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by on Nov.05, 2018, under Debian, Gamers, Hosting, Linux, Programming, Ubuntu, Ultimate Edition

I have the ability to build 5,000+ Operating Systems at a time, so do you. I was asked what would repostorm introduce?
I almost bet you do not know what Repostorm is. It’s only job is to fix errors in any application. It is a application I have been writing for years. I was asked today about how it works:
I like to “try” & control Repostorm, you can think all day long, why is it bad if Repostorm comes into my current O/S? Repostorm may have been analyzing and fixing errors in /ultimate-edition.6.1-x86 folder, tmosb crashes, not repostorm. Repostom does not stop it drops into my 64 bit O/S and starts tearing shit up. Has happened to me more than once. I do build Operating Systems.

When Repostorm is installed as a service impossible, works like Anti-virus software. Before a application is installed scans for errors and automatically fixes them.

A bug free Operating System coming? Be glad it only trashes my Operating Systems as I build them. I hope you know tmosb can build over 5,000 of them at a time.


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    I need your help, in UUE 5.8, live CD works well, but after installing, it remains stuck on the blue XFCE screen loading and does not start, any solution?

    Thanks in advance!

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      Ultimate Edition 5.8 xfce is a bad build, sorry ran perfectly live. Mr. Breeg was the first one to tell me. I can remove it, however I am looking to straight up replace it. The server in the basement is currently building 261 Operating Systems back to back for the past 3 days. I have rectified a bunch of problems in software. These are exciting times. I just booted ultimate-edition-6.0-x64-gamers-kde.iso something I had zero intention of ever building, guess what runs perfectly & yes it installs. I re-wrote the theme for Ultimate Edition 6.0. You may wonder why, to add LXDE support. The app can build over 5,000 Operating Systems. I am still fixing bugs as per each DE. XFCE is next, I get these few bugs smashed. You are looking at a Game changing application.

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