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PlayOnLinux Guide

PlayOnLinux is a great piece of software just like Ultamatix that allowsyou to download and install some of the best softwares includinggames of Microsoft world to your Linux machines.

Here is a complete illustrated guide of PlayonLinux that will get you started in few minutes only and you will be enjoying best of the worlds within no time.

Before starting with it we would advise you to update and upgrade your machine so as to avoid any driver or software related troubles. You can do this by typing in terminal

sudo aptget update && upgrade.

Now to install PlayOnLinux on your machine type

sudo aptget install playonlinux or use Synaptic.

To keep the guide simple and comprehensive we have given you extensive collection of screenshots that will make you familiar with PlayOnLinux very easily and in no time. Afte.

So lets get started...

Ok now let's install Winamp. Cool.....yes it is!

Enjoy !!!