Ultimate Edition 3.9

by on Apr.08, 2014, under Linux, Ubuntu, Ultimate Edition

Time is has never been on my side, this is no exception. I am dumping Ultimate Edition 3.9 to the public. I am not going to make a big deal about it. I have had nothing, but pretty much good feedback on it. I am not even going to spend the time updating / upgrading it. I will be doing some catch up over the next few weeks when time is availible. Let’s get UE 3.9 behind us, so I can focus on the future.

sending incremental file list
2877493248 100% 12.53MB/s 0:03:38 (xfer#1, to-check=0/1)

sent 2877844627 bytes received 31 bytes 12324816.52 bytes/sec
total size is 2877493248 speedup is 1.00
[rhyme]$ md5sum ultimate-edition-3.9-x*
21adb908287cd2f7bc80b15262fb8da1 ultimate-edition-3.9-x64.iso
a3b9895970d5235a914c590a1181934e ultimate-edition-3.9-x86.iso
theemahn@JackHammer:/media/4TBRaid0/Copy/Ultimate Edition/Public/Operating Systems$ ls -la ultimate-edition-3.9-x*
-rw-r–r– 1 theemahn theemahn 2877493248 Jan 30 22:54 ultimate-edition-3.9-x64.iso
-rw-r–r– 1 theemahn theemahn 2966786048 Jan 31 09:30 ultimate-edition-3.9-x86.iso
theemahn@JackHammer:/media/4TBRaid0/Copy/Ultimate Edition/Public/Operating Systems$


Release Name: Ultimate Edition 3.9
Architecture: x64 (64 bit)
Release Base: Ultimate Edition 3.8 (13.04 Raring Ringtail tree)
Environment(s): KDE (default), Mate 1.6.0
Filesize: 2.9 GB (2,877,493,248 bytes)
MD5SUM: 21adb908287cd2f7bc80b15262fb8da1


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Release Name: Ultimate Edition 3.9
Architecture: x86 (32 bit)
Release Base: Ultimate Edition 3.8 (13.04 Raring Ringtail tree)
Environment(s): KDE (default), Mate 1.6.0
Filesize: 3.0 GB (2966786048 bytes)
MD5SUM: d7e6965842f02732c97e0211288c56f0

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Ultimate Edition 4.2 Beta

by on Mar.30, 2014, under Linux, Ubuntu, Ultimate Edition

I am relinquishing this build to the public. The more feed back you provide a better end resulting product. I find it to be pretty much flawless in design, minus a few theme issues. Your milage may very. I can not stress this enough, please provide feedback.

What is Ultimate Edition 4.2 Lite? Based on a debootstrapped Ubuntu Trust Thar tree (14.04) a Long Term Supported (LTS) release. With Mate 1.8 and many of the toys you have came to love with Ultimate Edition in the past.

Public Access: Copy or Sourceforge

Admin, Beta Testers and Donors can download it from

They are the same file, just faster to download from the test server. This release HAS NOT been Repostormed yet.

This is NOT a final product, however your feedback is appriciated.

It has been built 4 times since this video was taken.


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UE Love!!!

by on Mar.21, 2014, under Linux, Themes, Ubuntu, Ultimate Edition

I was browsing and found that a user had extended the Ultimate Edition Cursor Pack and added the colors of Green and Orange. I pulled them down and extended / debianized the the Ultimate Edition Cursor Pack. I love it when a Ultimate Edition user spends the time necessary to extend a helping hand.


In the screenie above, we have alot going on. I have been extending the application repairtheme and running it against what will be Ultimate Edition 4.2′s theme a LTS (Long Term Supported) release. We will have a perfect theme, when I am done. It does have errors still remaining. I am writing code to stroke across it and clean them up as well.

You can download the debianized version from our website

Thanks Mark,


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A perfect Mate 1.8?

by on Mar.17, 2014, under Linux, Programming, Ubuntu, Ultimate Edition

A perfect, bulletproof Mate 1.8 coming to Ultimate Edition? I have been Repostorming the entire Mate 1.8 repository.
A clip of Repostorm in action:

In case you do not know what repostorm is the manual: Repostorm

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UE 4.3 Already?

by on Mar.08, 2014, under Linux, Programming, Ultimate Edition

I have released Ultimate Edition 4.3 to donors, admin and beta testers for testing an excerpt Notification sent to 324 user(s).:

    THIS INFO WILL BE UPDATED AS I APROACH A FINAL RELEASE. What is Ultimate Edition 4.3?  Ultimate Edition 4.3 was built from scratch using tmosb (TheeMahn’s Operating System Builder). Ultimate Edition 4.3 was built from the Ubuntu 14.04 Trusty Tahr tree a LTS (Long Term Supported) release.  KDE Desktop has been added, however XFCE is currently set as default DE (Desktop Environment) 03/08/14: If I were to place a status on this release I would call it in between a Alpha and a Beta.

    This release runs as my current main O/S, I have done alot since the installation. I did add the mate desktop (currently non-existant) in the trusty branch. Here is how I did so It has not been officially announced, yet I can see at time of this post the server has seen about 7 Terabytes of transfer, so I am sure users have figured out how to add the repository. The packages have not been repostormed on the server, but have been on my personal PC. I find the release to be quite stable, however lacks good theming at this point in time. The UE 4.3 theme is in the O/S, just not set as default yet. Alot of work remain in the construction of this O/S and would prefer tmosb construct the OS without my intervention. Time will tell. The tool has alot more work ahead in it’s construction as well.

I look forward to your feedback,


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Ultimate Edition your way!!!

by on Feb.23, 2014, under Linux, Programming, Ubuntu, Ultimate Edition

A new tool and a couple of domains in construction are inbound: No, it does not just build Ultimate Edition Operating systems Both sites will land you at the same place. I’m currently uploading data. Please stand by.

Both domain are NOT hosted through the same company as Ultimate Edition websites are hosted through. I have deliberatly done this to curb the server load and continue to provide support for Ultimate Edition. In writing the tool, 1 user I remind you, I chewed up over a Terabyte of bandwidth. I have purchased the hosting for a year, unlimited bandwidth, unlimited storage space. I have learned over the years there is no such thing. NTL, hopefully it is there to stay. Once the tool is released, I personally look forward to seeing other people incarnation of what they feel an Operating System should be.

If you have no idea what I am talking about you can read more about the tool here. Be sure to read the whole thread, to see the tools progression.

I have full intentions of releasing Ultimate Edition 3.9 x64 built by hand and a Ultimate Edition 3.9 x86 built with this tool and 0 intervention on my part.


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Dual monitors?

by on Feb.17, 2014, under Linux, Programming, Ultimate Edition

Dual monitors under Ultimate Edition? Touchscreen support?

A revised toy is here to assist. Originally written by me in 2012 revisited today ;)

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A new toy!!!

by on Jan.16, 2014, under Linux, Programming, Ultimate Edition

Well not so new, it is built into Ultimate Edition 3.8, 3.9 & 4.0. The toy? ThumbOS, I have enhanced the tool to also support Windows® 7 operating system, no testing has been done on 8, 8.1 etc. at this point. It has more then doubled the size of code by doing so. I could essentially write it to support Mac etc. I do want to go through it with a fine tooth comb prior to releasing the source code to the public. I also want to ensure no-one hoses thier hard disk using the tool.

In order to see the video of what the tool is doing it is best to view in full screen, preferably HD.

More information source code and download are available here.

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Better late then never

by on Dec.20, 2013, under Linux, Programming, Themes

I have had a slew and I do mean a slew of request as well as complaints that our themelinux site downloads do not work etc. I do have an itinery and working on that site was certainly not one on the list. I almost forgot second to writing software in C+ I hate writing webpages. It has taken me greater then a year to get around to it, but I have spent the last 2 days bringing it somewhat up to par and consider it my gift to you. I have every Ultimate Edition theme there availible for download minus Ultimate Edition 3.9. I also have 30 additional beautiful themes to add that have been run though my grinder repair theme tool.

I am now going on what I consider a vacation from the computer. I does not mean I will not touch one, but I will not be writing software or building Operating Systems. I have full intentions of spending time with family and friends for the Holidays. I do want to extend a Happy Holidays to you. I hope you too do the same spend your time with family and friends.

Happy Holidays,


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A new Copy for you.

by on Dec.17, 2013, under Hosting, Linux, Programming, Ubuntu, Ultimate Edition

Happy Holidays from the Ultimate Edition Team. First a huge thanks to Sourceforge & Baracuda Networks Copy. They have provided I’m sure into the Petabytes of traffic & remained up to the best of my knowledge. Copy is awesome. They are currently hosting 377.8 GB of Ultimate Edition Goodness, yet our usage is 156.1 GB of 1.1 Terabytes total. I have taken the time to debianize thier newest Copy application version 1.40.0196.

We are providing it for download, this isn’t even in recently released Ultimate Edition 3.8. Even though Ultimate Edition technically does not need the extra space, I am providing a referal link. This way if you have not signed up with Copy you can get an extra 5GB of space, 20 GB in total, for free!!!

New version availiable for download

Version 1.40.0196

One of the things I noticed when I downloaded the tar.gz from Copy’s website is the introduction of an arm based application. I have taken the liberty of building it into a deb as well, however I am not going to release it until I have physically ran and tested the application on the MK 809 III. The MK 809 III has not currently arrived, they have until the 19th of December to deliver. I have already built an Operating System for it I am itching to test. ;)

Release name: Linux Copy Client
Architecture: AMD64 (64 bit)
Version: 1.40.0196
Size: 18.5 MB (18,549,584 bytes)
Download: Download

Release name: Linux Copy Client
Architecture: i386 (32 bit)
Version: 1.40.0196
Size: 18.5 MB (18,515,496 bytes)
Download: Download

You do not get 20 GB of space until you:

  • 1. Sign up
  • 2. Verify your email address.
  • 3. Install one of the above applications

If you use Windows, iOS, Android, Mac you can get the client from the Copy website. Once you have your own account you can refer others to get both you and them an extra 5GB, what a wonderful deal for free. Just how good is Copy? I tried sharing a single Ultimate Edition ISO, I believe Ultimate Edition 2.6.8 x64 on DropBox and was shutdown the same day I uploaded it. I shared it with a few people on our forums, a small amount of traffic compared to the traffic this website sees. Have you seen how many ISO’s Copy hosts for us?

Enjoy your free webspace & Happy Holidays,


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