Here it comes, brace yourself.

by on Oct.30, 2018, under Cloud Storage, Debian, Gamers, Hosting, Linux, Programming, Server, Themes, Ubuntu, Ultimate Edition

Today I was asked if TheeMahn’s O/S builder (tmosb) would build a Unity based Operating System, after all it built a Gnome Based Operating System the other day (Something I have not done in years). Well, it is indeed on the list. Pantheon is not in the GUI (Graphical User Interface) yet. I am still writing it in Python. tmosb will build 5,460 Operating systems when I am done click, click and done to your liking.

Please give me a minute, I am building Operating Systems sometimes 260 at a time & writing software as it is doing it.

It will get really nasty when I introduce repostorm into the mix. A bug free (Autonomously fixed) Operating System.

It does not take 1,000 programmers, it takes one years to do it right. Eliminate human error.

Take a breather, a bunch is coming.


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