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by on Mar.21, 2014, under Linux, Themes, Ubuntu, Ultimate Edition

I was browsing gnomelook.org and found that a user had extended the Ultimate Edition Cursor Pack and added the colors of Green and Orange. I pulled them down and extended / debianized the the Ultimate Edition Cursor Pack. I love it when a Ultimate Edition user spends the time necessary to extend a helping hand.


In the screenie above, we have alot going on. I have been extending the application repairtheme and running it against what will be Ultimate Edition 4.2′s theme a LTS (Long Term Supported) release. We will have a perfect theme, when I am done. It does have errors still remaining. I am writing code to stroke across it and clean them up as well.

You can download the debianized version from our website themelinux.com

Thanks Mark,


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