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When I release a final 4.2, I want you to entirely rethink the entire situation. Furthermore I want you to think about all the issues and problems that just do not exist and who is responsible for the gratification you receive..
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Many of you do not use Ultimate Edition Linux, the #4 used O/S on the planet at one time. I want to share some tidbits of information with you. Canonical, better known as Ubuntu has probably 1000 people that work for them, many are programmers. I am one Mahn. I have not implemented software I have been writing for greater then 3 years that will replace 1000 programmers jobs. It does not matter Debian, Mint etc. A smashing is coming, more correctly written a perfect O/S is coming.

I grant you a bold statement, when you remove the element of human error what remains is perfect code. I have spent my days fixing software autonomously, write a new function to fix this broad-based error. Watch 1000’s of errors crumble in one function it gives me reason to advance the software, will I ever make it to 0 errors? Never do I want to hear the term Terminator. I took a day off programming, understand it is coming.

Copied and pasted from facebook ;) I no longer possess the time. Understand I have like 10 days coming off for July 4th mass changes are coming.

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    Firefox 28.0 Windows 7

    Hi! It’s all right, it is understandable that you cannot do in the same time what 1000 people are doing. We will wait with patience. What GUI you will use for this release? If you think using KDE, take a look at the Netrunner OS’s customized KDE interface (called Netrunner Desktop). They are doing a good job. I suggest to look at the way the guys from Kademar Linux customized the file manager, Dolphin. They also use a well conceived preinstalled software package.
    Any graphical form you will adopt, I’m sure it will be, as always, great.

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    Firefox 20.0 Ultimate

    hope you’re making a 32bit lite. can’t wait you’ve been working on this longer than any other dist

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    Chromium 34.0.1847.116 Ubuntu

    YOU ARE AWESOME IN MY BOOK!!!!! keep up the good work… you are the reason many many many more people will love LINUX more than any other os out there… I APPRECIATE YOUR WORK :)

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    Firefox 30.0 Android; Mobile;

    I hope I can help and be part of the greatness to come from you and the UE programs you have written from what I have seen greatness awaits those that are hear for the good of us all…..TheeMahn is the main contributed to the UE life we all enjoy……

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