Anything, but Lite

by on Mar.01, 2020, under Ultimate Edition

I built a “Lite” Operating System today, that is anything but Lite.

Using the command: tmosb –build ultimate-edition-6.6-x64-lite.iso compression=fast recommended=no -YES
on Sat Feb 29 21:36:19 EST 2020 by theemahn on JackHammer

Compression=fast almost a 4GB ISO, it was lite at this point. Tested it, it flew. We will talk about compression & recommended later.

Let’s start modifying the O/S:
tmosb –modify ultimate-edition-6.6-x64-lite/ edge

The edge injects the latest sources, not necessary, but will pull in the latest and greatest game for example.

Chrooted in lets begin modifying it (tmosb –modify ultimate-edition-6.6-x64-lite/ edge):
tmmount -a wine #(re-wrote) to auto-detect the O/S, more on that too later.
tmmount -a developers
tmmount -a gamers
tmmount -a full
tmmount -a server
Jacked in a ton of apps I am writing. I tried to add Android Studio. 733MB down. Yes, it does have android-sdk already. While installing it wanted another gig of space (compressed) and failed to build. Re-built, skipping that step adding compression=maximum

DISTRO: Ultimate Edition
KERNEL: 5.4.0-16-generic
LTS (Long term supported): Yes
Type: Lite Default Desktop Environment(DE): Mate
ISONAME: ultimate-edition-6.6-x64-lite.iso
Installed Size: 14,384,238,592 bytes. (Roughly 15GB installed on a 4.0 GB ISO)
Timer: 0h3m34s Calculating CRC (Cyclic Redundancy Check):

Want to test it? I want to be forthcoming this is anything but a LITE O/S.

I am betting 8 GB of memory is the minimum to install it and will be slow until installed.

I did say I would discuss compression & recommended.

Compression not providing it in the command line switch will build as it has for the past 10 or so years. adding compression= to the switch two options fast, and maximum. One uses spit in memory and is actually the fastest I have seen a O/S run at least live. I am certain once installed that goes away. Maximum is the opposite.

The recommended=no is not in tmosb right now, but debugging, eventually I will have it scaling in Operating Systems to the positive or the negative in size.

It is easier for me to drop software on then explain it. If you are running a LTS (Long Term Supported) will install the best stable Wine if not the most unstable lol

WineUp () {
# fix it has failed. prior
ISSUE=$(dpkg –add-architecture i386)
# refresh sources
Encapsulate “Refreshing sources”
REFRESH=$(apt-get update 2>/dev/null)

Encapsulate "LTS: $LTS"

declare -a WINEVERSIONS=( 'wine-stable' 'winehq-stable' 'winehq-unstable' 'wine-unstable' 'wine-development' );
declare -a STABLEWINE=( 'winehq-stable' 'wine-stable' );
declare -a UNSTABLEWINE=( 'winehq-unstable' 'wine-unstable' 'wine-development' );

# test installation first
for EACH in "${WINEVERSIONS[@]}"
    ISINSTALLED=$((dpkg-query -l "$EACH" | grep "ii") 2>/dev/null)
    if [[ "$ISINSTALLED" ]]; then
if [[ "$INSTALLED" != "1" ]]; then
    if [[ "$LTS" == "YES" ]]; then
        for EACH in "${STABLEWINE[@]}"
            ISAVAILIBLE=$(apt-cache search "$EACH" 2>/dev/null)
            if [[ "$ISAVAILIBLE" ]]; then
                Encapsulate "Stable Wine version availible: $EACH"
        for EACH in "${UNSTABLEWINE[@]}"
            ISAVAILIBLE=$(apt-cache search "$EACH" 2>/dev/null)
            if [[ "$ISAVAILIBLE" ]]; then
                Encapsulate "Unstable Wine version availible: $EACH"
    Encapsulate "Wine has already been installed."
if [[ "$INSTALLED" != "1" ]]; then
    if [[ "$TOINSTALL" ]]; then
        Encapsulate "Installing: $TOINSTALL"
        apt-get install -f -y "$TOINSTALL"
        Error "No wine version to install."

If you accept, that you understand, this is not a LITE O/S. Yes, you can download it.
2020-03-01 00:00:33 (92.9 MB/s) – ‘ultimate-edition-6.6-x64-lite.iso’ saved [4332701696/4332701696] – there is your file size.
theemahn@JackHammer:~$ md5sum ultimate-edition-6.6-x64-lite.iso
32007e2e976766e930019d3036b3a85a ultimate-edition-6.6-x64-lite.iso

Basically 5 Operating Systems in one. Desktop Environments are next. This is what I really love. Ubuntu, etc. Does not know how I did it, don’t worry I will drop the software open source.

Example: tmosb –build ultimate-edition-6.7-x64.iso defaultde=kde xfce mate kde lxde awesome gnome lxqt unity cinnamon budgie enlightenment pantheon deepin

compression=maximum will be mandatory.
10673 in total, when desktop environments are also calculated.

Want me to give you a heads up? I have studied the squashfs, not just the cores is uses. You do know more cores are coming? Even a laptop will have 16 cores / threads this year. By the end of this year you will be able to google “amd ryzen 9 laptop” 15 Watts. imagine that. I have 2 of them and both are 105 Watts. There is over 100 AMD Laptops coming this year, from multiple entities. I had to remember why I am a AMD fella as the stock market plunged. In at $6.97 a share. Almost a 10X bagger. None of that matters until I sell. Why the hell would I sell? This is how Millionaires are made.

The Coronavirus dropped the market on it’s head. 2 days, back to back worst in history. AMD will return. Now, is the time to buy. I bet you money you do not get it for $6.97 a share.

I am still writing software. Soon the Internet will understand how big our Family is.

Setting firefox version 73.0.1 User Agent to:
Mozilla/5.0 (X11; Ultimate Edition 6.6 (Focal); Linux x86_64; rv:73.0.1) Gecko/20100101 Firefox/73.0

I wrote software to do that. Detects all that information and now auto constructs your “User Agent”. Sometimes I feel like a pinata. I have to write software to fix their inefficiencies across multiple distributions and platforms. Evidently Firefox 73.0.1 is awarded to all Linux based LTS services. Want me to start building Ultimate Edition 6.8?

Setting firefox version 73.0.1 User Agent to:
Mozilla/5.0 (X11; Ultimate Edition 5.9 (Bionic); Linux x86_64; rv:73.0.1) Gecko/20100101 Firefox/73.0

I do not mind telling you when I am wrong. The damn “edge” I told you about earlier & use it almost religiously got me & I write the software.

Actual results:
Setting firefox version 59.0.2 User Agent to:
Mozilla/5.0 (X11; Ultimate Edition 5.9 (Bionic); Linux x86_64; rv:59.0.2) Gecko/20100101 Firefox/59.0

I am not infallible. Just a chunk of software. Well here is a 8 core 16 thread laptop, data released? We have almost a whole year to go the 3950X will be taken down by a Laptop. I paid over $800.00 for just the chip. I paid $611.00 for a 3900X. How much are they today?

Well I see it for $219, I promise you too good to be true it is (don’t buy it), however Walmart has a 3900X. 3950X? But why Glenn? I got tired of waiting & will fully utilize such technology. Coming from China they will blame the Coronavirus why I did not get products I have inbound. One I will lose on the other I used Paypal Business Premier. I will get my money back. I actually wonder if Paypal will fold over that. Up to $500 they have to award my account for each hammer “Guaranteed”.

I bet you money you did not see that coming. Oh, that is right they own Ebay as well. As “grievances” fly in because my product is not here, even if China sent it. That is funny, I won’t file on you your hands are full. I am sure.

I will put the hammer on Amazon. They have been jacking my Credit Card. I just gave them $500 yesterday, how about I take that back? That is funny.


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Innovation at it’s finest.

by on Feb.26, 2020, under Ultimate Edition

I have been tweaking tmosb (TheeMahn’s Operating System Builder). I have made a major break though. The command I used to build aforesaid Operating System. I want you to brace yourself it is coming:

Building with Max compression

Video’s are more convincing, this was 4 days ago. Now you know why I am a AMD fan & investor in AMD, everything just flies. This is not a HEDT (High End DeskTop) Threadripper, this is not an Epyc. This is a Desktop processor.

This Operating System was auto generated using:
TheeMahn’s O/S Builder (tmosb) 2.0.5, 02/23/2020
GNU tmosb home page:
E-mail bug reports to:
Be sure to include the word tmosb somewhere in the Subject: field.

Using the command: tmosb –build ultimate-edition-6.6-x64.iso kde defaultde=kde xfce mate kde lxde gnome gamers developer lite full server compression=maximum -YES
on Wed Feb 26 10:04:11 EST 2020 by theemahn on JackHammer

Source Build platform:

JackHammer is an AMD Ryzen 9 3950X 16-Core Processor resonating at 4725 MHz
CPU Core(s) / Thread(s): 32
MEMORY: 16384620 bytes
HOST ARCH: 64 bit
DISTRIB_DESCRIPTION=”Ultimate Edition 6.6 Server LTS”

Destination Distribution Information

Distribution Base: Ultimate Edition focal
Architecture: amd64
Detected Desktop Environments:
Build Logs: .disk/tmosb-2.0.5-build-logs.tar.gz
Crash Logs: NONE
Distro: Ultimate Edition
Version: 6.6
KERNEL: -5.4.0-15-generic
LTS (Long term supported): Yes
Data Preparer:
Data Publisher: TMOSB
Type: Developer
Default Desktop Environment(DE): Kde-plasma
Isoname: ultimate-edition-6.6-x64-kde.iso
Installed Size: 15041814528 bytes.
Ultimate Edition 6.6 “Focal Fossa” – Release x64 (20200226)
Build logs: extract-cd/.disk/tmosb-2.0.5-build-logs.tar.gz
Please note: The above url, may not work if the release has not been made public.

I can now smash up to 15GB of data (perhaps more) on a 4.4 GB “DVD” ISO. Do you see all those DE (Desktop environments) on a single DVD? It gets better. It has all the Games from Gamers, all the serving software from server, all the applications from a “Full” release all the applications from a “Lite” release, yes all the Development applications from Developer Edition all on one DVD DISK!!!

How the F^%C did you do that? Innovation in software, please note the “compression=maximum” in the command line. There are negatives to what I have accomplished. It sucked up 7GB of my 16GB of RAM (Random Access Memory) building it & dropped my new CPU on it’s head. I do not use a “swapfile” – 16GB of RAM should be enough right. lol, I may buy 32 or 64GB of RAM because of this, it put a serious load on my new liquid cooled rig.

Not providing compression= in the command switch will build as it always has called “Default compression”. I have also added a “compression=fast” switch, which is the opposite.

I am not going to release it until I have tested it. Boot fine in a VM (Virtual Machine). I may drop it on the server in the basement, unless I have Volunteers. I am sure we have about a 1,000 here. 😉 I still want to hone it before I drop it.

I fixed a bunch of errors in Tmosb, evidently Version is spelled vesion lol. I bet 15 grammatical errors. To be honest with you I did not care about those, they don’t physically stop software. It now builds a O/S first time though w/o using modify switch to fix issues or errors. That started happening today. I slept squat because of errors, got home from work and fixed them all at least to the best of my knowledge.

Can you imagine me making a Gamers Edition now. This is what I tried, building a lite off xfce and adding every Linux game in one snap downloaded 22 GB did not fit. I probably can get away with 60 – 80% of “ALL” Open Source Linux games on one disk.

Did you know I could go proprietary? I will dump what I have written Open source. Did I hide Repostorm from you? To be honest with you I should be a Billionaire. Years ago, I told you I do not care about money.

Here is what I want you to really think about. “Repostorm is Devoked via programmer”. Well that would be by me. Wait until I open that up. Will chew the piss out of my resources, the end results? That would be something I do as I go to my other job. Don’t care, beat the piss out of my rig and servers. If in conjunction they can’t “Get r done” in 12 hours then I will upgrade until it does. Like Intel, I will throw money at the problem.

I also want you to understand Microsoft: lover of open source is patching their O/S to take advantage of 128 threads (ThreadRipper). Thank god they do not have to support Epyc. Here in Linux Land we can handle thousands of CPU cores / threads. To be honest no limit. How do you like AMD now? They should have compared a AMD 3950x a desktop CPU to a Intel Desktop CPU, no lets compare it to a server CPU & still crushed it.
I was pissed off about that. Money well spent. Compare Apples to Apples, Oranges to Oranges. An AMD Epyc is probably 4 or five times as fast as what you seen. Let’s start comparing a Desktop CPU to a Server CPU.

AMD is off the chain, we will talk again when “Big Navi” drops & gets you NVidia fellas rallied up. You will go down like Intel. Yes, I have seen what is coming. Yes, I seen the fake 24GB HBM2e (you do know AMD invented HBM) That stands for High Bandwidth Memory. I like to think of it as an apartment with multiple doors. the amount of doors is your bus. 3D stacked memory. I can’t wait until they start stacking CPU’s the same way.

Hard to mess with me is it not.

Let’s start to think,

You are about to see it. Even my Beta testers do not have it yet!

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Want to be a Admin?

by on Feb.19, 2020, under Ultimate Edition

Backing up entire forum to another server…. TheeMahn. <<- 9.1 GB of just files, not including the database.

Just so you understand: 100%[====>] 8.47G 994MB/s in 9.4s I do write a program called UNO (Ultimate Network Optimizer) has been ran on both systems. I want to develop programs, not police a forum.

I made a Video of me doing so and working on bringing it up under the server in the basement an AMD 3900X (I do have 2 X 32 core off right now), I do have Gigabit Internet (on dual 10 Gigabit LAN). Why would I do that? Dreamhost has done fantastic such as running this exact site. Even though I have specifically asked them not to upgrade our php, they keep doing so. They told me the last time I had them degrade it back to 7.0, they will not do so again. There is a reason I want 7.0, security wise it is tight. Did not have to piss with it for years.

Newer is better right? I disagree. If it is not broke do not fix it. If you would like to be an admin on our forum please feel free to comment and why you think you should be. I remind you this will be hosted in my basement.

I do not want to blindly set you up for destruction:

Who is online

In total there are 12 users online :: 1 registered, 0 hidden and 11 guests (based on users active over the past 5 minutes)
Most users ever online was 610 on Sat Nov 10, 2018 5:17 pm


Total posts 69694 • Total topics 7557 • Total members 25705 • Our newest member MichaelPrarp

None of that bothers me, this does:
It is currently Wed Feb 19, 2020 6:03 am
[ Moderator Control Panel ] 60 Posts need approval • 16523 Topics need approval ]

We have 151,021 regged users just this site. Millions and millions of views. To be honest approaching 3 Million downloads. An Operating System is not a small file. We are approaching Exabyte level. Petabytes are long gone. I will say it again thank you Sourceforge, that was 10 years ago.

I am excluding College Traffic (Thanks Paul) & our traffic. Thanks again Sourceforge.

Want to know who Paul is? A professor in college now, was on a OC-3 at the time. We sucked up a Gigabit of that college. Every day that went by a Terabyte. He was a student then, he did ask me if I wanted to set up a second computer. If I had that college would have been stroked.

Today, we move Terabytes per day.  Ever wonder what I am writing?  Let me do my job & it is not to take care of a forum.


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I did say toys, right?

by on Feb.12, 2020, under Ultimate Edition

Big things are coming. Not from me yet!

I pushed my new CPU a 16 Core / 32 thread 3950X overclocking to actually 4.6 GHZ on all cores 16 cores / 32 threads. I am blessed I do run under 360mm water cooling. I have dropped the AMD 1700X (First Gen).

Or so I initially thought. I was thinking all day long I can run 4500 Mhz. Let’s build a Operating System under 4.5 Ghz at 32 threads – The most demanding thing you can request in Linux. within 2 seconds reboot. Overheated from 128 degrees to 158 in 2 seconds.

Really? I Bullshit you not. Let’s drop the muliplier to 44.00 rocking “All-core”4.4 Ghz”. Let’s not screw around, put it to work build Ultimate Edition 6.6 Developer Edition. 3 seconds later I was rebooting, not by my demise

These AMD chips are indeed no joke. As soon as you see those threads jack up it is game on. If you are manually overclocking as soon as the chip hits peak heat it will tun it self off, err reboot itself. Pretty hard to top out a 32 thread CPU? I fully understand why AMD has multiple “World Records”. Let me toss Liquid Nitrogen on your ass.

We are looking for stability. I should be shocked I got away with 4.5GHZ right? Silicone Lottery sells if they had one roughly $1300.00. Their best chip 4.1 GHZ top 10% I have a screenie at 4.5Ghz. I have a 4.3 GHZ chip stable across all cores. With 0 extra volts jacked to it.

I guess you can say I hit the lottery. To be honest I turned on AI auto overclocking. I have seen 4.7 GHZ that way across multiple cores. AMD has taken away Things I used to enjoy.

They do better then I can do. This will put your panties in a bunch. My main rig is on a X370 board, the server in the basement is rockin x570 tech & tons of space, all high speed. On dual 10 Gigabit.

I tried to tell you. For a home a AMD 3900X is no joke as a server. As a developer, I want the biggest punch.

Did you know how many servers we own? I could write a list. Correct terminology would be how many domains? Did you know currently 02/16/2020 the AMD 3950X is faster then any CPU Intel sells period.

Including servers. I am sure that may change tomorrow, think about it. The new Threadripper 3990X is decimating even AMD Epyc 7742 servers. Do not think a new AMD server chip is not coming. AMD’s competition is AMD today. The chip I have decimates last gen Epyc’s & I have a desktop CPU not HEDT chip (High End Desktop).

I bought in stock in AMD when it was $6.97 a share. Seen Friday, they raised it to $66.00 a share. This is how Millionaires are made. Want me to tell you what is coming? I already did.


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Just Toys!!!

by on Feb.09, 2020, under Ultimate Edition

I would like you to believe that.

I did get a few new toys. I have turned off Both 32 Core servers. Brought up a 3900X to replace both servers on a x570 board, dual NVME’s. And just adjusted a 3950X for my main rig. I thought the 3900X was nasty. The 3950X eats it’s lunch. 6th fastest CPU on the planet. A 3900X is #11. Take no doubt it is very fast. I will eventually have it building O/S after O/S back to back – 100’s at a time.

We do not have AMD Epyc’s Rolling around here yet. That is the only thing faster, well minus Threadripper. All AMD, wonder why I invested in them?

To be honest with you the server has 6 X NVME drives (on PCIE3 2 drives are 4.0), capable of 4.0 and 8 X TB Drives. The 8.0 TB Drives are raided, the NVME is not yet, Just toys right? Dual 10 Gigabit fiber optic.

Sorry, for all the Geek talk. You do know I am writing a program that builds over 10,000 Operating system(s) 100 at a time are you O.K with that? I can make it more or less at a time. Great job I have, a programmer.


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This is how we roll

by on Feb.06, 2020, under Ultimate Edition

I find this Ironic over 1,000 downloads in a single day. Not small over 4 GB per file. We are playing with Terabytes. Petabytes to actually understand. I have been writing software, I will fix it. Do you see that 1,025 downloads at 4.1GB. Only took one day. I am still writing software. I do not want to get them jacked up. Uno is working tightly & detect’s it, so does conky-builder.

Watch and see what I write:

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The Battleship has just turned.

by on Dec.05, 2019, under Ultimate Edition

Software I am developing has just took a turn. I would be worried if I was a competitor. There is no such thing here. A league of my own -they call that a Pioneer.

Want me to provide advice?

Elementary (Pantheon) O/S remove dependency on 1000 languages we speak English here, pull that from the net. Don’t bloat your O/S. I have been concentrating on DE’s (Desktop Environments), that is funny 1,000’s of programmers and I just break it off.

I have quit filing bugs, I just fix them. I suggest you study my software. Before you blow that all off. This was 5 years ago. Where do you think I am today? I can almost bet & I have a hard time fathoming the almost endless possibilities.

tmosb can build 821 different above Operating Systems
10673 in total, when desktop environments are also calculated.

It is just software right? A storm is coming, once again it is software & was written prior. I seen a application I wrote in 2013, massive changes. I have been writing software for over 30 years approaching 40 years & I am not 50 yet. Started writing software at 11 years old on a Commodore VIC-20, traded a BB Gun for it at the time.

Now you know why I am big on a keyboard, productivity.

I like Linus:

I was using keyboards before he was born. 😉


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I can’t understand [Part 3 of 4]

by on Nov.20, 2019, under Ultimate Edition

The unexpected happened, to me I can not trust them. I watched this very website go down. Hmm, why? I have set up autopay. You have my credit card info, was it a lack of money? I think not, it is back up for another year after I manually paid (May start paying 5 years at a time). I have seen these shady tactics happen in the past. You do know I use to own I did and do write themes for Linux as well, no longer enjoy your worthless link.

Why do things like this happen? Last offer to buy this very website was $295,000. Let that slip through the cracks. Pisses me off actually. I wish I would have screenied it, sued them and owned their entire company. Find a judge that does not agree with me. GREEDY Guys quit screwing with me. Next time that happens I will take it to the fullest extent of the law & I have the money to do it now.

Let’s get some software out there. The largest program I have to date written. This is no Joke, I want you to understand virtually limitless building of your own “Custom O/S”. The information I am going to provide you is well above another website we own today anyway 😉

Let’s drop the App first:
APPLICATION: ultimate-edition-os-builder_2.0.5_all.deb
SIZE: 32.3 MB (32,272,888 bytes)

You will not see a 2.0.6 until it is fully stable. This is the same app that built Virtually all Ultimate Edition Operating Systems. Do not write it off yet, most don’t know how to use it. I am going to teach you.

Install it crack open a terminial any type:
tmosb --grid env

We are far from done type tmosb --build

TheeMahn’s O/S Builder (2.0.5) STATS
tmosb can build 612 different above Operating Systems.
7956 in total, when desktop environments are also calculated.

Let’s break the rules:
tmosb --build ultimate-edition-6.6-x64-lite.iso kde defaultde=kde -YES

What happens? Even Ultimate Edition 6.6 defaults as a “Lite” mate by traight, however you request KDE to be installed & set as your default DE (Desktop Environment) O/S, you have overrode it’s defaults by requesting that KDE be the Default Desktop Environment. Essentially a Ultimate Edition 6.7 With a 6.6 theme. The last -YES means don’t screw with me and ask me question make it so.

As impressive as that may seem, it gets much, much better.

After it finishes building. You can type:
tmosb --modify ultimate-edition-6.6-lite/ edge

I want you to understand the edge is not necessary that commands tmosb to inject cutting “edge” Repositories into the O/S you are building. If you are a building a LTS O/S it already knows that and will strip them on your way out when you type exit.

You will enter a chroot environment & can modify your O/S to your hearts content. There is software I have written there to help you in your journey there as well:
tmmount --help

You must be “Super User” in order to do almost any of the above.

This Operating System was auto generated using:
TheeMahn's O/S Builder (tmosb) 2.0.5, 10/17/2019
GNU tmosb home page: <>.
E-mail bug reports to: <>.
Be sure to include the word tmosb somewhere in the Subject: field.

Using the command: tmosb --build ultimate-edition-6.7-x64-server.iso kde defaultde=kde -YES
on Thu Nov 21 09:46:48 EST 2019 by storage on Storage

Source Build platform:
Storage is an AMD Ryzen 5 3400G with Radeon Vega Graphics resonating at                      3700.0000 Mhz
MEMORY: 14304900 bytes
HOST ARCH: 64 bit
DISTRIB_DESCRIPTION="Ultimate Edition Server LTS"

Let me tell you what storage is.  I built a new server, right now a AMD Quad core 8 thread APU (Accelerated Processing Unit).  Will replace it with a 16 Core 32 thread CPU in a few days.  I have been waiting months for.  This thing is Nasty -really close to taking down the JackHammer .  It has Raided 8 TB hard drives and PCIE 4.0 Dual NVME.  Moves data faster then the JackHammer.  Cores is the only real advantage I have right now.  I also plan on replacing the Jackhammer’s CPU with a AMD 3950X as well, it is liquid cooled.

Just another thing I can not understand since 1969 AMD is approaching their highest stock price, here in a second will be higher then Apple right?  That is called good management & great products.

Software is inbound  We will call it Nasup on crack.  In a few days from now AMD will exceed Stock prices they have ever seen seen since 1969, sorry Intel:

Enjoy TheeMahn,

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I promise, I deliver [Part 2]

by on Nov.06, 2019, under Ultimate Edition

This is probably not the best way to start this. I did say I would address the addressable factors in part 1.

New phone arrived today Was not chump change. Yes, I have the ability & have built software for them as well. The impact I can have is massive. I have advanced multiple applications. Let’s strike that out we do not give a damn.

Let’s move forward. I am waiting for a AMD 3950X (actually 2 of them), been waiting probably 4 months or better. How the hell did I know it was coming? I build Operating Systems & have done so since 2006, not much slips under the radar here.

I hate to be forthcoming to NVidia or the fan boys. The 5700XT from AMD was NOT a high end AMD GPU. I know how Intel buffs got excited as AMD handed them their ass, even Intel admits it. The same will happen again, this time to NVidia. I will not provide data, nor will I provide facts. How many Operating System Developers do you know? I thought I established I am a programmer. I started writing software at 11 years old.

Many applications I have advanced and will no longer individually point them out. Software, & Operating Systems. Writing a blog is time I could have spent writing software.

I am trying to get away from blogging as well. Minus Major releases. Did you know I can do that? I write the rules up here. There is that Cocky shit.


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