-5.8-x86-gamers.iso 631592960 d093d1d9b3bc3cc10c0c593a513c69d4 β–’
β–’ ultimate-edition-5.9-x64-developer.iso 4299278336 298446819c6f514ecbca1ffb57020074 β–’
β–’ ultimate-edition-5.9-x64-server-alpha.iso 3644198912 94af3d241122f85b0901917be052da6e β–’
β–’ ultimate-edition-5.9-x64-server.iso 4270735360 c8098bd23abaf835987d2d3e39f25547 β–’
β–’ ultimate-edition-5.9-x64.iso 4149907456 c6377ccb06cb94b1c260a852ec51912c β–’
β–’ ultimate-edition-6.0-x64-awesome.iso 3327606784 fd10b51a55bf46d9452fe6dd1796e604 β–’
β–’ ultimate-edition-6.0-x64-budgie.iso 3792560128 3efb907bc6280b47872d20d2c3782ed8 β–’
β–’ ultimate-edition-6.0-x64-cinnamon.iso 3358799872 304b1e2cecd5dfbdf59b34a4308ff2b2 β–’
β–’ ultimate-edition-6.0-x64-gnome.iso 3362265088 d2d42e79be2d8775c5b1565ceb8d7e63 β–’
β–’ ultimate-edition-6.0-x64-kde.iso 4099960832 0ce34ef062d87ef6a21cccdc38907639 β–’
β–’ ultimate-edition-6.0-x64-lxde.iso 3508488192 0f3b6f33782046904ffab20d266c7307 β–’
β–’ ultimate-edition-6.0-x64-unity.iso 3357435904 1f373324981f750192269325680e0328 β–’
β–’ ultimate-edition-6.0-x64-xfce.iso 3395903488 69db50cfe564faf401281aa8c77196ae β–’
β–’ ultimate-edition-6.1-x64-alpha.iso 3851581440 3722f3e5bca5f63a17427fe609f886ad β–’
β–’ ultimate-edition-6.1-x64-server-alpha.iso 3975393280 d0092a54ed01f3442db1fd385ae0cd9b β–’
β–’ ultimate-edition-6.2-x64-gamers-gnome.iso 4358666240 bad415f524764a914bb2b0c4dbf12d83 β–’
β–’ ultimate-edition-6.2-x64-gamers-mate.iso 4345546752 1ac7f4dee05dbf1dec5427f46edb5297 β–’
β–’ ultimate-edition-6.3-x64-developer.iso 4150151168 141a82c16d11988e8a06e8075aa800b2 β–’
β–’ ultimate-edition-6.3-x64-gamers-kde.iso 4282796032 a5ed8d32dc531881847bf18c32d202d4 β–’
β–’ ultimate-edition-6.3-x64-lite.iso 3479144448 34b324f44d14e3385909d3038d107d8f β–’
β–’ ultimate-edition-6.3-x64-server.iso 3569078272 c3be8fdac843ee9d3c10ed0635db3d37 β–’
β–’ ultimate-edition-6.3-x64-xfce.iso 3583418368 661cdd1ddee108df0028e9cb1c431a68 β–’
β–’ ultimate-edition-6.3-x64.iso 3319994368 ea5f32bcc5bded729382c68d68e0c9a3 β–’
β–’ ultimate-edition-6.5-armhf-kde.iso 3634542592 8d77e167143f25bdd907f350c84c6054 β–’
β–’ ultimate-edition-6.5-x64-gamers-xfce.iso 4139008000 55482e6bc8a7c17dc9d3d1068d2ea136 β–’
β–’ ultimate-edition-6.5-x64-gamers.iso 4069142528 130ec0f8b5de8fabc1f59c78e5d1cc65 β–’
β–’ ultimate-edition-6.5-x64-server-mate.iso 4075960320 0556e1c40f0e58db27c6de1eb076f8e6 β–’
β–’ ultimate-edition-6.5-x64-server.iso 3965884416 af97d9c0dc7f6272b364347e73c4e99d β–’
β–’ ultimate-edition-6.5-x64.iso 4336322560 5be927e2419ec3d8d3afc5e7134840bd β–’
β–’ ultimate-edition-6.6-x64-developer.iso 4314519552 f782e3363599b017e6b203f6efcec0ff β–’
β–’ ultimate-edition-6.6-x64-full.iso 20466561024 27d7a90ed5c568dff58ad58cda076812 β–’
β–’ ultimate-edition-6.6-x64-gamers-mate.iso 4351467520 eedde02b8273e7458f887c8006168692 β–’
β–’ ultimate-edition-6.6-x64-gamers-xfce-max.iso 4384339968 e051cc428b7616fa26a97c439c7211c1 β–’
β–’ ultimate-edition-6.6-x64-gamers-xfce.iso 4367245312 3516210ebe28a9b51ae4124f8274e575 β–’
β–’ ultimate-edition-6.6-x64-lite-deepin-alpha.iso 4072335360 578a507d19d45bc0fcba5545a51923a0 β–’
β–’ ultimate-edition-6.6-x64-lite-mate.iso 1345683456 0a56ef1bf203d419050ee3f92c586ae1 β–’
β–’ ultimate-edition-6.6-x64-lite.iso 1636284416 e03967a367b536482c508ba7a1e07b14 β–’
β–’ ultimate-edition-6.6-x64-mate.iso 3673966592 18a1b82144d1a217abf7a9e538d77131 β–’
β–’ ultimate-edition-6.6-x64-net.iso 77594624 e5bf713621b43207dead707396da29f6 β–’
β–’ ultimate-edition-6.6-x64-server-alpha.iso 4326912000 fd3d77d769295fd1fa351fe7eeb40a5a β–’
β–’ ultimate-edition-6.6-x64-server-minimal.iso 2480603136 cebd33e3d1c16f97478367d0c5b7b2c6 β–’
β–’ ultimate-edition-6.6-x64-server.iso 2717908992 d8cda68926c4f0d759656a391abd23f1 β–’
β–’ ultimate-edition-6.6-x64-xfce.iso 3709935616 6eefd0031f8efa68d0568f867955c52b β–’
β–’ ultimate-edition-6.6-x64.iso 3727521792 d031924ec16080b7cc20bf3fc920aee3 β–’
β–’ ultimate-edition-6.6.1-x64-developer.iso 4329852928 759775daa30551f7f327a0a47f404cee β–’
β–’ ultimate-edition-6.7-x64-developer-Developer.iso 5779243008 53946c92336f6f6a58e62d3f243ddf18 β–’
β–’ ultimate-edition-6.7-x64-developer-bigbastard.iso 6731569152 773bcd5e72d62bbe0d7bbc2e825fed58 β–’
β–’ ultimate-edition-6.7-x64-developer-kde.iso 4396158976 71a6a527d6bc6952f14a32817722958e β–’
β–’ ultimate-edition-6.7-x64-developer-trinity-alpha.iso 3462709248 66d2dfc56052d058c1e5d0b0a0f8afa6 β–’
β–’ ultimate-edition-6.7-x64-developer.iso 65032267776 1df0dcf2c0ebdd643b3330d3b89d1b5f β–’
β–’ ultimate-edition-6.7-x64-lite.iso 3730798592 7718813e6a747d581ba3ee417848b6ff β–’
β–’ ultimate-edition-6.8-x64-gamers-mate.iso 4008368128 6e3c2b6bcc05db7d3f0c75b60e61dcb1 β–’
β–’ ultimate-edition-6.9-developer-x64-kde.iso 4251631616 a45441fb4bc85a13607d9f3dce86eb22 β–’
β–’ ultimate-edition-6.9-x64-developer.iso 4171571200 0cd228c121cd17e19584ed5b197aa6b5 β–’
β–’ ultimate-edition-6.9-x64-lite-mate-lite.iso 3071934464 536979beb9141498251f8af44c7c8528 β–’
β–’ ultimate-edition-6.9-x64-server.iso 3777331200 6f0b59ac68417241e4ca6c9395af1718 β–’
β–’ ultimate-edition-7.1-x64-developer.iso 6892978176 fa05d022d7793edd7519442b216ef081 β–’

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