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You people, do not understand what is coming. I am a Innovator. Let’s start here. We have moved more data then Netflix, which I now understand owns 29% of the internet. They have pushed 3.14 Petabytes of transfer, I actually was shocked to see that. I assumed they were under a single Petabyte. They currently command 29% of the entire Internet. I doubted if they even had got into Petabyte level. Here in Ultimate Edition Land We have moved greater than 8 Petabytes. Took 9 years to do so.

I wanted you to understand the game we play. I am writing software that will be a game changer. I do want to let you know more people now run Linux than “Windows”. What am I going to do to sway traffic? Nothing, software will do that on it’s own. Last check I am a programmer of the highest magnitude.

I will write a post called Set and a Post called GO!!! I am not looking to strip the internet. When you see my “Set” Post, I will wipe out companies. What is the “Go” post going to bring? Sorry take a minute if I update our blog, it is cloud based. We would not survive otherwise. Download 8 Petabytes.


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