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by on Nov.05, 2018, under Debian, Gamers, Hosting, Linux, Programming, Ubuntu, Ultimate Edition

I have the ability to build 5,000+ Operating Systems at a time, so do you. I was asked what would repostorm introduce?
I almost bet you do not know what Repostorm is. It’s only job is to fix errors in any application. It is a application I have been writing for years. I was asked today about how it works:
I like to “try” & control Repostorm, you can think all day long, why is it bad if Repostorm comes into my current O/S? Repostorm may have been analyzing and fixing errors in /ultimate-edition.6.1-x86 folder, tmosb crashes, not repostorm. Repostom does not stop it drops into my 64 bit O/S and starts tearing shit up. Has happened to me more than once. I do build Operating Systems.

When Repostorm is installed as a service impossible, works like Anti-virus software. Before a application is installed scans for errors and automatically fixes them.

A bug free Operating System coming? Be glad it only trashes my Operating Systems as I build them. I hope you know tmosb can build over 5,000 of them at a time.


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