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by on Sep.25, 2020, under Ultimate Edition

I have started buying Enterprise level drives to replace what I will call crap. If a 8TB drive can not last a year (3 failed in a year)? I only bought 2 X 12TB drives, they are slow writing. Reading roughly 4 or 500 MB/s a second. Eventually. It will be in a raid array of 8 X 12TB, raid 0. Gigs per second. They are warranted backed for 5 years. Google for example would buy one of them. They are not cheap. Built to last.

I will start utilizing data flow. This is what I want you to think about when I lost 48TB of data, I re-filled it. I am ahead of the game.

The wife just informed me, even though I try to not get money, she informed me I have a Google check deposited. Funny, my check and hers also deposited in one day. I worked a holiday, my taxes were almost $600. I worked for what? Let me fill your govt pockets.

If $600 is taxes, that would make me wonder how much I actually made.


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