UE 4.3 Already?

by on Mar.08, 2014, under Linux, Programming, Ultimate Edition

I have released Ultimate Edition 4.3 to donors, admin and beta testers for testing an excerpt Notification sent to 324 user(s).:

    THIS INFO WILL BE UPDATED AS I APROACH A FINAL RELEASE. What is Ultimate Edition 4.3?  Ultimate Edition 4.3 was built from scratch using tmosb (TheeMahn’s Operating System Builder). Ultimate Edition 4.3 was built from the Ubuntu 14.04 Trusty Tahr tree a LTS (Long Term Supported) release.  KDE Desktop has been added, however XFCE is currently set as default DE (Desktop Environment) 03/08/14: If I were to place a status on this release I would call it in between a Alpha and a Beta.

    This release runs as my current main O/S, I have done alot since the installation. I did add the mate desktop (currently non-existant) in the trusty branch. Here is how I did so It has not been officially announced, yet I can see at time of this post the server http://os-builder.com/ has seen about 7 Terabytes of transfer, so I am sure users have figured out how to add the repository. The packages have not been repostormed on the server, but have been on my personal PC. I find the release to be quite stable, however lacks good theming at this point in time. The UE 4.3 theme is in the O/S, just not set as default yet. Alot of work remain in the construction of this O/S and would prefer tmosb construct the OS without my intervention. Time will tell. The tool has alot more work ahead in it’s construction as well.

I look forward to your feedback,


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