Promise’s, Promises.

by on Mar.11, 2020, under Ultimate Edition

In-bound. Please try & wrap your head around this.

Years and years ago I wrote a program called Repostorm. That app is flying evidently, but once again evidently no-one knows how to properly use it. I build, err software I wrote autonomously builds Operating Systems called tmosb (TheeMahn’s Operating System Builder). A few beta testers know how to use that tool. A lesson to learn is once again in-bound.

A great tool to build packages, perhaps I am rubbing my back as I say that, hard to do that while typing. The best feature Repostorm has is as a service.

I am about to introduce that to you in a built Operating System. I am shocked they have not sucked that up. How many programmers do we have in 6 Billion people on this planet? I let that app stroll the net for months.

I appreciate the whole 18 people that downloaded the Developers Edition of UE, yes it is pre-installed a drop in the bucket. As a developer, I understand how rare they are. 18 downloads in one day @ 4.4 Gigabytes. We have Millions of downloads sucking Exabytes. To put things in perspective. I did not provide the link, want to know why? If you are a developer you know where to go or how to use google.

Stay tuned. I will explain the rationality of the tool as well as how it works.

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