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by on May.17, 2020, under Ultimate Edition

I just installed Ultimate Edition 6.6 Developer on my main rig. As an ISO is only 4.3 GB (4,314,519,552 bytes to be exact), however sucked up close to 50 GB once installed & is downloading 1.7 GB of updates & I just built it. It took me about 1/2 an hour to install on high end hardware. I fired up Pithos (Pandora Client) to listen to tunes as it installed. I am forewarning you it takes a long time to install. I just upgraded to an X570 Asus Hero VIII 2 or 3 days ago. Still on water 360mm cooling.
Installing 6.6 Developer
Finished Installation

You may wonder how the hell did I fit 50GB of data on a 4.7 GB DVD?
tmosb –build ultimate-edition-6.6-developer-x64.iso defaultde=kde kde compression=maximum -YES

Large and in charge

I let it finish, was probably roughly 2 GB in size, then I “Modified” it.
tmosb –modify ultimate-edition-6.6-developer-x64/ edge #edge=”cutting edge”

tmmount –add full
tmmount –add lite
tmmount –add server
tmmount –add wine
tmmount –add extra
tmmount –theme 6.6
tmmount –dist-upgrade

exited the chroot environment with: exit #(which resets sources to LTS – Long Term Supported)
Built the ISO with tmosb –buildiso ultimate-edition-6.6-developer-x64.iso compression=maximum

Filesize? I did tell you above.
md5sum ultimate-edition-6.6-x64-developer.iso
f782e3363599b017e6b203f6efcec0ff ultimate-edition-6.6-x64-developer.iso
Default Desktop Environment is KDE
You can download it from SourceForge.

Using the command: tmosb –build ultimate-edition-6.6-x64-developer.iso kde defaultde=kde compression=maximum -YES
on Sun Mar 8 16:07:19 EDT 2020 by theemahn on JackHammer

Source Build platform:

JackHammer is an AMD Ryzen 9 3950X 16-Core Processor resonating at 4725 MHz
CPU Core(s) / Thread(s): 32
MEMORY: 16384620 bytes
HOST ARCH: 64 bit
DISTRIB_DESCRIPTION=”Ultimate Edition 6.6 Server LTS”

Installed Size: 10,539,712,512 bytes. <<- do not buy into that, after re-built is close to 50GB.

I want you to be aware I have been writing a frontend Graphical User Interface (GUI) for a new program called Ventoy for Linux based Operating Systems & it is off the chain. I can load hundreds of Operating Systems on a single thumbdrive as an ISO, no conversion no extraction required. I used Ventoy to install Ultimate Edition 6.6 Developer off a PNY Pro Elite 256GB thumbdrive at 400 MB/s and still took half an hour I want you to be very aware installation is VERY SLOW. The end resolve is phenomenal.

You can download the Linux Version from our UETOYS folder. Yes, I see longpanda has released a newer version & yes once again I will update the deb. Great guy.

I do know what you want. Gamers, Lite, etc. If I do not have my software, how can I build that for you? I am taking care of developers first.

Imagine a 50GB Gamers on a DVD? Give me time. I am a “Game” Changer. I have been building Operating Systems since 2006, think about that.

Did you know? I send information across my local network faster then any locally raided Hard disks also on 10 Gigabit USB 3.1 Gen2 (raided) . I am on dual 10 Gigabit fiber optic. Networking over a Gigabyte a second, not Gigabit. Data flows, up in here. I am fixing errors at that same speed.


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