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by on May.19, 2018, under Cloud Storage, Debian, Linux, Server, Ubuntu, Ultimate Edition

Installed Ultimate Edition 5.9 Server a LTS (Long Term Supported) release on Thursday morning before I went to work on one of our 32 core servers in the basement. Does it work? You be the judge, I also re-purchased a domain for serving GPG keys. Spent the day re-setting up a GPG server. That is not the only thing it does I can assure you of that. The domain? want stats? It is refreshing keys will be over 5 Million keys when it finishes synchronizing.

When will Ultimate Edition 5.9 Server become publicly available? To be determined. I am still squashing bugs & do work 12 hours a day, when I do work. I am on a 2-2-3 shift, 2 days on, 2 days off 2 days on 2 days off, 3 days on, 3 days off. In a two week period, I work 84 hours and get paid for 96. I have removed your ability to donate. I think I have got this 😉

Looking forward to seeing your server online running Ultimate Edition 5.9 Server. Oh, I do not stop: Pushed all UE based servers online at general SSL (Secure Socket Layer) an inconvenience for me. It is not like I store your bank account information. The server in the basement I have beat the system today. Contemplating whether I want to “Play”. It is a server, we like https, not just http. Setting up SSL (Secure Socket Layer) is no joke. Did you know also works cost me $0. Typically they want to charge me $300 for that added security. I want you to bear in mind I have over 5,000,000 peoples keys.

I am hoping to provide the first free SSL Server based Operating System secured online for free. I will never charge you a dime. Nor, do I care what you run on it. As they come out of the woodwork to try and do as I will.

I know alot of you have ran Ultimate Edition in the past, I am sure I have upset a bunch of people by entering the server world. I am just utilizing my skills for where I am currently at. I would still be pissed, however I would just say go!!! I am not doing it for monetary gain, as a matter of fact I have removed your ability to donate to me. All the issues you see, I can fix then all. Time is not my buddy.

Understanding SSL (Secure Socket Layer), I honestly feel it is extortionate. I have ran multiple websites online since 2006, well 12 years today. Today, Google if you do not have SSL will penalise you for not having security on your website. Here comes companies to charge you for that technology. I guess I am old school, perhaps too trusting. The phishing sites that exist, I do understand them putting their foot down. We are Open source here, should we be put in the same category? SSL Including this website.

I will brush this topic again.


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Thanks Justin.

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First, who is Justin? Justin owns Unix Surplus & has a store on Ebay. I do believe he bought Mr. Rackables. What has Justin done to deserve a post on our main website? Justin sent us a free server which is building Ultimate Edition 5.9 64 bit as I type this. That is not the only thing that server has done, we have two of them now.

What are they BTW?

1U Supermicro Server H8DGU-F 2x AMD Opteron 6272 16 Core (Total 32 Cores) @ 2.1 GHZ
1 x Samsung 850 SSD
2 X 500GB Mechanical HD Raid 0
Dual Gigabit LAN (I have been asked about this)

1U Supermicro Server H8DGU-F 2x AMD Opteron 6276 16 Core (Total 32 Cores) @ 2.3 GHZ
1X 2TB Mechanical Hard disk.

Servers are very expensive, some $4,000 to $5,000, we paid $410.00 for the first one a real steal. I did drop a SSD and dual mechanical hard disks in Raid 0. Super fast, builds Operating systems faster than my liquid cooled Ryzen Rig which I paid $1,250.00 (Actually free too, thanks to AMD stock). I leave my window open in the winter & still stay warm 😉 Last Sunday, Finetuch and I have started the process of shoving both servers to the basement. Saw all hole is cut, Cat6E terminated. Base plate 3 more need done. Will probably need to buy Fish tape to finish it.

I know the big craze has been Bitcoin mining. The reason it is hard to buy a good video card w/o breaking the bank, but how does a 32 core CPU stack up?. I was going to have our new admin do a post on it, but has been flaky my findings?

128,000 KH/s total via avg 4,000 KH/s per core 32 X 4,000 KH/s. Both working in tandum would be roughly 256,000 KH/s, or roughly $8,000 a month. I did drop the Ryzen Rig into the mix in benchmarking, which is ~ 5,000 KH/s per core, but only 16 cores. Per core the Ryzen is faster. I did not get them to make money. One currently serves you webpages etc, the other is building Operating Systems. I have been looking into clustering them to double the overall “Get ‘r done” factor.

We will also discus cluster based servers in the future. I did build you a new gem Ultimate Edition 5.7.2 Server. Which is running on the new server. Did you know my RyZen rig also runs Ultimate Edition Server 5.7.1 NTL?

I have been asked many times since I build Ultimate Edition Server, what is the difference? Tons of networking has been setup for you. Internal networking for the most part, only external is Apache to allow you to spit webpages. Don’t like that aspect of server?

sudo apt-get remove --purge apache2

You can learn more about Ultimate Edition Server here, do not let the word server intimidate you. Things go well in sales, Justin will send more servers.

Thanks again Justin.


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Speed is of the essence.

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Second Server arrived yesterday at a cost of $0. Including shipping. I was told was going to be a 24 core CPU and 12 GB of ram. Wrong on multiple factors. Lets do unboxing first:

O.K.? What are we looking at here? I will tell you this, better than expected. I will also inform you shortly we will have a new admin / editor onboard for main. I will not initially review it he will. Do you realize the traffic we see here? The 32 Core I bought with my own money has seen 2.4 Million page-views last month? We have over 10 domains / servers.

You will be shocked by his initial review. Please stay tuned. I will tell you this, our new server is running Ultimate Edition 5.7.2 Server & is online.

Stay tuned,


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by on Feb.24, 2018, under Ultimate Edition

Things are about to change in my life. I can not tell you how yet. Please be patient with me. All for the positive. That is the best I can tell you currently.


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I was not supposed to receive this until my birthday Friday, it arrived a few days early. This 48 port Managed Gigabit switch with dual Power supplies which I bought off Ebay for $59.99 for now has slowed down our little network. Which is not so small. Over 1 Million pageviews in less then a month off Legion our 32 core server, which was down 4 days. This is the same switch Google uses 1,000’s or tens of thousands of them I am sure. With 2 X 10 Gigabit uplinks & dual PSU (Power Supply Units). Our server is loud, I am fairly certain somewhere on the Internet you have heard me complain. I have had probably 2 or 300 foot of self healing Category 6E cable lying around for a long time & ordered a bunch of Category 7 cable.

Self Healing.

If you want to learn what self healing is, all you need do is ask or Google it.

The slowest “Link” in any system is throttled by the weakest “link” in the chain in this case Cat 5 cable, may even be 5 enhanced. I don’t care, I see connection rates & they are currently squat. As much as I hate to say this, I will cut us custom cabling throughout my entire house & wire the entire house for “sound”. I did tag Josh on Facebook for this reason, you probably know him better as Finetuch on our forum. He is quite skilled in this area.

Sorry, I was like a kid in a candy store. I wanted to know if the sound was tolerable. After booting yes it is, the server needs to go to the basement. That will happen even if I have to wire it by myself. The “Managed Switch” in the video has a 970 Page manual, does not sound so managed to me ;). I ordered a converter to allow me to connect to the management or console port. Fairly secure unit, the only way to “hack it” is to physically plug into it’s management or console ports.

We will drop offline for a few days, this is no small project. I will try to make it minimal. I have to work 12’s next week, so probably at best will not happen until next weekend. It may be longer than that, we will see how I feel.


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Exabyte – Let’s learn

by on Jan.19, 2018, under Cloud Storage, Ultimate Edition

Most wont know this term, but what is a Exabyte? Facebook prompted me with post I made a year ago today. Let’s start here, driven by this very website

This will bother our competitors, that I am sorry. I should never have been a competitor, we should have been a team. I can only take so much. You probably should have not messed with me when I was telling you how to fix issues.

Nothing like data transfer that makes most tremble. A year ago, thanks again Sourceforge. Today 118,375.1 Gigabytes of transfer: 40,819 downloads @ 2.9 Gigabytes per download off 22 mirrors.

Not our record download, but quite impressive.

That is over a Petabyte, one Operating System of 143 dropped to the Internet. How far are we from hitting / exceeding a Exabyte? That is 1,000 Petabytes. Terabytes died long ago.

Most familiar term is Gigabytes to most people.

A Exabyte is massive.

I have not had it calculated, I am thinking we have exceeded a Exabyte. Want me to do the math? I should not say that, Sourceforge has taken the blunt on that one. I got shut down at 1/2 a Petabyte in a month years ago. Happy to be your servant or is it savant.



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Let’s not Meltdown…

by on Jan.13, 2018, under Ultimate Edition

A security vulnerability has hit the net. I have never worried about trojans, virii my entire life building O/S’s, today is a new animal. Impressive, most impressive Darth Vader. What we are dealing with is massive. Every O/S / device on the planet will be effected by this individual that wrote it, like I said impressive. I have written Virus’s err Virii, never to impose on the planet.

Let’s try and make things better here in Ultimate Edition Land.

I have seen my main rig lock over the same, I have a server sitting across the room, absolutely unaffected by the onslaught. Why? Newer kernel than my main rig. It is being addressed on multiple levels.

Lets start here, a newer server version has been released Ultimate Edition 5.7.1 LTS Server (it is a long term supported release). Legion our 32 core was in the mix of building you a new release, it too will not be affected by the vulnerability.

Welcome aboard Ultimate Edition 5.6 Gamers. Before you ask, yes there will be a rebuild on Ultimate Edition 5.6 (5.6.1) & plain Jane Ultimate Edition 5.7 to 5.7.1.

If you are running any Linux based Operating System open a terminal:

sudo apt-get dist-upgrade

If it pulls down and installs a kernel higher or equal to 4.13.0-29-generic, after you reboot you will be fine.

We like data here:

Distro: Ultimate Edition
Version: 5.6
KERNEL: 4.13.0-29-generic
LTS (Long term supported): Yes
Data Preparer:
Data Publisher: TMOSB
Type: Gamers
Default Desktop Environment(DE): Mate
Isoname: ultimate-edition-5.6-x64-gamers.iso
Installed Size: 13,254,070,272 bytes.
Ultimate Edition 5.6 Gamers LTS “Artful Aardvark” – Release amd64 (20180113)
Build logs:

Please note: The above url, may not work if the release has not been made public.

We like data.

root@learnlnux:/home/legion/wip2# ls -la /var/www/html/ultimate-edition-5.6-x64-gamers.iso
-rw-r–r– 1 www-data www-data 3996680192 Jan 13 19:40 /var/www/html/ultimate-edition-5.6-x64-gamers.iso
root@learnlnux:/home/legion/wip2# md5sum /var/www/html/ultimate-edition-5.6-x64-gamers.iso
3e841e2a3e30e79453046d1759774af9 /var/www/html/ultimate-edition-5.6-x64-gamers.iso

Yes, I have your back, so does sourceforge.


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Hosting has transitioned.

by on Jan.06, 2018, under Ultimate Edition

New hosting has transpired on multiple levels. I got rid of Godaddy << They do not deserve a link and uploaded gigs of data to our new hosting company Dreamhost & our last website is still transitioning, probably the heaviest in bandwidth too BTW.

While most would ask on multiple levels? We will let the storm calm down as transitioning is is taking place. I want you to know when you are hacking me, yes we have a “Hackers Challenge” coming solely on Legion our 32 core server. I will personally host that challenge. Things will get Harry. There can be only one.

Please wait for details. I can hear 10 fans wind up at 10,000 RPMS. I hear you knocking, but you can not come in. YET!!!

Thanks DreamHost. I do believe mains database is still hosted through Godaddy. I will fix that too.


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by on Jan.04, 2018, under Ultimate Edition

Extortion is a massive word in my vocabulary. We were on Godaddy for years. I will not deny we see massive traffic. The largest file I now host and I may host that on our own custom server is tmosb, Zero Operating Systems with exception a beta tester here and there. Each and every year they raise the amount I must pay them for hosting. I use less & less bandwidth and they charge me more? I call that Extortion. They thought I would not move Gigabytes of data to move to a new hosting company? We are talking multiple domains. I do not like extra work. I took the shaft on that in the past, no more.

New hosting is en-route, please try and put yourselves in my shoes. The forum is down right now, wont stay that way.

You are under new hosting right now (this very website), the forum is the only one truly down. I have assurance that will be up in 48 hours.


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Welcome On-board Ultimate Edition 5.7

by on Dec.31, 2017, under Ultimate Edition

Welcome On-board Ultimate Edition 5.7 officially, both Ultimate Edition 5.7 & Ultimate Edition 5.7 Server.

The server is also online now. DNS (Domain Name Services) are being resolved to, please allow up to 48 hours to fully propagate.

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