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by on May.21, 2020, under Ultimate Edition

I got tired of building and destroying my work, because I overloaded the O/S to fit on a DVD. I let my Icon set go (19,000 of them), we are not here for pretty Icons, right? We are here to play games. A huge and I mean huge collection of games on a single DVD using maximum compression on mate a lite O/S (more games). I can scroll on a 4K screen, yes there is that many games. These are not tiny games, some are most are not. Linux has 20 GB in compress format games, you probably did not know that. I do believe me. after you install it type:

sudo apt-get install game* # you will see

What are we looking at? The first of it’s kind. I did not rob you of a web browser, some applications are essential. I go back to work Saturday, time is not on my side. You can download it from Sourceforge:

Distro: Ultimate Edition 6.6 LTS “Focal Fossa” – Release x64 (20200521)
FileName: ultimate-edition-6.6-x64-gamers-mate.iso
FileSize: 4,351,467,520 bytes (4.3 GB)
Desktop Environment: Mate
MD5Sum: eedde02b8273e7458f887c8006168692
Type: Gamers
Installed Size: 9,830,129,664 bytes. (First pass), probably closer to 40 GB – the ISO was roughly 2.0 GB, when that was recorded.

I will eventually to reflect that in “buildiso” function to re-caclulate it everytime. What is crazy? I told no-one and 75 people have already downloaded it. Today 06/03/20: 4,871 X 4.4 GB? That is 21 Terabytes in short order & only one O/S. I am excluding any traffic I have seen or any other Operating System I have currently written.



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