Sorry for the great delay in release of Ultimate Edition 3.0. I have been plagued with both physical and emotional trauma, you can rest assured a snowball effect is about to transpire. I have built UE 3.1 (still needs some work) & our dev team has developed 3.2, just waiting for me to drop Ultimate Edition 3.1. Time is a commodity that I have not had on my side. I may soon get some time off for the holidays and perhaps change that.

Ultimate Edition 3.0 is unlike any previous release. Ultimate Edition 3.0 was built from Linux Mint 11 "Katya", which in itself was built from Ubuntu Natty 11.04. I hope I did not lose anyone there ;) A slew of issues have been resolved. I have dubbed this release ULTAMINT. It is a real piece of eye-candy & has a comprehensive software package. I have included repositories from Getdeb, Ubuntu and Linuxmint. If there is something missing you just can’t live without, just a few clicks of a mouse away. On behalf of the UE Dev team please enjoy Ultimate Edition 3.0.


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  1. avatar klaatubes says:

    Firefox 8.0 Ubuntu;

    I’ve installed 3.0 Final Ultamint on two machines already. Everything great!! No probs seeing either wireless. 1920×1080 looks great right away. Ultimate Player crossfading my flacs as expected! Thanks Mahn & Team, well worth the wait.

  2. avatar Blackwolf says:

    Firefox 8.0 Ubuntu;

    Great work TheeMahn. Thanks for all the hard effort & work despite your misfortune this year….Lets now pave the way for the future of UE & get back to at least number 3 on Source Forge..

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    […] This version is based on Ubuntu 11.04, details see the release notes […]

  4. avatar distrodad says:

    Firefox 8.0 Ubuntu;

    Greetings from The South THEE! I hope you get to enjoy your Holidays as you would want and I am grateful for the work you do on Ultimate Ed. As I understand, You began this work tweaking Ubuntu with Christmas Themes etc. This season is upon us again and I hope you have joy and many new blessings in the coming year. I am downloading 3 now and look forward to seeing what is the best distro out there! Please take care of yourself.

  5. avatar tewiq says:

    Chromium 15.0.874.121 Linux

    AH….. A wonderful present thank you Theemahn and team :D

  6. avatar tomwild says:

    Firefox 8.0 Ubuntu;

    Just a simple “Thank You”. Just finished the installation and it’s looking beautiful. You are the BEST.

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    […] ogni caso, sull’annuncio ufficiale di Ultimate Edition 3.0 sono state espresse le seguenti parole: Sorry for the great delay in […]

  8. avatar Steven says:

    Firefox 3.6.24 Ubuntu 10.10


  9. avatar shiroken11 says:

    Chrome 15.0.874.121 Windows 7


    I’ve been following Ultimate Edition since 1.8 and I’ve always been impressed with the quality of work you and your team produces!

    Many thanks!

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  11. avatar swan4us says:

    Firefox 8.0 Windows 7

    Well I’ll be and a –Very Merry Christmas to you and your’s– Thank you for taking care of so many of us. This really a TREAT

    Behave toward or deal with in a certain way: “she had been brutally treated”.
    An event or item that is out of the ordinary and gives great pleasure.
    verb. handle – deal
    noun. delight – pleasure – enjoyment – entertainment

    Your Brother-Veteran Dean

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    […] “I have built UE 3.1 (still needs some work) & our dev team has developed 3.2, just waiting for me to drop Ultimate Edition 3.1. Time is a commodity that I have not had on my side. I may soon get some time off for the holidays and perhaps change that.” – said Glenn Cady (TheeMahn) in the official announcement. […]

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    […] und Linux Mint eingepflegt. Weitere Informationen oder Screenshots gibt es derzeit noch nicht. Die offizielle Ankündigung ist sehr knapp gehalten. Es sollen aber bald weitere Details […]

  14. avatar Carling says:

    Firefox 8.0 Ubuntu;

    I was over the top crazy about EU 2.8/2.9, everything worked out of the box, When EU 3.0 lite came out I downloaded and installed it. I didn’t like it. I went back to 2.9, Last month I downloaded Commodore OS Vision That has everything rolled into one. A Brilliant distro Just like UE 2.9 was,

    My eyes lit up today when I saw EU 3.0 Final had been released, I rushed home and downloaded it, Made the Live disk and checked it out, Rather than knock your efforts, all I will say is sorry, I won’t be installing UE 3.0 Final. much to my regret I will be sticking with Commodore OS Vision, May I wish you all the best. Have a great Christmas holiday thanks for 2.9 that was a great pleasure to use,

    • avatar TheeMahn says:

      Firefox 8.0 Ubuntu;

      Can I share a secret with you? I was contacted to write their O/S – the Commodore O/S I refer to. I tried to contact the office directly in Florida and was referred to Leo of your O/S of Australia. I quit looking into it, I will say no more & there is much more to learn ;) If you only knew.

      • avatar powertower says:

        Firefox 8.0 Ubuntu;

        I wish you had been the one working on the Commodore OS Vision, I think it would have been a great job for you (Paid of course) I do love the Commodore OS, and I love every version of UE that I have used, (I do not remember the version number, but it was a LONG time ago).

        I dual boot Commodore OS and UE 3. I love the nuances of both, and appreciate them as art and fun to use. thank you for your dedication and talent that you share freely.

        Finally will UE 3 (or future 3.1 or 3.2) have a 64-bit version? not a show stopper, but with all of my virtualization for school, access to my full 16 gig of RAM is a huge help.

        Thanks again!! you are the man, THEEMAN

      • avatar TheRick1973 says:

        Firefox 8.0 Windows 7

        As i installed CommodoreOS 2 weeks ago i thought that it had some strong resemblance with Ultimate 2.9, especially the animation C64 logo… I would only like to know why TheeMahn stop looking into it. Is it a security matter? Just curious about it… Installed Ultimate 3.0 last evening… Still a fantastic work of art and complete distro.


        The Rick

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    […] ogni caso, sull’annuncio ufficiale di Ultimate Edition 3.0 sono state espresse le seguenti parole: Sorry for the great delay in […]

  16. avatar pam says:

    Chromium 11.0.696.68 Ubuntu 10.10

    Sir im humbled.
    ThankYou and Godbless.

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    […] time off for the holidays and perhaps change that.” – said Glenn Cady (TheeMahn) in the official announcement. About Ultimate EditionCreated by TheeMahn, Ultimate Edition is a Linux distribution based on the […]

  18. avatar from_beyond says:

    Firefox 3.6.24 Ultimate

    Waiting for the 64 bit version. I’m hooked on U.E. and am running 2.9 at the moment. Thanks

    • avatar Not-a-RINO says:

      Chromium 14.0.835.202 Ubuntu 10.10

      I agree with you – I am waiting for the 64 bit version. Right now I am running 2.9, 64 bit on my desktop and laptop computers and they run great. I have tried quite a few other distros on my computers, but far and away UE is the best.

  19. avatar win2linconvert says:

    Opera 11.60 Linux

    Congrats on the new release of U.E. I’m just sorry that I won’t be able to use it or recommend it to anyone else to use. You see, I was a Mint user and advocate until Mr. Clement Lefebvre asked that anyone who didn’t agree with his views on the Israeli/Palestinian conflict, to please cease from using his OS. I don’t necessarily have a problem with him not wanting those who disagree with his political views to benefit from his hard work, but I can’t help but to wonder which group of people will he ask not to use his free and open software next. U.E. is your baby and I am extremely happy and thankful to be able to use and recommend it. Just not any versions built off Mr. Clement Lefebvre’s distro. Thanks for U.E and all the hard work that goes into making it truly the Ultimate Linux distro.


    • avatar TheeMahn says:

      Firefox 8.0 Ubuntu;

      I not only embrace the world when it comes to UE, we have a forum for Israel. Not much of mint is left one of the first things I did when I built it was to remove mint based software. If you click on your system monitor it will say Ultimate Edition not Linux Mint. I have been to Haifa and love Israelis one country that liked Americans and I their people.

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  21. avatar OnoSendai58 says:

    Chromium 15.0.874.106 Ubuntu 10.04

    The one day I sleep in is all it took, lol. Beautiful job, as always, sir! THANK YOU!!

  22. avatar Phenix says:

    Firefox 8.0 Ubuntu;

    how wonderful … my thanks to all … amazing … loved it … looks forward to the changes … thanks Brazil … I installed it and am very happy … big hug … and I have no doubt you are the best …

    Phenix…Saquarema,Rj Brazil

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    […] “He creado UE 3.1 (aún necesita algunos arreglos) y nuestro equipo de desarrollo ha creado 3.2, simplemente esperan a que yo lance Ultimate Edition 3.1. El tiempo es un bien que no he tenido a mi lado. Pronto podría tomarme algunas vacaciones y quizás cambiar eso”, declaró Glenn Cady (TheeMahn), en el anuncio oficial. […]

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    […] away. On behalf of the UE development team please enjoy Ultimate Edition 3.0. Here is the brief release announcement. Download (MD5): ultimate-edition-3.0-x86.iso (3,323MB). GD Star Ratingloading…GD Star […]

  25. avatar OnoSendai58 says:

    Chromium 14.0.835.202 Ubuntu 11.04

    Just posted a comment on DWW telling everyone how great is! (Under the name CliffyB)

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    […] yang diset selain Ubuntu dan Mint adalah GetDeb. Untuk informasi lebih detail, anda dapat membaca pengumuman rilis.Unduh (MD5):ultimate-edition-3.0-x86.iso (3,323MB) AKPC_IDS += "3444,";Popularity: unranked [?] […]

  27. avatar judasis says:

    Firefox 8.0 Windows 7

    i have new notebook, and i didn’t want to install other linux version on my computer. ultimate edition always be my favorite. Many thanks to you…

  28. avatar rickfisher says:

    Firefox 8.0.1 Windows 7

    Great job!

    Thank you for sticking with it. We know this has been a rough year. This is a great way to end it!

    Now I have a reason to get up early tomorrow morning.

    U.E. 4ever

  29. avatar rickfisher says:

    Firefox 8.0.1 Windows 7

    Is there a torrent for this? Is bandwidth an issue with sourceforge? Maybe we could help?

  30. avatar vintruder says:

    Great work!…love the new release:-)

  31. avatar speedracker says:

    Chromium 14.0.835.202 Ubuntu 11.04

    Hello. Great work on the 3.0. Just a quick one Where do i find the Ubuntu Software Center?I cannot find in this edition any reason? Thanks, Jesse

  32. avatar zxcmilo says:

    Firefox 8.0 Ubuntu;

    Congratulations……. I was waiting for this distro …than i think is the best ever seen.

    Only one question……. There is no ubuntuue 3.0 for 64 bits?

    thanks for your reply

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