Can you give me a “D”?

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I have bonded Dual Gigabit Ethernet (aggregated). We have a 48 port Switch / hub. With a 10 Gigabit uplink. I have started benchmarking our websites. Faster then 87% websites ever tested. I know I would not like to wait a whole one second to wait for a website to load.

I am starting to think differently.

I have been playing with Link Aggregation, has many names.
Link aggregation is sometimes called by other names:

  • Ethernet bonding
  • Ethernet teaming
  • Link bonding
  • Link bundling
  • Link teaming
  • Network interface controller (NIC) bonding
  • NIC teaming
  • Port aggregation
  • Port channeling
  • Port trunking

Got to love confusion. I have put the server online with 2 Gigabit, sounds fantastic does it not? In theory yes, in practice…

Jackhammer (my main rig) becomes the bottleneck. I can still only pull at Gigabit (117.6 Megabytes per sec), capable of twice that. Sound like a waste now does it not? Well not totally, If I am pulling a Gigabit & 2 Smart TV’s and the wife PC is pulling a Gigabit. I may drop a second Gigabit NIC (Network Interface Controller) in my rig and try to aggregate them to see if I can pull 2 Gigabit, if I can it is on. I will drop a third in the server and a third in my main rig. I do have a 48 port Gigabit per port Switch / Hub with 10 Gigabit Uplink.

Once I hit 750 Megabytes a sec the server becomes the bottleneck. The fastest the drives can send information 2 X 8TB peak at 750MB a sec. Add a third drive I am sure a Gigabyte a sec. We can only dream at this point. It will take 6.3 Gigabit cards to max out the server. I am already starting to do math on it. They do make quad port Gigabit Ethernet cards.

A experiment down the road.

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I feel the need for speed.

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I wrote 2 new operating systems today. Ultimate Edition 6.1 Server Alpha and Ultimate Edition 6.1 Alpha. I am looking into making software write 100’s of Operating Systems in one day. Automation is beautiful in software development, you eliminate human error. I have not incorporated repostorm yet. Things are getting close to nastyville up in Ultimate Edition land.

Would I install either of the above releases absolutely not, was fun to test them. Both releases are in a alpha state. I am far from done. I know you are yearning to have your hands on Ultimate Edition 5.9. It is a LTS (Long Term Supported) release. I probably could have released at least an initial release of 5.9. Quit hacking my servers. Next time I will post your IP online, first and last warning. That exposé will cost me roughly $400.00 when done. I do not print money or work at a bank, quit.

That is a funny subject line to me. I heard my company commander in the Navy say exactly that across the 1MC (speakers throughout the entire carrier) as he blew by our aircraft carrier at over twice the speed of sound. We had the president of Turkey onboard, had a airshow in the middle of the Atlantic ocean. The F-14D is and will always be a nasty plane to me, I used to work on them.

Have fun testing Ultimate Edition 6.1.


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Congratulations, you dropped our servers offline 3 times in 45 minutes. I took extreme measures and flashed our router with a Linux based Operating system and bricked it. New router is inbound. I paid $320 for the router you burned up essentially. I did try and tell you to leave me alone as I advanced your O/S. I did think about dropping your IP here and let the masses take care of you, but that makes me no better than you.

I did write an article about that on Facebook

Do you know what is messed up? That is a server based Operating System. I do make a minimal server as well, never has it seen the day of light. I have never released a Android version of Ultimate Edition, have I made it YES. I could take over you phone, only a few Billion there. We are playing with a server today, what does that mean? I fix issues on a server level I fix Millions of issues in one stroke.

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Doesn’t this look better?

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I have been writing tmosb (TheeMahn’s Operating System Builder) for years & gave it away freely. I wrote this years ago from this very website. Well, I am now looking to jack that up phenomenally. I have it almost fully functioning. I have had it running and building a O/S for your convenience from a web browser. I am writing php code to make it recognize the server it is running on. I find that ironic, most people want to obsure the O/S they run on I want to let them know. Security? I have closed roughly in my figures 90%+ of their holes. DOS (Denial of Service) fellas, they do not know it yet. I have been throwing them in jail, 0 on the ban list today. They have dropped me offline 3 times thus far. It is a war they will loose as I tighten security for you and me. Funny, my Hard drives send me emails me when they drop offline.

I suggest to those that want to hack me with a DOS attack, let me tell you when that is appropriate. I guess 3 of you were successful. I have just started working in your department, I do not recall asking for that. How about I take all three of your IP’S and render you offline permanently? I will not sink to your level. Big things are coming.

All automous.

I am not done.


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Things are getting Large and in charge in Ultimate Edition Land. Didn’t I just build 2 Operating Systems yesterday? Only released one. 5,500 Operating systems I can make what is coming tomorrow?

theemahn@JackHammer:~$ wget
–2018-07-02 23:50:39–
Resolving (…
Connecting to (||:80… connected.
HTTP request sent, awaiting response… 200 OK
Length: 4203364352 (3.9G) [application/x-iso9660-image]
Saving to: ‘ultimate-edition-5.8-x64-gamers.iso’

ultimate-edition-5.8-x64-gamers.iso 100%[==============>] 3.91G 23.7MB/s in 2m 27s

2018-07-02 23:53:06 (27.3 MB/s) – ‘ultimate-edition-5.8-x64-gamers.iso’ saved [4203364352/4203364352]

theemahn@JackHammer:~$ md5sum ultimate-edition-5.8-x64-gamers.iso
e66bf5442ab5e8abbce707dc162f56d0 ultimate-edition-5.8-x64-gamers.iso

Uploading to sourceforge as I type this, much faster then my server in the basement where bandwidth is concerned. The server in the basement has been working overtime. Did you know I can build 5,500 Operating Systems with that tool? What is coming next? I felt it was time to make a few Gamers happy. I may not be done for the day.

I do see a few flaws in tmosb when building a Gamers edition. It installs all of the Ultimate Edition Themes, we only want one theme the currently requested version (more space for games), I will eventually look into it. This release has all themes from 3.2 to 5.9, even though it is a 5.8 release. I may remove kodi and xbmc from the mix, another flaw in software. We are here to game right?

This Operating System was auto generated using:
TheeMahn’s O/S Builder (tmosb) 2.0.2, 06/30/2018
GNU tmosb home page: <>.
E-mail bug reports to: <>.
Be sure to include the word tmosb somewhere in the Subject: field.

Using the command: tmosb –build ultimate-edition-5.8-x64-gamers.iso -YES
on Mon Jul 2 22:34:48 EDT 2018 by legion on

Source Build platform:
====================== is an AMD Opteron(TM) Processor 6272 resonating at 2100.0000 Mhz
MEMORY: 20,548,084 bytes
HOST ARCH: 64 bit
DISTRIB_DESCRIPTION=”Ultimate Edition 5.9 LTS”

Destination Distribution Information
Distribution Base: Ubuntu bionic
Architecture: amd64
Detected Desktop Environments:
Crash Logs: NONE
Distro: Ultimate Edition
Version: 5.8
KERNEL: -4.15.0-24-generic
LTS (Long term supported): Yes
Data Preparer:
Data Publisher: TMOSB
Type: Gamers
Default Desktop Environment(DE): Mate
Isoname: ultimate-edition-5.8-x64.iso
Installed Size: 9,455,730,688 bytes.
Ultimate Edition 5.8 “Bionic Beaver” – Release x64 (20180702)
Build logs: extract-cd/.disk/tmosb-2.0.2-build-logs.tar.gz

Please note: The above url, may not work if the release has not been made public.

Wine has been included to allow you to play Windows Games in Ultimate Edition. Yes, I do try and think of you Windows buffs too. Updating the webpage for it on main now.

Upload finished:

I suggest you wait for it to mirror on sourceforge & do not pound on my server. That is a server based Operating System I am still developing. Tmosb when done will build that for you & me too, when I am done. I have added it our Ultimate Edition Gamers page Published on: May 22, 2010 @ 15:56. Ripped the donation links from the page while I was there.

I will tell you why. I scrapped roughly 100 GB of data from souceforge & intend to scrap roughly 1/2 a Terabyte more, our older releases. If you want a older release snatch it now. I am not done.

Enjoy, TheeMahn

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I will not repeat myself.

by on Jun.29, 2018, under Hosting, Linux, Programming, Server, Ubuntu, Ultimate Edition

Let’s turn a new leaf:

I am crushing one or 5 issues at a time. Many, I have integrated into software. I love those fixes better then a onetime fix.


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Leave our servers alone!!!

by on Jun.25, 2018, under Cloud Storage, Hosting, Linux, Programming, Server, Ultimate Edition

I provided you the golden opportunity to hack our servers to obtain a treasure trove of data also known as a data breech. To be honest with you the security that opportunity awarded, has jacked up. I only wanted to give you 24 hours, we have about 1/2 a million potential candidates. That is gone, I do want to set up anti-dos (Denial of service), heartbleed, I could go on. There are ways of preventing even a Linux Cracker from coming to see you. This is what most hackers, actual term is cracker would like. Push our servers offline. Denial of service means not only do they get the fuzzy feeling of dropping our servers offline, but stick it in and break it off to you. Denial of Service. Think about that for a second. If time permits, I will shut that door too.

I know most of you do not care to have a server based Operating System, can you imagine the impact it will have as a plain Jane O/S?

Ride with me,


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Showdown @ noon.

by on Jun.21, 2018, under Hosting, Linux, Programming, Server, Ultimate Edition

I had potentially 1,500 friends on Facebook attempt to hack our server 24 hours ago.

I did say I would do this.


Hackers, your target is

That is a bad man to toss myself to the wolves. I built the server, take it down. I do not mean render it offline. I want you to if possible drop to the desktop and create a “README” file on that servers desktop. Enter your name if you like fame or point of contact. If by chance someone else has “been there done that”, please suck in the hackers code and add your name to the list.

I am not looking for destruction. I want to see where I am at.

The world will thank you for your efforts.


Thus far, they have failed. I thought I would introduce another 130,000+ registered users to the mix. I did say I would eventually give a hackers challenge. This is your moment. I will make you famous, or is it infamous? I will keep jacking in more users until I see a security breech. In the end only makes a more secure Operating System for the end users. If you get in my hat is off to you and the end user also thanks you.

This is called a white hat hacker. Let’s get the geek stuff out of the way:

theemahn@JackHammer:~$ nmap

Starting Nmap 7.60 ( ) at 2018-06-20 23:59 EDT
Nmap scan report for
Host is up (0.0020s latency).
Not shown: 990 closed ports
21/tcp open ftp
22/tcp open ssh
25/tcp open smtp
80/tcp open http
111/tcp open rpcbind
139/tcp open netbios-ssn
443/tcp open https
445/tcp open microsoft-ds
2049/tcp open nfs
8080/tcp open http-proxy

Nmap done: 1 IP address (1 host up) scanned in 0.09 seconds
theemahn@JackHammer:~$ nmap

Starting Nmap 7.60 ( ) at 2018-06-21 00:00 EDT
Nmap scan report for (
Host is up (0.0058s latency).
rDNS record for
Not shown: 989 closed ports
21/tcp open ftp
80/tcp open http
255/tcp filtered unknown
256/tcp filtered fw1-secureremote
264/tcp filtered bgmp
311/tcp filtered asip-webadmin
443/tcp open https
548/tcp open afp
631/tcp open ipp
8200/tcp open trivnet1
20005/tcp open btx

Nmap done: 1 IP address (1 host up) scanned in 1.32 seconds

O.K. I covered internal and external ports. We are building a Linux based Server Operating System. First, I see we have FTP (File Transfer Protocol) service running, do we break in there? TLS (Transport Security Layer) is in place, feel free. Oh, port 80 a webserver, I also notice down the list we have 443 https, WTF 8080 http-proxy hmm. I want the easiest way in. I see a bunch of filtering? I am not going to hold your hand. Nasty server BTW.

Good luck. The hackers challenge has begun. Will I loose? I know for a fact there are better. I will only jack it up one more time. If it is not breeched, I will write it off as a secure system & move forward.

I will further help you in understanding what we are playing with, just a newer version.


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Space the final frontier.

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Many “Geek Words” will be tossed in this blog, I tried to take the time to link the geek words to Wikipedia.

I have been working on Nasup for the server environment, no the new version is not online yet. I am currently having RPC (Remote procedure call) issues. It appears to be a bug with a race condition between NFS (Network File System) and RPC. I will get the issue smashed out. Works perfectly in Ultimate Edition 5.7 and below, so it is something they have introduced in Bionic Beaver. If it is not broke, do not fix it fellas.

Dropped a 16 Terabyte (Raid 0, 2 X 8TB drives) in Legion2, pulled 2 X 3TB drives. Legion sees it perfectly fine and can access the data. Nasup picks up as it says 56 Terabytes (Crazy isn’t it) of drives on the network. 48 Terabytes is more like it, if a drive has multiple shares it count’s that drive more then once the drive is a 8TB Western Digital My Cloud NAS with 2 shares and it counts it twice. Still have some work to do. It is smart enough to know it’s own IP (Internet Protocol) address(s) and not add the drive even if it has multiple IP’s. I am pretty proud of that factor. Both servers have dual IP addresses.

I have also been busy working & hardening security, another race condition 😉

This will be a wonderful tool for data centers & homes alike. It will be free as it has always been.

On the security side?

Connected to
220-Welcome to Ultimate Edition Keyserver.
220-Hello, all activity on is logged.
USER theemahn
530 Non-anonymous sessions must use encryption.
Disconnecting from site

Ultimate Edition 5.9 Server will secure your FTP (File Transfer Protocol) even off the live disk, it currently does that NOW. I plan to have Apache as well SSH (Secure SHell) using TLS (Transport Security Layer) security off the rip, please do not rush me.

I have alot on my plate, please be patient with me. I am sorry, I forgot to tell you I also set up a secure repository online, data comes from my basement. 4096 bit encryption. Repostorm set it up for me. Only Ten years of programming there. Facebook has been riding my rump over 131 days not posting, let me do my job Facebook. Seriously? 131 days, Ten years. To be honest with you I have been writing software for over 30 years. I have been told my Alpha builds, should have been called a Beta build. Let me give you a Alpha build of Ultimate Edition 5.9 Server. Just maybe & I do mean maybe Distrowatch may open their eyes. Did you know at one point we were the #4 distro downloaded on the entire planet? If I would have kept going we would have been #1. We have Millions of users, not Billions yet. Opening a server line we will see Billions.

I do want you to understand what we are playing with here. In my house, it is straight up the bomb. Awards my smart TV’s with content Netflix would be envious of. I do grant you I have more space then most. Servers in the basement are chewing up power unforgivably, spitting webpages and data to the Net & household. Moving Gigabits through the air and the same hardlined. I grant you I am a extreme case for data & data flow. Do you see the positives here? I try to ignore the negatives. Try it and provide me your feedback, please understand this is not a final product. Yes, I am about to unleash a game changer.


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