Ultimate Edition 5.0 LTS

by on Jun.20, 2016, under Ultimate Edition

Welcome aboard Ultimate Edition 5.0 You can read the release notes on our Ultimate Edition Forum.

Please give the servers time to mirror, it will be slow at best until that has happened.



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Ultimate Edition 5.0 LTS UPLOADING!!!

by on Jun.18, 2016, under Ultimate Edition

Locally it has been tested. Beta Testers have tested it even before I got a chance, they are on it! 😉

I have now installed it and am happy with the outcome:

Complete control install1
install2 internet kodi
office sound ss
sysmon themes wine

Coming soon to a server near you. I will give our remote testers some time to run it through it’s paces. Then drop it worldwide. Details to follow. Please stay tuned.


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by on Jun.03, 2016, under Ultimate Edition

In my strive for perfection in software, I have found idiosyncrasies in my own software development. I actually have software that will fix itself as well as others software. I have recently started integrating software to “repair it self”, quite a complement to Repostorm & welcome edition. Self repairing software non-existant by todays standards.

Repostorm will soon repair itself internally… Externally always did so…

Do not know what Repostorm is? This video was from 2 years ago repairing the entire Mate Repository. Before Canonical borrowed it.

Won’t matter who owns what when I am done as long as you accept “please fix my software” lol. I can assure you Repostorm is far more advanced now, then it was then. Did I say self repairing software? I will touch on this again.

Please sit tight,


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I must Concede!!!

by on Apr.20, 2016, under Ultimate Edition

I was updating netdata and got busted. I had source code on my screenie of what I was writing, far from done. My intentions are pure, I want to bring BluRay authorization to Linux. A slacking point in our world, as well as Games. This is too big of of a chore for one man the Games is what I infer, not BluRay mastering.

I find an issue in Linux, usually I jump right on it. I must Concede I am, but 1 man. Some things, I find that people have grave difficulty doing I find fairly simplistic. We will see, no it is NOT available for download YET!!!

Damn, now that I look at that screenie… There is a powerpc version of Ultimate Edition in the background, oops!!! You never truly know what I am doing. 😉


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Breathe with me…

by on Apr.07, 2016, under Ultimate Edition

    First & certainly foremost. I did not write the application I am going to demonstrate. I wanted to get that right out there.  I did however, write software to package it & will expand as times goes on. The Developers of Netdata are programmers and don’t understand packaging as well as I do.  I have written software & use it daily to package applications I write or fix others, namely Repostorm.

    I did utilize Repostorm on the production based deb. Do not expect perfection yet, they are adjusting the software almost as fast as I can build a package.  It is on github’s “Trending” list and you will soon see why.  I called it Information Overload on Facebook, there is no such thing.  I would rather have too much information then not enough.

Building Netdata

Building Netdata

    Further information & download information can be obtained from our forum.  Built into each and every Ultimate Edition? Yet to be determined.  Regression testing is coming, you can learn more on our forum.  Calling on beta testers.


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A step back, a leap forward

by on Mar.31, 2016, under Programming

I don’t want to come right out and say “Gnome sucks“, I know most have heard me say I do not care for KDE an opinion I solely embrace. Has never stopped me from building KDE based O/S’s right? Some of the activities the Gnome Developers do make me rethink the entire situation.

NEWSFLASH: Ladies & Gentlemen I build Operating Systems for fun & write core code for components for the aforesaid.  It upsets me greatly when developers do their best to destroy other developers. This is not a competition, why pull the rug out from under another developer? Let me say this again, I want to be frank. Makes me feel they do the things they do to "undermine me" & every other developer that "counted" on that package being there.  They have taken the painstaking time to ensure all apps involved with udisks to fail.

It will all be in vein.  I printed out my source code today on paper for one program the world has seen, quite popular. 33 pages of data, I am probably rapidly approaching 40 pages. Why? Them guys, I will introduce 3 technologies in one snap. My motive is one: Not to have to come back and re-write my software. If it is not broken, do not fix it. This is an open source community, do NOT stick your fellow man. I do have other things to do right?

Coming soon to a server near you,




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Were back!!!

by on Mar.17, 2016, under Ultimate Edition

Sorry for the inconvenience, the prior hosting company was way too expensive was well over a grand for less then a year. I had to do something no donations as of late. Either get a third job or look for a cheaper alternative. 😉

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8 Fold the traffic…

by on Jan.10, 2016, under Ultimate Edition

I have began writing a post on our forum, Android devices are coming to Ultimate Edition Goodness. It will be 10 times that size when I am done. #1 used O/S on this planet? I have your back…


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Happy new year!

by on Jan.02, 2016, under Ultimate Edition

Does things exist?

Postby TheeMahn » Sat Jan 02, 2016 12:18 am
I started dropping O/S’s with the quickness (actually TMOSB did). Did Ultimate Edition 4.5 exist yes, it was a internal testing product (you can build it yourself with TMOSB). When you see me skip O/S’s by version it is with good reason. I do have to say I probably should not have skipped Ultimate Edition 4.8. It was tight, however when the updates started rolling in completely stopped functioning. I try not to fly by night here in Ultimate Edition land.

The Ultimate Edition 5.0 that is available in alpha form I have installed and ran, however once again is not a final product & issues present themselves same as Ultimate Edition 4.8. I highly suggest you do not install it at the alpha stage. It was phenomenally faster then the Ultimate Edition 4.2.3 I currently run. We are here to advance the operating system are we not? I have things in works to protect your privacy as others give it away. I feel you should be able to browse the internet UN-encumbered & mean that across the board. Ultimate Edition does not monitor anything you do on the internet.

Ultimate Edition Developers

Ultimate Edition Developers

I am not here to give away trade “secrets”, however my intentions are to build an O/S I am happy with in hopes that you too will. I love new toys, soon to be a part of the Ultimate Edition Family. A developers edition? I have recently purchased a Andoer Rbox 3368 – 8 Core Android & yesterday a Quad Core PC, with 64GB SSD & 4K support with Windows 10. Rest assured will run Ultimate Edition. I can put in the palm of my hand. Amazing the miniaturization of today’s computers.

I have moved thousands of posts on the forum, archived them as we move forward. I noticed as I did so, a single post has been viewed 1/2 a million times. Crazy is it not? We have 10 fold the traffic here. Feel free to give me feedback, Happy New Years!!!


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Merry Christmas!

by on Dec.25, 2015, under Ultimate Edition

Ho, Ho, Ho. Merry Christmas! I just dropped Ultimate Edition 5.0 to sourceforge:
Ultimate Edition 5.0

It is a Alpha & is NOT a stable Operating System. A glimpse into the future, when complete will be a LTS based on Xenial. Take it as a grain of salt at this point in time. I highly suggest at this point in time not installing it, though you will be tempted.

sending incremental file list
4,150,263,808 100% 26.89MB/s 0:02:27 (xfr#1, to-chk=1/2)
2,661,285,888 100% 26.80MB/s 0:01:34 (xfr#2, to-chk=0/2)

sent 6,813,212,853 bytes received 54 bytes 26,255,155.71 bytes/sec
total size is 6,811,549,696 speedup is 1.00
root@os-builder:/var/www/os-builder.com/public_html# md5sum *.iso
37cd573545a45cb7cb58f40b4addee05 ultimate-edition-5.0-x64-alpha.iso
0baeb7be0b4381f89706e4dfb126abb2 ultimate-edition-5.0-x64-lite-alpha.iso

Happy Holidays,

Thee Mahn

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