Let’s not Meltdown…

by on Jan.13, 2018, under Ultimate Edition

A security vulnerability has hit the net. I have never worried about trojans, virii my entire life building O/S’s, today is a new animal. Impressive, most impressive Darth Vader. What we are dealing with is massive. Every O/S / device on the planet will be effected by this individual that wrote it, like I said impressive. I have written Virus’s err Virii, never to impose on the planet.

Let’s try and make things better here in Ultimate Edition Land.

I have seen my main rig lock over the same, I have a server sitting across the room, absolutely unaffected by the onslaught. Why? Newer kernel than my main rig. It is being addressed on multiple levels.

Lets start here, a newer server version has been released Ultimate Edition 5.7.1 LTS Server (it is a long term supported release). Legion our 32 core was in the mix of building you a new release, it too will not be affected by the vulnerability.

Welcome aboard Ultimate Edition 5.6 Gamers. Before you ask, yes there will be a rebuild on Ultimate Edition 5.6 (5.6.1) & plain Jane Ultimate Edition 5.7 to 5.7.1.

If you are running any Linux based Operating System open a terminal:

sudo apt-get dist-upgrade

If it pulls down and installs a kernel higher or equal to 4.13.0-29-generic, after you reboot you will be fine.

We like data here:

Distro: Ultimate Edition
Version: 5.6
KERNEL: 4.13.0-29-generic
LTS (Long term supported): Yes
Data Preparer:
Data Publisher: TMOSB
Type: Gamers
Default Desktop Environment(DE): Mate
Isoname: ultimate-edition-5.6-x64-gamers.iso
Installed Size: 13,254,070,272 bytes.
Ultimate Edition 5.6 Gamers LTS “Artful Aardvark” – Release amd64 (20180113)
Build logs:
URL: http://ultimateedition.info/Ultimate_Edition_/

Please note: The above url, may not work if the release has not been made public.

We like data.

root@learnlnux:/home/legion/wip2# ls -la /var/www/html/ultimate-edition-5.6-x64-gamers.iso
-rw-r–r– 1 www-data www-data 3996680192 Jan 13 19:40 /var/www/html/ultimate-edition-5.6-x64-gamers.iso
root@learnlnux:/home/legion/wip2# md5sum /var/www/html/ultimate-edition-5.6-x64-gamers.iso
3e841e2a3e30e79453046d1759774af9 /var/www/html/ultimate-edition-5.6-x64-gamers.iso

Yes, I have your back, so does sourceforge.


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Hosting has transitioned.

by on Jan.06, 2018, under Ultimate Edition

New hosting has transpired on multiple levels. I got rid of Godaddy << They do not deserve a link and uploaded gigs of data to our new hosting company Dreamhost & our last website is still transitioning, probably the heaviest in bandwidth too BTW.

While most would ask on multiple levels? We will let the storm calm down as transitioning is is taking place. I want you to know when you are hacking me, yes we have a “Hackers Challenge” coming solely on Legion our 32 core server. I will personally host that challenge. Things will get Harry. There can be only one.

Please wait for details. I can hear 10 fans wind up at 10,000 RPMS. I hear you knocking, but you can not come in. YET!!!

Thanks DreamHost. I do believe mains database is still hosted through Godaddy. I will fix that too.


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by on Jan.04, 2018, under Ultimate Edition

Extortion is a massive word in my vocabulary. We were on Godaddy for years. I will not deny we see massive traffic. The largest file I now host and I may host that on our own custom server is tmosb, Zero Operating Systems with exception a beta tester here and there. Each and every year they raise the amount I must pay them for hosting. I use less & less bandwidth and they charge me more? I call that Extortion. They thought I would not move Gigabytes of data to move to a new hosting company? We are talking multiple domains. I do not like extra work. I took the shaft on that in the past, no more.

New hosting is en-route, please try and put yourselves in my shoes. The forum is down right now, wont stay that way.

You are under new hosting right now (this very website), the forum is the only one truly down. I have assurance that will be up in 48 hours.


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Welcome On-board Ultimate Edition 5.7

by on Dec.31, 2017, under Ultimate Edition

Welcome On-board Ultimate Edition 5.7 officially, both Ultimate Edition 5.7 & Ultimate Edition 5.7 Server.

The server is also online now. DNS (Domain Name Services) are being resolved to http://learnlnux.com, please allow up to 48 hours to fully propagate.

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Thanks TechCrunch

by on Dec.30, 2017, under Ultimate Edition

TechCrunch, wrote an article about our Ultimate Edition Gamers, thanks TechCrunch.

Benjamin_Breeg aka Wayne McGinnis, just installed Ultimate Edition 5.7 Server on Legion-one (Our AMD 32 Core Server), it is currently uploading Ultimate Edition 5.7 X64 Server to Sourceforge. I have not set it in place for the “Hackers Challange” yet, so please cool your jets. Webpage has being written for Ultimate Edition 5.7



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How can this possibly change UE?

by on Dec.28, 2017, under Ultimate Edition

The server is sitting right next to my desk, I want you to think.


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Today is not the day.

by on Dec.23, 2017, under Ultimate Edition

I have told you I have a 1U Server unit inbound. Will be here Wednesday. You gentlemen have hacked my DVR / Security system. I told you not to do this, yet you consistently did that. We have the kind of hackers that are relentless. I drop your IP and I can promise you quit for your lifetime.

Do not hack my rig until I put a server online. I will make you well aware when I want you to hack my rig, today is not the day.

I have been moving data from one hosting company to the next:

8,000 page views in one day. We see 10X that here. You would like to think that is 88,000 views per day (129,737) registered users just here. We have a forum too. We see Millions across the board.

It is hard to maintain.

I am going to busy for a minute. Go check out http://learnlnux.com/ You will hit my main rig. I will let you know when it is time to hack me.

It is coming please calm down. for a sec.

Main O/S: Builder of O/S Guess.
Mainboard: ASUS Hero VI (AM4)
CPU: AMD 1700X water cooled (Deepcool Captain Genome Cooling tower)
Ram: 16 GB GSkill Trident RGB Series Dual Channel DDR4 3200
Video: MSI RX470 8GB Gaming card.
Hard Disks: Over 50 TB total Mechanical and Multiple SSD’s. (Sans Digital 32TB raid tower – dual Esata)
Raid: Onboard 0 used, Multiple NAS’s on Gigabit AC wireless 3200 (Netgear X6 r8000)
Monitors: 4K Samsung 28″, HannsG HH281, Various others
750 Watt modular PSU (Rosswell)
1100 Watt Amp & 4 X 600 Watt speakers

Funny, I watched those 600 watt speakers shake the light bulbs out of my ceiling fan in the man-cave today.


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Moving on.

by on Dec.22, 2017, under Ultimate Edition

I have began moving a singular, dual website. Both will land you to the same. http://os-builder.com & http://uebuilder.com I have downloaded solidly in excess a Terabyte, we are changing hosting companies. Godaddy has been extortionately been raising costs for years. I have fixed it, perhaps permanently.

I had to write software to “fix” it, you know I love arrays:

declare -a SERVER=();
declare -a USERPASS=();
SERVER=(‘rockamd.db.10515754.hostedresource.com’ ‘ultimate22.db.10515754.hostedresource.com’ ‘dow1604804582068.db.10515754.hostedresource.com’ ‘osbuilder.db.10515754.hostedresource.com’ ‘testue.db.10515754.hostedresource.com’
‘uedonors.db.10515754.hostedresource.com’ ‘repostorm.db.10515754.hostedresource.com’ ‘ultamatix.db.10515754.hostedresource.com’ ‘ultimateplayer.db.10515754.hostedresource.com’ ‘themelinux.db.10515754.hostedresource.com’ ‘forumubuntu.db.10515754.hostedresource.com’ ‘dow1304409265529.db.10515754.hostedresource.com’)
USERPASS=(‘rockamd’ ‘ultimate22’ ‘dow1604804582068’ ‘osbuilder’ ‘testue’ ‘uedonors’ ‘repostorm’ ‘ultamatix’ ‘ultimateplayer’ ‘themelinux’ ‘forumubuntu’ ‘dow1304409265529’)

if ! [[ -d DATABASES ]]; then
for EACH in “${SERVER[@]}”
echo “Processing $EACH”
echo “Command: mysqldump -p -h “$EACH” -u “$UP” “$UP” > DATABASES/”$UP”.sql”
mysqldump -p -h “$EACH” -u “$UP” “$UP” > DATABASES/”$UP”.sql
array_counter=$((array_counter + 1))

I am uploading a 18GB compressed file for gamers, UETOYS are next, followed through with apps. We are still dealing with one website, how many do we own?

This is where I want the hosting site to wake up. I send you a few Million users, straight up don’t charge me. I have had hosting companies send me checks. GoDaddy is not one of them, they year after year raise the amount I pay. You do realise I am working on a Operating System for servers? I may host out of my house.

As far as hosting? I am probably the worst individual you would ever want to mess with. Take a deep breath.


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Server hardware inbound

by on Dec.16, 2017, under Ultimate Edition

What was $320.00 including shipping in September has turned into $410.00. I blame you guys for that 😉
Estimated delivery Thursday, Dec 21, 2017 – Friday, Dec 29, 2017

AMD 32 Core Server

I have started writing a post for Ultimate Edition 5.7 Server. I would appreciate it if you took some time to review what I have written. If there is anything further that you would like to know about Ultimate Edition 5.7 Server please let me know and I will expand the article.


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Ultimate Edition Server is coming.

by on Dec.08, 2017, under Ultimate Edition

    I thought I would take the time to share progress on Ultimate Edition 5.7 Server. They say a picture says 1,000 words, let me dump a few thousand to you, you can never have enough media. Pictures taken of my 55″ 4K TV downstairs it has a Roku integrated with wireless AC:

Ultimate Edition MediaTomb Media Server

MiniDLNA Media Server

Kodi media Server

    I think media is well taken care of, let’s move forward. Apache? We have to have a webserver, you guys have viewed a few thousand pages off it since I put it online.

Yes, we do have built in stats.

    Tons of tools for tracking and monitoring the condition of your server. Why not a central hub to control virtually every aspect of your server?

Webmin is built in.

    Enhanced software? I have been quite busy writing software, multiple applications are being enhanced specifically for the server environment. Nasup being one. Why not scan your network and auto mount any share or NAS (Network Attached Storage) device? I do not believe any Linux on the planet offers such a feature 😉 Please feel free to correct me.

Nasup 2.0.1

Nasup 2.0.1

Nasup 2.0.1

    I did say applications right?

New Conky builder inbound with NAS Support.

    I can assure you I have left out more then I have introduced to you today, this Operating System has consumed me. I have never spent the kind of time I have spent in learning networking and pre-setting up your server for you. I can assure you blood sweat and tears are still going into development of this O/S. This is no small task, I can assure you with the highest regard.

I look forward to your feedback when released. I want you to enjoy this: http://theemahn.mynetgear.com/aghddsjgh.


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