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Does things exist?

Postby TheeMahn » Sat Jan 02, 2016 12:18 am
I started dropping O/S’s with the quickness (actually TMOSB did). Did Ultimate Edition 4.5 exist yes, it was a internal testing product (you can build it yourself with TMOSB). When you see me skip O/S’s by version it is with good reason. I do have to say I probably should not have skipped Ultimate Edition 4.8. It was tight, however when the updates started rolling in completely stopped functioning. I try not to fly by night here in Ultimate Edition land.

The Ultimate Edition 5.0 that is available in alpha form I have installed and ran, however once again is not a final product & issues present themselves same as Ultimate Edition 4.8. I highly suggest you do not install it at the alpha stage. It was phenomenally faster then the Ultimate Edition 4.2.3 I currently run. We are here to advance the operating system are we not? I have things in works to protect your privacy as others give it away. I feel you should be able to browse the internet UN-encumbered & mean that across the board. Ultimate Edition does not monitor anything you do on the internet.

Ultimate Edition Developers

Ultimate Edition Developers

I am not here to give away trade “secrets”, however my intentions are to build an O/S I am happy with in hopes that you too will. I love new toys, soon to be a part of the Ultimate Edition Family. A developers edition? I have recently purchased a Andoer Rbox 3368 – 8 Core Android & yesterday a Quad Core PC, with 64GB SSD & 4K support with Windows 10. Rest assured will run Ultimate Edition. I can put in the palm of my hand. Amazing the miniaturization of today’s computers.

I have moved thousands of posts on the forum, archived them as we move forward. I noticed as I did so, a single post has been viewed 1/2 a million times. Crazy is it not? We have 10 fold the traffic here. Feel free to give me feedback, Happy New Years!!!


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    All I ask is that you make the Printers and Software Library installed as standard equipment. Also, I prefer Mate to KDE by 1000 to 1. Craig

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    Hello great work on Ultimate Edition 4.2.3 but I don’t setup my nvidia drivers (like 355.x driver).
    I’m glad and happy you continue your work about UE 4.2-4.2.3 lite and continue UE 4.6 x64 xfce (in my xfce not work logoff keys:( and sleep mode rest is good:)
    Happy new Year! and great work on Ultimate:)

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    I have Yet to be able to install Any of the 4.6-5.0 builds even running stock speeds what up with you lately working on Android when the regular counterparts are suffering from No Updated Code….

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    Not trying to be disrespectful but i thought we tested and Fixed before we released and im sure ubuntu’s updates has allot to do with recent problems….

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