Developers in the house?

by on Mar.10, 2020, under Ultimate Edition

I am uploading makes me feel like dial-up. You guys have stoked our servers over the “Lite”.

Let me fix this. I do understand why you are doing it.

Let’s toss them on Sourceforge servers as well a beta. You guys are beating our servers to death. I did not official release “Lite” & we are taking a beating.

Still 2 hours to upload it. I could delete the file on our server and things will pick right up. I am not going to do that to you right now. Yes, I will delete it after I have it mirrored.

How many Games can you put on a DVD? You will soon find out.
I just uploaded your lite – which is actually the opposite Server to server & is being mirrored.

sent 4,333,759,621 bytes received 35 bytes 23,877,463.67 bytes/sec
total size is 4,332,701,696 speedup is 1.00

One is already being mirrored.

To be honest both. I did not want the 6.6 lite released. I need to get you off my servers. You do want me to do my job right? As harsh as this sounds I have Millions upon millions of downloads and Petabytes of data. I wrote software for Exabytes. Wrote software for YettaBytes, do you know what that is? That as an entire earth we are heading. Zetta I have not written, honesty.

Did you know the world is looking at 7 Nanometer tech. Picotech is next. 5 NM is coming. 3 nm do you think they are heading to ZERO? Once exceeded Pico tech. I know electronics on a heavy level.

mirrororing across 32 servers.

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