Who has their shit together?

by on May.01, 2020, under Ultimate Edition

That would be libc the basis of much software in Linux in general.

We have built a totally perfect deb.
Recursively removing libc6-dev-sparc64-cross_2.31-0ubuntu7cross1_all/ since we have a perfect deb.
Moving libc6-dev-sparc64-cross_2.31-0ubuntu7cross1_all.deb to .debs/

Over and over and do not care the architecture, evidently I did fix something all have in common, an exception to the rule:
Warning: W: libc6-hppa-cross: shlib-with-executable-stack usr/hppa-linux-gnu/lib/libutil-2.31.so Logged to all_warnings.txt.
Do we question: NFO: N: 27 tags overridden (23 errors, 4 warnings)

I have seen Googles “Go” Language possess perhaps the most errors. I am not going to fix them. They have phat money, pay someone to do that.

We are moving forward: 46,131 perfect packages & have not launched nfo’s yet on the server, pulling in packages.

Beginning build of libdeal.ii-doc_9.1.1-9build2_all/ 5424 of 17306 deb(s).
Warning: W: libdeal.ii-doc: privacy-breach-generic usr/share/doc/libdeal.ii-doc/html/doxygen/deal.II/step_10.html Logged to all_warnings.txt

Look at the list of effected software on that one. It get’s much heavier when you start looking at it a singular package at a time. Probably over a Million Warnings when you start to think about it that way?

We will talk after Repostorm finishes. 5892 of 17306 deb(s). Right now, a deb every second. Not to say large debs are coming.

Warning: W: libghc-gi-gdk-doc: privacy-breach-generic usr/share/doc/libghc-gi-gdk-doc/html/GI-Gdk-Objects-Cursor.html Logged to all_warnings.txt. Is that on the list? The answer is no.

Let me be clear here, the 46,000+ debs are solidly perfect, zero invention of nfo, chewing the piss out of my server days at a time. That number is growing. Repostorm is chewing up data & fixing your packages. I guess that is the bottom line. No, it is not. Corona, gave me the time to write the software.

I stand corrected:
We have built a totally perfect deb.
Recursively removing libgo-10-dev-sparc64-cross_10-20200411-0ubuntu1cross1_all/ since we have a perfect deb.
Moving libgo-10-dev-sparc64-cross_10-20200411-0ubuntu1cross1_all.deb to .debs/

Non-dev file are error pact, just telling you. Do you remember when I was deliberately fixing Microsoft Visual Studio (VSCODE) errors?

I am processing the entire Ubuntu Focal Repository a LTS (LONG TERM SUPPORTED). I am a bad man. Can you imagine I build a Operating System off the resulting Repository? Only one word: Bulletproof. 6757 of 17,306.
40,018 Perfect deb(s) of 60,890 deb(s) when I started. If I fix one error, does it not make Ultimate Edition better then Ubuntu? I have fixed 1,000’s and thousands. Note the 17,306 what is 60,890 minus 40,018, i can promise you it is not 17,306 as soon as this pass finishes even less.

Thank you Repostorm. Wait until it is embedded in your O/S and fixing packages as they are coming in. My server can take a breather.

Yes, I know my limitations: this function is never (called):
CommandInMenuFileAndDesktopFile () {
cat “${FILE}.deb.errors” | while read ERRORS
FOUND=$(echo “${ERRORS}” | grep “command-in-menu-file-and-desktop-file”)
if [[ “${FOUND}” ]]; then
SCRAP=$(echo “${ERRORS}” | cut -d “:” -f3 | sed “s/ command-in-menu-file-and-desktop-file //g” | cut -d ” ” -f2)
if [[ -f “${FILE}/${SCRAP}” ]]; then
Encapsulate “Removing menu file, since we have a desktop file.”
rm “${FILE}/${SCRAP}”
Encapsulate “File does not exist: ${SCRAP}. Already fixed?”


The command is listed both in a menu file and a desktop file

Per the tech-ctte decision on #741573, this is now prohibited.

Please remove the menu file from the package.


Not Called – fixes 1 Warning and creates 2 warnings via calls from postinst, postrm


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When it rains, it pours.

by on Apr.29, 2020, under Ultimate Edition

I just lost internet after Repostorm building thousands and thousands of debs. Luckily, I did not lose network access & pulled in all those perfect deb(s) it had made. Well over 5,000+ more of them. I rebooted all my networking equipment. Deleted everything from the server over a Million files it was in the middle of processing. Re-uploading now 10 files at a time (well over 100 GB), won’t take that long at 10 Gigabit. Set me back a minute.

I will use the new list of perfect debs to delete the files that needed to be processed, no sense in doing what it has already accomplished. On a positive note. I have been expanding what Repostorm can now fix for the past 2 days as it was finding new errors & writing software to fix them as well. Probably close to 1,000 lines of code. I will upload it to the server first install it and let it resume on a whole lot less packages.

I can promise you some Errors it will never fix. I have 0 intention of downloading the source package and re-building it for them. All of those packages you see listed there for example, I will not fix. I could, but I won’t. I would almost bet money it had fixed over 100,000 errors, before I got the shaft, not even thinking about warnings.

I have adjusted Repostorm to ignore “NFO’s” an “NFO” file is written by the original programmer to say: “Yes, I know the error / warning is there. Does not apply to me, sometimes that is accurate. I am going to take their word for it. The original programmer would have had to Lintian their package to find out, they are conscience to that fact. RepoStorm will go through here forward, Repostorm will view it as a error free, warning free package as perfect. Locally initially, as soon as I install the new Repostorm on the server downstairs.

To be honest, I should not trust them. If Repostorm can fix them, why not? Well that NFO file is still in their package and will cause Lintian to throw an error (not NFO) which ultimately, I would have to write code to catch that as well. I have already written more code then I like. I am smashing Error(s) & Warning(s) at monumental per-portions. You will see.

storage@storage:/media/PCIE4/process/.debs$ ls -la | wc -l
45120 files. That is very accurate(every single package is absolutely perfect), let’s go back a folder.

storage@storage:/media/PCIE4/process$ ls -la | wc -l
17309 (probably many of them I have already fixed). I should have snatched the error logs as well. My loss, Repostorm is running analytical processing again. Less then a hour, that I do not mind (other then each and every package has at least one error /warning). It is the “Days” that bother me.

Repostorm –extract will be done in minutes. Dual (PCIE raided 4.0 NVME drives) This is alot of data we are talking about. Snap gone.

Repostorm –fix will happen in minutes. The build process is slow, does not take advantage of multiple cores or hardware, want me to re-write their software too?

You will eventually get your paws on the software I am writing, hang in there. My goal is near perfection. Do you know what a “ali” file is? I did not know until today. Lintian will actually tell you the error or warning, all I have done is reverse engineer it. Straight up fixed it. Feed me that data.

        find "${EACH}/" -name "*.ali" -type f -exec chmod 0444 {} \; 2>/dev/null

My answer? “${EACH}/” is in a loop BTW, I watched that smash 706 warnings in just one package, BTW a perfect package now.

Understand the “Error” or “Warning” first, write software to circumvent it. That is what Repostorm is doing. I started writing in 2013, good luck catching up with me. Do not forget, I am re-building the Entire Ubuntu Repository. Err RepoStorm is.


BadPermissionsForAliFile () {
cat “${FILE}.deb.errors” | while read ERRORS
FOUND=$(echo “${ERRORS}” | grep “bad-permissions-for-ali-file”)
if [[ “${FOUND}” ]]; then
FILENAME=$(echo “${ERRORS}” | cut -d “:” -f3 | sed “s/ bad-permissions-for-ali-file //g”)
Encapsulate “Setting permissions of ${FTP} to 0444.”
chmod 0444 “${FTP}”

What is an ali file, still don’t know & do not care, I do know they have to have 0444. permissions, which means you can read the file, but can not write to it.

You may think
if [[ -f “${FTP}” ]]; then
would have been a smarter approach, it has already went though 2,800 lines of code at that point & won’t fail. I did add it. I do not want any possibility for failure. How many times does || exit exist? 47 times, I just checked against it.


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Wow, where to start?

by on Apr.25, 2020, under Ultimate Edition

I am soping in thousands of errors at a crack. I refreshed the entire focal repository. I felt I was not doing justice to what Ubuntu has done, I waited for them to create a “LTS” I have re-bounced it to the server in the basement. Data is flowing at rapid succession.

I do jobs, not job thousands at a time. Honesty, not settle well with you? The Wifey is upset at me. I still have a job to do. I will not stop.

From here forward, software will do my job, you are welcome. You can thank me later. I had already written software to detect the over 40,000 of greater then 65,000 packages that were good. I mean this good job gents.

Embrace a perfect O/S when I am done. For years I have been saying that. This is a fact, only take me to fix one error, to better then the competition. What is a few thousands? I just told you 255,000 was there. Watch me squash them. You will wait, I have had a bad day. I got laid off today for the second time.


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Warriors of the world.

by on Apr.19, 2020, under Ultimate Edition

I am at the letter “L”, I will release a report. I will let you know I have seen a bunch of debs being analytically say:

Scanning ./libghc-markdown-unlit-doc_0.5.0-2build2_all.deb for errors. ./libghc-markdown-unlit-doc_0.5.0-2build2_all.deb is a perfect deb. Moving to ./debs/

Great job Gentlemen. It will probably take a day or 2 for it to finish. That is a lot of data. Ubuntu should pay me for the service I am about to provide. The server is no slouch. It is processing those files on raided PCIE4 NVME & 12 cores / 24 threads. A Ryzen 3900X. As the market plunges, where is AMD heading?


40,018 Perfect deb(s) of 60,890 deb(s)
Error(s): 255,009 | Warning(s): 85,068 | Info: 6,441
Extraction of 20,870 deb(s) complete. No errors detected in extraction.
Timer: 1h2m1s (Took over an hour to extract & that is on raid 0 Sabrent Rockets each capable of over 3,000 MB/s write speed)

Now I have to “fix them” and re-build 20,870 debs. So far over 3,000 types of errors fixed. Do not confuse error types and errors. One type of error could have fixed 1,000 errors. I suppose I should add a “TOTALERRORSFIXED” variable then I would know before I have to re-build them. We will know in a few days. Like I said in the previous post, this is a long process. I need to buy an Epyc 😉

I will not wipe out 255,009 Error(s), Yes, Repostorm fixes “Warnings” as well. If I get rid of just one Error, is Ultimate Edition Linux not better then Ubuntu? I will not tell you where I am at. It is in the Thousands error wise, 100K of errors / warnings in one swipe, we are going to swipe it 3 X.

The worst error: dir-or-file-in-opt opt Almost 30,000 errors, even after I fixed their initial errors. Why do you feel /opt/ is the place to install your files?

If you do not fix it I will. Put your arch independent files in “/usr/share/${YOURAPPNAME}/”, will probably be the first time your wont get a error report.

I can almost guarantee, I have to write 2 functions. One to move the files to where they should be and a second one to scan links to fix it. ERRORS=0.

I did try to tell you. I love doing your JOB! Stop using “/opt/”
omd-1.30.vivid.amd64.deb Errors:22508 Warnings:222 Info:0
pycharm-community-sloppy_2019.3.3-1~ndall_amd64.deb Errors: 3241 Warnins: 393 Info: 0

Let me tell you I am writing software for Ventoy a new toy and, yes it is currently not a perfect deb. I did not write the software other then the frontend, I put a GUI to a CLI client and debianized it: Ventoy


I have been chatting with the original writer of “Ventoy”, if all goes well we will be the first “Ventoy” compatible Operating System. I am going to tell you. I can load over 100 Operating Systems on a single thumb-drive on a single thumbdrive & boot them all as an ISO Image, no conversion necessary & install them . Windows does not matter. That is still in the works. Instead of finding what is compatible, they should have went the other direction, incompatible. You have done a great-job: longpanda That is coming from a Elite programmer ( 40 years of it ).

Do you know I make a Operating System builder? I can inject your initramfs. My job is to remove issues, not add them. We will see.


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A BIG Storm is coming.

by on Apr.18, 2020, under Linux, Server, Ultimate Edition

I was laid off for 3 weeks and used the time to bring RepoStorm up to par. I have not unleashed it to the net yet. I have also re-written the “Service section”. I intend to build a error free Operating System autonomously. Probably hard to see, I do have dual 43″ 4K screens.

Let me tell you what is happening, on the left screen RepoStorm is Analyzing the entire Ubuntu Focal Repository over 82 GB of debs on the server in the basement, it has made it to the letter “D”. This will be a long process. Right Screen? RepoStorm is in process of building you a new repository of error free debs on my main rig.

This is what gets me:
pycharm-community-sloppy_2019.3.3-1~ndall_amd64.deb. Developers use this tool to write software. RepoStorm has found 3,318 errors in their software and 394 warnings. I have not ran the –fix on it yet. I just analyzed a bunch of packages. Repostorm found errors and warnings in my own packages, fixed them first with RepoStorm, wrote software for that today. Should I not be entitled to fix everything I have written over the past 14 Years? I feel software I have written should be the highest priority.

You will eventually see what I am talking about. Offnote: I hate the new WordPress I can write HTML as well, give it back to me. They want me to install a plugin called “Classic Editor”. WTF? I just disabled 12 Plugins to get my website to just function. They may be next. A error free world. Computers do not make mistakes, people do. I am not infallible, if I make a mistake RepoStorm tells me before I install a new RepoStorm, yes it even checks itself.


RepoStorm in action.
RepoStorm in action.
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Data is flowing

by on Mar.21, 2020, under Ultimate Edition

I under-incepted you. A quarter of a million users Thanks, what I am going to do I have have had Sourceforge interview me. I will not say any more right now. Yes, I see the spike in traffic. Is it a quest for the perfect O/S?

You have found it.

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by on Mar.20, 2020, under Ultimate Edition

I am not Infallible. Repostorm is at the bottom of the Spectrum informing me of error(s) I am making. Could I fix them? Sure. A couple mistakes I make are minuscule if I can stroke out a few 100,000 at a time. Perfection is what I am striving for. Absolute bulletproof, only on the planet shortly & will stay that way until I drop the new Repostorm on the plant.

I honestly wish you could see what I see. Eventually, I will record a video of Repostorm laying errors to rest. I am going to be looking at purchasing another X570 board, Tons of RAM & Raided PCIE 4.0 NVME drives. It is coming. Takes roughly three times as long as far as building a Operating System. I do not expect you to eat that, I just want your experience to be top notch.

I ran a browser test on the Ultimate Edition Developer 6.6 & got 555 of 580 points, the highest ever recorded by the website. That tells me right there, I got my shit together at least in the programming sense.

Pretty hard to do, I just got laid off work today & going through hell just trying to get UN-employment. I go back to work April 6th, not like I got fired. Thanks Corona. I drink beer, but not Corona 😉 They told me they would send me an email in 20 minutes with a new PIN, still waiting a day later. I have not had UN-employment since the 90’s last century. Sorry, I can’t remember my PIN. This I think is screwed up, the Wifey works at Whirlpool. They refuse to shut down, so she will bring me a Corona & not a beer. Timken’s efforts are in vein at least they cared about their employees. Timken’s “#1 asset” All about the almighty buck. Am I going to use the stimulus check to buy a washer or dryer? No, it will pay bills until I get back to work. I am currently un-employed. Greedy, bet you did not think about it that way Whirlpool.

I will use the 17 days off to build a better Repostorm. Did you know indirectly, I have written software for the Military? I think I will be O.K. Black Van coming for me Josh? Did you know it was the AirForce that used to train based on my O/S (Yes, I am informed)? I was in what branch of the Military? Perhaps I will keep the storm for solidly US military and never release it again, think about that. Do you want software like that in any-ones hands other then mine & country? Error(s) vanish in every application.

Technically, I am Eisenstein on crack in the software world. Software does not make mistakes, people do. Don’t worry will I fix it for you.

What is happening? Repostorm is tearing shit up in the chroot environment right now as a service as tmosb builds your next new shiny O/S, cant wait until it is doing so in my environment. I am working on that. I am bringing Repostorm to the production environment.

Using the command: tmosb –build ultimate-edition-6.6-x64-developer.iso –defaultde=kde kde –compression=max -YES repostorm
on Sat Mar 21 00:52:50 EDT 2020 by theemahn on JackHammer

Source Build platform:

JackHammer is an AMD Ryzen 9 3950X 16-Core Processor resonating at 4725 MHz
CPU Core(s) / Thread(s): 32
MEMORY: 16384624 bytes
HOST ARCH: 64 bit
DISTRIB_DESCRIPTION=”Ultimate Edition 6.6 Developer LTS”

I also want you to know the server is back up & running Ultimate Edition goodness, went from 5.7 to 6.6. Repostorm has not it hit it yet. Compression=maximum was there. Probably the largest Operating System I have ever installed. It took 16 minutes on a 12 core / 24 thread CPU.

I have already written software for 6.8. I am ahead of the game.

What will happen if I strip all errors?
repostorm –analyze will tell you that


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Promise’s, Promises.

by on Mar.11, 2020, under Ultimate Edition

In-bound. Please try & wrap your head around this.

Years and years ago I wrote a program called Repostorm. That app is flying evidently, but once again evidently no-one knows how to properly use it. I build, err software I wrote autonomously builds Operating Systems called tmosb (TheeMahn’s Operating System Builder). A few beta testers know how to use that tool. A lesson to learn is once again in-bound.

A great tool to build packages, perhaps I am rubbing my back as I say that, hard to do that while typing. The best feature Repostorm has is as a service.

I am about to introduce that to you in a built Operating System. I am shocked they have not sucked that up. How many programmers do we have in 6 Billion people on this planet? I let that app stroll the net for months.

I appreciate the whole 18 people that downloaded the Developers Edition of UE, yes it is pre-installed a drop in the bucket. As a developer, I understand how rare they are. 18 downloads in one day @ 4.4 Gigabytes. We have Millions of downloads sucking Exabytes. To put things in perspective. I did not provide the link, want to know why? If you are a developer you know where to go or how to use google.

Stay tuned. I will explain the rationality of the tool as well as how it works.

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Developers in the house?

by on Mar.10, 2020, under Ultimate Edition

I am uploading makes me feel like dial-up. You guys have stoked our servers over the “Lite”.

Let me fix this. I do understand why you are doing it.

Let’s toss them on Sourceforge servers as well a beta. You guys are beating our servers to death. I did not official release “Lite” & we are taking a beating.

Still 2 hours to upload it. I could delete the file on our server and things will pick right up. I am not going to do that to you right now. Yes, I will delete it after I have it mirrored.

How many Games can you put on a DVD? You will soon find out.
I just uploaded your lite – which is actually the opposite Server to server & is being mirrored.

sent 4,333,759,621 bytes received 35 bytes 23,877,463.67 bytes/sec
total size is 4,332,701,696 speedup is 1.00

One is already being mirrored.

To be honest both. I did not want the 6.6 lite released. I need to get you off my servers. You do want me to do my job right? As harsh as this sounds I have Millions upon millions of downloads and Petabytes of data. I wrote software for Exabytes. Wrote software for YettaBytes, do you know what that is? That as an entire earth we are heading. Zetta I have not written, honesty.

Did you know the world is looking at 7 Nanometer tech. Picotech is next. 5 NM is coming. 3 nm do you think they are heading to ZERO? Once exceeded Pico tech. I know electronics on a heavy level.

mirrororing across 32 servers.

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