I am coming to get you!

by on Dec.02, 2018, under Hosting, Linux, Ultimate Edition

First I know first hand what Gigabit internet means firsthand. Millions of downloads of Ultimate Edition will soon be history. I upgraded my personal internet to Gigabit, actually the wife paid for xmas. My GOD was my initial thought. I am according to the tech 1 in 50 installations he has done. Initially I seen 250 down and 40 up. I was good with that. Had me jack it into the JackHammer directly to remove the router as a factor. It was on like Donkey Kong I have never in my entire life downloaded a file as fast as I have seen. I grant you I have shoved files between servers even faster then what in infer. I could download any O/S I have ever wrote in 30 seconds or less, well minus the bluray version. Crazy is it not?

Why did I title this post as I am coming to get you? My computer is very fast, I had to time a screenie. I am going to let you know the server comes online it is all over but the crying. My bottleneck is gone.

Ouch less than 1/2 speed?

I could be wrong.

Does that make Sourceforge slow? Think about that next time you want to talk smack about Sourceforge. I want you to also embrace the 1,000’s that are doing the same as I just did.


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