Ultimate Edition 4.2 Final

by on Jul.05, 2014, under Linux, Ultimate Edition


It is with great pleasure I give you Ultimate Edition 4.2 Lite.

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    Just downloaded UE 4.2,but need user name and password,please help.

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    Wow is all I can say. I have been waiting patiently for 4.2 to be released as I know there is a lot to be done but the wait was killing me. I downloaded 4.2 and repartioned my SSD and it is awesome. You out did yourself this time The Mahn. Congrats on another fantastic release. Well Done. Thank You for all of your hard work

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    So how do I install Ultimate Edition? It doesn’t like my password.

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    Does 4.2 have wireless support for USB wireless adapters?? Otherwise I’ll have to stay with Ubuntu 🙁

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    Ultimate 4.2 Lite is the fastest Boot up I ever saw!
    I almost couldn’t believe my eyes!
    Nice job on this Distro Theeman!

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    french user

    i am really sorry to disturb you with that, i see there is a topic on the forum for our trouble, but me and several user here in france have a big trouble
    since 2 or 3 distro, we can’t use the live cd
    there always a user-passwords demanding
    the usual doesn’t work (ubuntu, live, ultimate, blank etc etc and with all order)
    that’s happen on different computer and configuration in my country (but i know we are not the only one)
    i found your work perfect (i install directly and that’s work), but all the people i try to just show your works can’t enjoy it on there computer-hardware because of this user-password problem
    have you a simple solution to them (the solution of the forum is too “complicated” for new user coming from window and discouraging them)
    actually, i use peppermint or netrunner (depending the demand and hardware) to show them linux, but your distro is better with much more programm
    if you could help us, it’s will be appreciated
    take your time (a “perfect” solution take time, and it’s will be better for all in the future)
    a big thanks for you’re job
    thanks by advance if you or a member can help
    if not, no problem (“shit happens” like you say in us)
    best regards
    a french user who try to make switch people in linux more than 8

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    I’m impressed with the speed of 4.2.

    On a duel boot mini laptop, I’m able to play 720p vid in xbmc that W7 with xbmc studders with.

    I also discovered 4.2 identifies my big screen hooked up via hdmi and adjusts its resolution which w7 can’t do!

    Now if only it was out on 32b I could try it on some of my older computers 🙂


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