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by on May.01, 2020, under Ultimate Edition

That would be libc the basis of much software in Linux in general.

We have built a totally perfect deb.
Recursively removing libc6-dev-sparc64-cross_2.31-0ubuntu7cross1_all/ since we have a perfect deb.
Moving libc6-dev-sparc64-cross_2.31-0ubuntu7cross1_all.deb to .debs/

Over and over and do not care the architecture, evidently I did fix something all have in common, an exception to the rule:
Warning: W: libc6-hppa-cross: shlib-with-executable-stack usr/hppa-linux-gnu/lib/libutil-2.31.so Logged to all_warnings.txt.
Do we question: NFO: N: 27 tags overridden (23 errors, 4 warnings)

I have seen Googles “Go” Language possess perhaps the most errors. I am not going to fix them. They have phat money, pay someone to do that.

We are moving forward: 46,131 perfect packages & have not launched nfo’s yet on the server, pulling in packages.

Beginning build of libdeal.ii-doc_9.1.1-9build2_all/ 5424 of 17306 deb(s).
Warning: W: libdeal.ii-doc: privacy-breach-generic usr/share/doc/libdeal.ii-doc/html/doxygen/deal.II/step_10.html Logged to all_warnings.txt

Look at the list of effected software on that one. It get’s much heavier when you start looking at it a singular package at a time. Probably over a Million Warnings when you start to think about it that way?

We will talk after Repostorm finishes. 5892 of 17306 deb(s). Right now, a deb every second. Not to say large debs are coming.

Warning: W: libghc-gi-gdk-doc: privacy-breach-generic usr/share/doc/libghc-gi-gdk-doc/html/GI-Gdk-Objects-Cursor.html Logged to all_warnings.txt. Is that on the list? The answer is no.

Let me be clear here, the 46,000+ debs are solidly perfect, zero invention of nfo, chewing the piss out of my server days at a time. That number is growing. Repostorm is chewing up data & fixing your packages. I guess that is the bottom line. No, it is not. Corona, gave me the time to write the software.

I stand corrected:
We have built a totally perfect deb.
Recursively removing libgo-10-dev-sparc64-cross_10-20200411-0ubuntu1cross1_all/ since we have a perfect deb.
Moving libgo-10-dev-sparc64-cross_10-20200411-0ubuntu1cross1_all.deb to .debs/

Non-dev file are error pact, just telling you. Do you remember when I was deliberately fixing Microsoft Visual Studio (VSCODE) errors?

I am processing the entire Ubuntu Focal Repository a LTS (LONG TERM SUPPORTED). I am a bad man. Can you imagine I build a Operating System off the resulting Repository? Only one word: Bulletproof. 6757 of 17,306.
40,018 Perfect deb(s) of 60,890 deb(s) when I started. If I fix one error, does it not make Ultimate Edition better then Ubuntu? I have fixed 1,000’s and thousands. Note the 17,306 what is 60,890 minus 40,018, i can promise you it is not 17,306 as soon as this pass finishes even less.

Thank you Repostorm. Wait until it is embedded in your O/S and fixing packages as they are coming in. My server can take a breather.

Yes, I know my limitations: this function is never (called):
CommandInMenuFileAndDesktopFile () {
cat “${FILE}.deb.errors” | while read ERRORS
FOUND=$(echo “${ERRORS}” | grep “command-in-menu-file-and-desktop-file”)
if [[ “${FOUND}” ]]; then
SCRAP=$(echo “${ERRORS}” | cut -d “:” -f3 | sed “s/ command-in-menu-file-and-desktop-file //g” | cut -d ” ” -f2)
if [[ -f “${FILE}/${SCRAP}” ]]; then
Encapsulate “Removing menu file, since we have a desktop file.”
rm “${FILE}/${SCRAP}”
Encapsulate “File does not exist: ${SCRAP}. Already fixed?”


The command is listed both in a menu file and a desktop file

Per the tech-ctte decision on #741573, this is now prohibited.

Please remove the menu file from the package.


Not Called – fixes 1 Warning and creates 2 warnings via calls from postinst, postrm


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