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Ultimate Edition 6.6 LTS

by on Jul.29, 2020, under Ultimate Edition

Just became a reality. Most people would think I do it for the money. No, I do not even accept donations, I do give homage to those that have donated in the past, try and find a donation button on that page. The Wifey would like you to believe I write software for power. No, once again. I do it to advance mankind. I have many tools in works.

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A very special post…

by on Jul.20, 2020, under Ultimate Edition

You do know I hate Intel & now you if you did not know I HATE NVIDIA more then Intel. Fanboy no, the first computer I built was AMD a DX-40 at the time and pretty much solid AMD from that point on. I bet you did not know this back then the motherboard could take an AMD CPU or an Intel CPU. Just an adjustment of pins then. Things have vastly changed.

This is a very special post. I own a ROG (Republic of Gamers) Laptop integrated Intel CPU and Intel Graphics as well a 1050 Nvidia Video card for gaming. Never could I get it to install Ultimate Edition goodness, that is until today!!!

I would call this a special post. How did this transpire? Mr. Breeg one of my leading Admin had started dabbling in Zorin O/S. Why? He was forced to buy an NVidia card, best buy had 0 AMD cards (probably sold out). Ultimate Experience gone. Evidently, Ultimate Edition does not play well with NVidia Graphics.

I have rectified that, how? I pulled in Zorin O/S, re-built the Nvidia deb exported it and took it up a notch. They may want my source code. This is an Open Source world. I am here to help.

My Rog now rocks Ultimate Edition & does not have one AMD part in it. This is going to open a world of Ultimate Edition. I have not started putting it on the net yet. Rest assured it is happening. I may have left a couple of things out. It is a ROG I built a Gamers Edition for it with “Maximum compression” It just scrolls & scrolls by with the number of games. It is no Joke. I thought about uploading a Video of it building / testing, nah we will wait. Huge doors are about to open.

Testing first.


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Alpha on Ultimate Edition 6.6?

by on Jul.08, 2020, under Ultimate Edition

I just opened a new can of whip ass. Deepin? Ever heard of it? It will be the Operating System in China. Pretty. Desktop Environment to be honest. I have not started digging into it yet. I will adjust it to be USA friendly. Just a DE (Desktop Environment). I do have software that changes things at a blink of an eye.

Evidently, Ubuntu likes to think so.

I will not have you in the brink. I will adjust it massively. Lets start at Alpha.
I have been told my alpha releases should be final, we have not got there yet. Not close to what I would call a beta. I am providing you a chance to check it out openly.

I did not use compression=maximum, still sucked up 4.5 GB (uncompressed today).

I would not install it, nothing wrong with checking it out.
total size is 4,072,335,360 bytes That will go way down when I am done.

You will have to wait while it mirrors. I am going to bed, I have to work at my other job.

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