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Does not Set & go come? We will see if I can make that come.

I am going to build a new server the same day. I told you I can build 7000+ Operating Systems. Find a O/S developer that can say I have built 7000 Operating systems, software gentlemen. Does not exist ladies & gentlemen.

Before you drop the hammer on me, we are only at “Ready”, beta testers did not even know software I have written. Let’s wait for set.

I will not rob you:;O=D

Toys Developers play with, sorted by date for you convenience a few are missing.


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O/S Builder, Told you so!

by on Sep.12, 2019, under Ultimate Edition

2 things have changed today. One, a Kernel level programmer actually listened to me. Detects the number of cores I have and builds accordingly. The changes that will transpire there are massive.

Most would think I am Jacked up on that. Yes I am, however I am building a new O/S and this rips across my screen. I am trying to avoid drama. You do know I am a AMD man. I have stock in AMD. I do not deny it.

When I am building a Operating system and I see this rip by on my screen.
update-initramfs: Generating /boot/initrd.img-5.3.0-10-generic
W: Possible missing firmware /lib/firmware/amdgpu/navi10_gpu_info.bin for module amdgpu
W: Possible missing firmware /lib/firmware/amdgpu/navi10_asd.bin for module amdgpu
W: Possible missing firmware /lib/firmware/amdgpu/navi10_sos.bin for module amdgpu
W: Possible missing firmware /lib/firmware/amdgpu/vega20_ta.bin for module amdgpu
W: Possible missing firmware /lib/firmware/amdgpu/raven_kicker_rlc.bin for module amdgpu
W: Possible missing firmware /lib/firmware/amdgpu/navi10_rlc.bin for module amdgpu
W: Possible missing firmware /lib/firmware/amdgpu/navi10_mec2.bin for module amdgpu
W: Possible missing firmware /lib/firmware/amdgpu/navi10_mec.bin for module amdgpu
W: Possible missing firmware /lib/firmware/amdgpu/navi10_me.bin for module amdgpu
W: Possible missing firmware /lib/firmware/amdgpu/navi10_pfp.bin for module amdgpu
W: Possible missing firmware /lib/firmware/amdgpu/navi10_ce.bin for module amdgpu
W: Possible missing firmware /lib/firmware/amdgpu/navi10_sdma1.bin for module amdgpu
W: Possible missing firmware /lib/firmware/amdgpu/navi10_sdma.bin for module amdgpu
W: Possible missing firmware /lib/firmware/amdgpu/navi10_mes.bin for module amdgpu
W: Possible missing firmware /lib/firmware/amdgpu/navi10_vcn.bin for module amdgpu
W: Possible missing firmware /lib/firmware/amdgpu/navi10_smc.bin for module amdgpu

Why does that jack me up to the next level?
W: Possible missing firmware /lib/firmware/amdgpu/vega20_ta.bin for module amdgpu

I bet you missed that. That is a 20, what is the 10’s you see? This is a low end graphics card or in some cases a APU for Laptops.

I will tell you what that is. A mid-range AMD Video card is coming. Some are mobile, this will probably get Intel to sweat again after Intel just thought dropping their 10 nanometer mobile chips. A 7 nanometer chip is coming as a APU (Accelerated Processing Unit). Graphics Integrated on a CPU laymans terms.

Intel will stop owning the netbook / laptop market. I actually feel sorry for Intel.

Listen to me very clearly, Intel will not sit back and relax as they lose market share. I pray their answer is not to throw money at the situation. Innovation is the answer.

I have been watching them dump server chips to keep up with AMD desktop products. They are struggling. Honesty is always the best policy. The chips that are coming will be a nail in the coffin.

I will ask you again what is the 20? Is that the NVidia Killer? In-genius Lets mix things up. Do not think for a second they are not trying to hide from general populus. So you do not know. They can not hide from me period with a period.


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Here it comes?

by on Sep.09, 2019, under Ultimate Edition

Always question what I am writing. I have removed 90% of ads, I have removed 100% of donations. I would be ecstatic if the entire world did that.

Let me start & finish with this statement: If nothing else, you need to thank AMD for lighting a fire under Intel & NVidia’s ass.

O.K. AMD has been dropping world record after world record.

Intel is getting excited & will become aggressive:

Ut oh:

Intel can not afford a price war with AMD neither can NVidia. AMD already proved that lowing their prices 2 days before you could even buy a AMD GPU. Think about this did NVidia lowering their prices? Intel chips are Monolitic in design (NVidia is the same BTW). Intel is happy if they get just one 26 core that is good off a $10,000 wafer. AMD on the other hand 70% of what is produced off the same $10,000 wafer AMD has multiple 64 core chips for their Epyc line & a few of my 3950X’s to boot. BTW the Epyc is so fast holds a world record period no LN there and smokes a 4 socket Intel on 2 sockets. That means 2 CPU’s smoke 4 of Intel’s “Best”. Just this alone is a $51 Billion dollar industry. At a server level you would have to be stupid to buy Intel.
They really need to think before they overreact. They are about to get a hammer & perhaps never recover.
AMD has their shit together, got them both shaking in their shoes. What is AMD’s market Capitalization again? That is one bad MF.
I can not wait until AMD gets into 3D stacking “Chiplets”. You guys probably do not pay attention to shit like this. AMD is developing chips for Samsung graphics for your cellphone. Does Samsung make 3D Nand? Samsung does have a FAB. I scratch your back you scratch mine. How can you compete with a company like that? Both Intel and NVidia have over the years of relaxing and taking money hand over fist forgot about you, no competition. We can charge anything we want. Well, it is time to reformulate a plan & actually be innovative. Maybe 3 years from now Intel may have something, I hate to tell you AMD has multiple incoming. They have leapfrog technology, I guess they do not need to worry about unloading the frog. AMD was worried about Intel to that level. Sit on it, AMD do not sit idle. I can promise you they are not & have Phat pockets. Intel does not care will toss Billions of dollars and not care, Google is like that too.

If nothing else, you need to thank AMD for lighting a fire under Intel & NVidia’s ass.


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Uno means One in Spanish

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I have been writing a new application called Uno (Ultimate Network Optimizer). I have started integrating it into our Operating Systems at the build level. I have not set it as a service yet. A Nasty application as far as accelerating your Internet, guess what mine too! I do not care if you are on dial up or 100 Gigabit. Uno detects and accelerates your internet with 0 interaction when I am done. That is at the service level.

Don’t stoke out, I will provide the source code. I have also started integrating Repostorm, years in the works also not at the service level yet. I am about to kick things up a few notches.

I wrote AI (Artificial Intelligence) / (ML) Machine Learning software 5 years ago. They are going to have to catch up to me now. Won’t take long. The chips that are dropping. I am telling you won’t take long. I knew this was coming & told you years ago on our forum.

You may wonder what am I going to do? Pay Taxes and die. Most people do not understand what is coming. AI will initially be glitchy. We are not talking Terminator / Self Awareness. I will say this: I am glad I am not going to live your lifetime.

TheeMahn out.

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Adventures in 10 Gigabit.

by on Jul.05, 2019, under Ultimate Edition

I have been off the grid for a minute.

This has been an expensive project, I have undertaken with my own Capitol. My goal was to sit on 10 Gigabit networking, end resolve to sit on 20 Gigabit (this was a accident).

Let’s take a step back. My main rigs motherboard currently a Ryzen 1700X (YES , I will upgrade to a 3950X with PCIE 4.0 in Sept), nor do either of my servers in the basement have 10 Gigabit. They have dual Gigabit I have disabled both of them in the BIOS (Basic Input Output System).

Purchased initially 3 X PCIE 2.0 X 8 dual 10 Gigabit Network cards, all very capable of 20 Gigabit a piece off Ebay. I purchased a 4 port 10 Gigabit Router / switch, a Fiber Optic Cable from Amazon and ran it down through the register to the basement for my main rig upstairs. 1 X Copper 3 Foot 10 Gigabit cable & 2 transceivers (CISCO). Only one of the PCIE cards worked in one of the servers, bought 2 more & 2 more transceivers (this time Compatible MikroTik & paid out the ass). I thought I had bent the fiber optic running it to the basement & purchased annother 50 Meter Fiber Optic Cable). One for the other server and 1 for my main rig. Bought a second Copper 3 Foot 10 Gigabit cable for the other server. Was only getting Laser light through one of the dual cables. Thought it was a broken fiber Optic Cable.

I can now assure you, knowing What I know now. I will soon be on 20 Gigagbit.

This will Blow your mind. What does it take to see 20 Gigabit? I have since purchased a 8 Port Sata III X 8 PCI card, be here tomorrow. Will Jack in initially 6 X 8TB drives in raid 0 into the 32 core server & dual copper 10 Gigabit. I bought a 4 port NVME card from the Unitied Kingdom was not available in the USA yet. And 4 NVME cards that can pull 3.4 GB a sec a piece and raided them. I have not got the 2nd set of transceivers yet. I ordered them from China, they are in the USA now, but not at my door.

I have dropped posts on the internet pulling over 400MB/s (That is less then 1/2 of 10Gigabit) Remember, our servers are Sata II, this is raid 3 across the network that is 3 X 8TB drives as a source. That will change tomorrow. I am still only on 10 Gigabit. As soon at those transceivers arrive? The router BTW supports merging / bridging ports. 20 Out 20 in. That is roughly 2000 megabits per second. I have been looking at PXE. Boot from a network device fast as a NVME drive. Do you feel me?

At Sata 2 a 24TB drive capable of roughly 800MB/S faster then a SSD. Now lets open that up? Do they make a 8TB Sata II? No, they are much faster. Let’s Say double, I can promise you much faster. Cost me $13.00 for the card & $4.00 for the cable. The network side was expensive. Home of Ultimate Edition. Got a question? Please review the F.A.Q. Browse the How to section.

Main O/S: Builder of O/S Guess.
Mainboard: ASUS Hero VI (AM4)
CPU: AMD 1700X water cooled (Deepcool Captain Genome Cooling tower)
Ram: 16 GB GSkill Trident RGB Series Dual Channel DDR4 3200
Video: MSI RX470 8GB Gaming card.
Hard Disks: MASSIVE on the network.(10 Gigabit, 48 port, multiple servers)
Monitors: 4K Samsung 28″, HannsG HH281, Various others
750 Watt modular PSU (Rosswell)
1100 Watt Amp & 4 X 600 Watt speakers

Servers in the basement.

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by on Dec.06, 2018, under Cloud Storage, Gamers, Hosting, Linux, Programming, Server, Themes, Ubuntu, Ultamatix, Ultimate Edition, Uncategorized

You people, do not understand what is coming. I am a Innovator. Let’s start here. We have moved more data then Netflix, which I now understand owns 29% of the internet. They have pushed 3.14 Petabytes of transfer, I actually was shocked to see that. I assumed they were under a single Petabyte. They currently command 29% of the entire Internet. I doubted if they even had got into Petabyte level. Here in Ultimate Edition Land We have moved greater than 8 Petabytes. Took 9 years to do so.

I wanted you to understand the game we play. I am writing software that will be a game changer. I do want to let you know more people now run Linux than “Windows”. What am I going to do to sway traffic? Nothing, software will do that on it’s own. Last check I am a programmer of the highest magnitude.

I will write a post called Set and a Post called GO!!! I am not looking to strip the internet. When you see my “Set” Post, I will wipe out companies. What is the “Go” post going to bring? Sorry take a minute if I update our blog, it is cloud based. We would not survive otherwise. Download 8 Petabytes.


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I am coming to get you!

by on Dec.02, 2018, under Hosting, Linux, Ultimate Edition

First I know first hand what Gigabit internet means firsthand. Millions of downloads of Ultimate Edition will soon be history. I upgraded my personal internet to Gigabit, actually the wife paid for xmas. My GOD was my initial thought. I am according to the tech 1 in 50 installations he has done. Initially I seen 250 down and 40 up. I was good with that. Had me jack it into the JackHammer directly to remove the router as a factor. It was on like Donkey Kong I have never in my entire life downloaded a file as fast as I have seen. I grant you I have shoved files between servers even faster then what in infer. I could download any O/S I have ever wrote in 30 seconds or less, well minus the bluray version. Crazy is it not?

Why did I title this post as I am coming to get you? My computer is very fast, I had to time a screenie. I am going to let you know the server comes online it is all over but the crying. My bottleneck is gone.

Ouch less than 1/2 speed?

I could be wrong.

Does that make Sourceforge slow? Think about that next time you want to talk smack about Sourceforge. I want you to also embrace the 1,000’s that are doing the same as I just did.


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Ultimate Edition 6.0 Is hot.

by on Nov.28, 2018, under Linux, Programming, Themes, Ubuntu, Ultimate Edition

Autonomously, lets start here. The word autonomously means without intervention. Programmatically built 8 Operating Systems, ability to build 5,880 at a time.

I do not want to take away software, for now I will. Ultimate Edition 6.0 is starving the internet, have I written a page for it yet no.
7 Operating systems were released this eve, actually a 8th is uploading Ultimate Edition 6.3. All operating systems were autonomously built. I have been asked how software I am writing can correct itself. Destined to do so.

Without further ado:



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Can you feel it?

by on Nov.27, 2018, under Cloud Storage, Hosting, Linux, Programming, Server, Themes, Ubuntu, Ultimate Edition

I do have a job to do. Let me show you a “Toy” first.

I hope it is O.K. to show you a big hammer I am going to drop.

First I have seen traffic flowing heavy up in Ultimate Edition world. So yes I do see you. I have been watching traffic and users roll through our servers. Setting records week after week. I have not released software or Operating Systems, yes plural yet!

I am still writing software a “Game Changer” to the software world. In case you think I just like to talk smack. I will drop some screenies for your viewing pleasure.

I know most are not computer savvy, so I am going to take the time to try and educate you. I have a application I have written that is huge, years in development that autonomously builds Operating Systems (5880 in total, when desktop environments are also calculated.). I am going to leave out minus this statement written a separate application that autonomously fixes errors in software.

What does this mean Glenn Michael Cady? I have a server in the basement that built Operating System after Operating System in my basement took about a month even while I was at work at my other job it was steadily building Operating Systems 24/7. I no longer have beta testers, do you want to know why? The software catches any error I have made & I have software that will catch any error that someone else has made. We have not gotten there yet until I introduce it.

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A beating has began.

by on Nov.20, 2018, under Ultimate Edition

I am sure many of you have 401K accounts and I do care about your money. Sure I am in the stock market, told you that multiple times. Paid for my computer FOC (Free Of Charge). Your 401K is safe for now, do you know what your hedge funds have done? They are taking drastic actions to try and keep your money afloat. I am not responsible for their actions. But I will let you know what is happening.

158 hedge funds buy Advanced Micro Devices, Inc. (AMD) for the first time

I want you to understand why they are doing that:
FANGMAN, the best in the United States has to offer in the stock market has lost a collective almost Trillion Dollars in one month. The entire Valuation of Apple. The “A” in Man. They have lost over 200 Billion dollars in one month, just Apple. Still feel me?

FANGMAN – Facebook (NASDAQ:FB), Amazon (NASDAQ:AMZN), Netflix (NASDAQ:NFLX), Google’s parent Alphabet (NASDAQ:GOOG) (NASDAQ:GOOGL), Microsoft (NASDAQ:MSFT), Apple (NASDAQ:AAPL), and Nvidia (NASDAQ:NVDA)

Why am I posting it here first? Facebook, will soon be gone. That is the “F” in Fangman. Be glad I do pay attention.

I could tell you why this is happening, but that is not my job. I hope I have opened your eyes.

See if I am right, do your homework.


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