I am relinquishing this build to the public. The more feed back you provide a better end resulting product. I find it to be pretty much flawless in design, minus a few theme issues. Your milage may very. I can not stress this enough, please provide feedback.

What is Ultimate Edition 4.2 Lite? Based on a debootstrapped Ubuntu Trust Thar tree (14.04) a Long Term Supported (LTS) release. With Mate 1.8 and many of the toys you have came to love with Ultimate Edition in the past.

Public Access: Copy or Sourceforge

Admin, Beta Testers and Donors can download it from http://testue.info/

They are the same file, just faster to download from the test server. This release HAS NOT been Repostormed yet.

This is NOT a final product, however your feedback is appriciated.

It has been built 4 times since this video was taken.


5 responses

  1. avatar mattgl says:

    Chromium 33.0.1750.152 Ubuntu

    well this want well 4.2 can`t get it installed we can`t test it.

    • avatar TheeMahn says:

      Firefox 25.01 Ultimate

      It was corrupted, it has been re-synced and now should be good to go, please redownload.

      tonie@Tigger:/media/3TB/Copy/WorkInProgress$ md5sum ultimate-edition-4.2-x64-Mar-27-2014-2129.iso
      c6f9b739905e4134f8eb41307a2dfdee ultimate-edition-4.2-x64-Mar-27-2014-2129.iso

      Sorry for the inconvienience

  2. avatar mattgl says:

    Firefox 28.0 Ubuntu;

    the old link was all i had now its gone how about a new one to get the ISO ??

  3. avatar Peter AB says:

    Chromium 35.0.1916.153 Linux

    Great! worked first time. Have a few minor issues, but will wait until I am sure it is the di9stro and not me!!!
    Thanks again for the best UE yet!!

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