Note: All ISO downloading from “MAIN” have been disabled due to being on Distrowatch‘s homepage & Softpedia‘s Linux homepage; 29 people per second were trying to download "Gamers" nearly knocking us offline. They will be re-enabled once the traffic resumes a normal level. Sorry for the inconvenience. Please use a mirror.

10/03/09: The server has now resumed normal operations, we are now no longer on the homepages of the above. While this may sound like Oh no, to me a relief ;) I may write a post about what was the true cause of the issue, “Welcome to the Cloud”. Now for the original post:

I am not going to make a huge deal out of this, but it certainly is a nice toy. Especially for you gamers out there. I will copy the details as sent to my admin / mods & mirrors, because I feel lazy today ;)

New release ladies and gents:

Release Name: Ultimate Edition 2.3 Gamers
Architecture: x86 (32bit)
Code base: Ultimate Edition 2.2 (Jaunty) upgraded
File size: 3.8 GB (4,049,158,144 bytes)
MD5SUM: dfed949027ff6c1702f3736e8ad2f2b6
Download: Torrent, MAIN, University of Maryland, Unixheads, Linuxfreedom, Germany, United Kingdom, Ultimate-Network, Ukraine, Australia Bigpond users.

Gamers Edition

Ultimate Edition 2.3 Gamers has the following games pre-installed:

  • 3D chess
  • Airstrike
  • Aisleriot Solitaire
  • Barrage
  • Blackjack
  • Boswars
  • Brutal Chess
  • BzFlag
  • Brutal Chess
  • Chess
  • Dream Chess
  • Five or more
  • Foo Billiard
  • Four-in-a-row
  • Freecell
  • Gbrainy
  • Glest
  • Gnometris
  • Gridwars
  • Hearts
  • Lango
  • Kslotski
  • Majongg
  • Mines
  • Nexuiz
  • Nibbles
  • Nimuh
  • Open Arena
  • Play On Linux
  • PokerTH
  • Robots
  • SameGnome
  • Sauerbraten
  • Snoballz
  • Suduku
  • Super Tux 2
  • Tali
  • Tetravex
  • Tremulous
  • Vetris
  • Warsow

Play on Linux included in this distro, which allows playing of windows games in a nearly seamless manner. Many additional Linux games available though Ultamatix tool also included in the distro. It uses the Ultimate Edition 2.4 theme pack, but is Jaunty based.

I have been uploading every version of Ultimate Edition I have 26 in all when complete & will be located here.

Enjoy & thanks mirrors,


Don’t have the bandwidth or a slow connection? You can buy it. <<– No they are not paying me ;)

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  2. avatar greg says:

    Chrome Windows XP

    Excellent work.. Can You add Enemy Territory with the True Combat Modification to this distro. I am surprised no one has done this yet. They are both great game and Free!


    • avatar admin says:

      Firefox 3.0.14 Ultimate

      The distro is just about as large as it can be. Enemy Territory is 700+ MB and is installable through Ultamatix. They also require acceptance of a license agreement. True combat is something I could also incorporate into Ultamatix.

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    […] esta disponible la nueva versión de la distribución para Gamers, Ultimate Edition Gamers 2.3 basada en Ubuntu 9.04 “Jaunty Jackapole”. Al anadir todos los juegos incluidos esta […]

  4. WordPress MU XML-RPC

    […] por TheeMahn el 21 de septiembre, el Ultimate Gamers Edition 2.3, una distribución de Linux basada en el popular Ubuntu, brinda a los usuarios de Linux 3,8 GB de […]

  5. avatar xevimetal says:

    Firefox 3.0.14 Ubuntu 9.04


    Im wanting to know if there will be a 64 bit version from this release.

    If the answer is “yes”, I’ve another one: do you think it will be better than the 32 bit version?

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    […] Theemahn在Ultimate Edition Gamers2.3发布正式公告中说:“在这个发行版中不仅可以玩Linux游戏,同时还可以玩Windows下的游戏。” […]

  7. avatar cavedog says:

    Firefox 3.5.3.NETCLR3.5.30729 Windows Vista

    Here is a mirror. it only has 2TB of bandwidth. Lets see how long it lasts.

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