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I have to come back to reality. I grant you RepoStorm (formerly RepoMaster) has advanced in multi-folds since then (yes that is in 2014). It now processes entire repositories in a single stroke.

I spent so much time I hate the application, does it do it’s job? Yes, absolutely. Why do I hate it? When you write a single function wipes out sometimes 1/2 a million errors in one stroke, love it for that. It is the errors I can not fix w/o re-building the developers software, could I sure & i mean from the source code level. I have already written it for 7 years I am done.

Patenting gave me shit for trying to patent it, they can fuck off. What I actually I have is better. I do not have to release it, how would you like if I use my software to stoke the planet? Should I charge each developer or each O/S developer? Do you see where I am at? Sorry, there is the Cocky coming out on me. I am pissed they fucked with me.

I can build an Open Source Operating System with all errors fixed. Only one on the planet, using my software. Things turn around quite quickly.

I would prefer to run a O/S with an extra 1/4 of a million errors (fill in names here), it is not rocket science. This is not my first Rodeo & I do know what I am doing. I deliberately left out your names, no slander here today.

My sister may disagree, next year I have been writing software for 40 years. This is easily traceable, I started writing Ultimate Edition Operating Systems in 2006. All you care about is Linux based O/S’s? Lets pull back, prior. I used to write software for Windows, DOS as well basic to be honest I have wrote software in ASM, Delphi, Easy Amos, Logo & a bunch of programming languages I prefer to forget. Assembler is all I care to remember. C000 in hex is 49152 in decimal.

Did you know a application that is less then 100,000 lines in code takes out Millions on Millions of applications & it is not for dinner. Guess who owns that application. It is not the Patent Office, they had their chance.

The Patent officer told me that. You do not have to release it. What I write, things change. Now, I have to question weather I want to be a prick. I would have never had the time to finish it minus covid & being laid off. I see a new TMOSB coming.

Thanks COVID-19.


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