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I have had many people on the forum wondering how to use Thumbos, First the “change-log”:

# title :thumbos
# description :Loads disk images to thumbdrive from the CLI.
# author :theemahn # date :04/27/2014
# version :1.0.8
# usage :thumbos –help
# manual :man thumbos
# notes :See change-log below for further information.

* Initial Internal Beta release

* Bug fixes
* Erase feature added.
* Test feature added.
* Display ISO and Image info

* Minor bugfix see comment in code.
* Supress errors if end user does not possess a thumbdrive, exit graciously.

* Edited erase routine, NTFS set as default.
* Added partition detection function in case user has multiple partitions on the thumbdrive.
* Added initial ©Microsft Windows support & detection routine.

* Adjustment to test function when booting ISO’s
* Added cpu core(s) & memory size detection set VM based on detected hardware.
* Added ntfsprogs to dependancy list, direct check on mkfs.ntfs Broken symlink: The symlink to mkfs.ntfs is wrong. A bug report has been filed.
* Added Eyecandy routines borrowed code from repostorm
* Added notifications and sound, ThumbOS now talks to you.

* Bug Fix: Columize function info output in wrong column.

* Add more comments to code, we are here to learn right?
* Fixed scan function if 2 unknowns are found no output.
* Appended detected size MB / GB etc. Calculating disk sizes smartly up to 999 Yottabytes.

* Added fix for 0 thumbdrives detected. Report and exit.
* Added code for X11 detection in test function.
* Wrote Thumbos initial manpages, postscript and pdf manuals.

Most importantly wrote a manual for it ;)

Release: Ultimate Edition Thumbos
Version: 1.0.8
Filesize: 29KB (30,080 bytes)

Forum Home: Thumbos Topic
Download: ultimate-edition-thumbos_1.0.8_all.deb

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